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Can You Study Abroad in Seminary?

November 09, 2011

Hear the stories and thoughts of students and a professor who went to Greece and Turkey this past summer to study the life of Paul.

Learn more about the Global Education program at Gordon-Conwell by visiting www.gordonconwell.edu/Global-Education.

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I am very glad to know that the Gordon-Conwell is providing global education courses to all range of degree programs. It will be a big opportunity for the students participating in it. They will learn a lot of thing from this program.....
peter 4:33AM 11/10/11
Hello from an alum in Kenya! I happily invite GCTS students to come take a few courses at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology with our MA & MDiv students from all over Africa. What could be better than studying the Word in a truly global context? Great chance to be part of 'the next Christendom'! We're fully accredited so the credits could transfer if you make arrangements ahead of time at GCTS. (Dr. Hollinger will give permission for that, won't you?!)
Stephanie Black 11:55PM 11/09/11

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