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A Day in the Life of a Master of Divinity Student

December 05, 2011

What does a typical day look like for a seminary student? Follow a day in the life of M.Div. student, Daniel Triller, as he lives life at Gordon-Conwell.

Tags: equipping leaders for the church and society , life on campus , student life

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Great video! I like the Greek twist there at the end.
Jonathan Romig 11:05AM 12/21/11
nice blog. It is amazing video. I am just inspired from this blog.....
john 4:10AM 12/17/11
This is great! I don't think I ever woke up at 7:30am when I was in college though.
Financial Literacy 8:46PM 12/15/11
Fantastic! Thanks for making and sharing it with us.
Kris 7:47PM 12/12/11
LOVED this! People need the Gospel, AMEN. And THAT is what makes studying Greek worth it!!
Joelinda 6:56PM 12/10/11
Hi James, This song is by Matt Scott, one of our alums. You can hear more of his music on his site at www.musicmattscott.com or hear the album this is taken from at musicmattscott.bandcamp.com. Thanks for asking!
Brittany Yeager 8:22AM 12/09/11
Can someone please tell me who this song is by? Blessings, JD
James 11:10PM 12/08/11
Nice work guys. And thanks for the perspective.
Randall 4:58PM 12/05/11
It's good to see what my husband's day looks like when he leaves Bell Hall each morning!
Esther Elmer 10:03AM 12/05/11

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