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What if Christians were not afraid to look foolish from time to time?

April 10, 2012

The following is a guest post from one of our Semlink Program students, Paul Elgin. Paul is the worship leader for White Mountain United Methodist Church's contemporary service. You can contact him at elginpaul@gmail.com.

Something happened the other day that made me wonder if I take advantage of the opportunities God gives me to live a more expressive life for him.

The day did not begin well. The sun obviously was trying to make a point, because it must have risen half an hour too soon. Maybe it wanted to knock off early that evening. Whatever, I woke up with a sore throat and a generally bleak disposition. Life was definitely not the bed of roses it should be. The kids were feeling the effects, too, because getting them out of bed was no walk in the park. Someone had replaced my normally charming little girl with a creature that Tolkien would dream up when he was writing the particularly scary passages of The Two Towers. Only with more teeth.

I had about a chapter and a half of Theology to get through that morning. No quiet time with the Bible and me and God today! After shoving the kids out the car door at school, I headed to the study room at the library. When I no longer cared if it was “transcendence” or “immanence,” I closed the book, grabbed my gym bag and headed off for my favorite part of the day: the workout. I didn’t have to read, write, or do arithmetic, just pedal.


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We as Christians can indeed act silly at times and we should. Our loving God does not want us to live a foolish life however he is very clear about the fact that he wants us to enjoy life. We are to enjoy everything that he created and live our lives enjoying the beautiful things we have here on his created world. I think it is perfectly fine to act a little crazy at times. http://christiansupfront.org
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