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Introducing Kate Hightower: Seminary Student Blogger

August 07, 2012

We are excited to introduce you to one of our new student bloggers, Kate Hightower! Kate is an Master of Divinity student at our Jacksonville campus. Welcome to Gordon-Conwell Voices, Kate!

Name: Kate Hightower

Degree: Master of Divinity

Hometown: Ocala, FL

Where were you before seminary? Avoiding it. :) I heard whispers of getting into ministry in the latter half of my college years but the idea scared me to death. So upon graduating from the University of Central Florida, I tucked away in a little jewel of a house in Atlantic Beach, determined to give myself time to write. I had a story idea I wanted to give legs to and I wanted to regain my free-spirited ways after the drudgery of my undergraduate years. After two years of being a certifiable hermit, only coming up for air for work and church, God stepped in. He firmly informed me I was thinking too small, and shot me back into the world. When I opened my eyes after all that, all I could see was seminary and a world that needed to see Love move.

Favorite hobbies? writing, reading, painting, cooking

Favorite food? My dad makes the best fried fish sandwich on the planet. And anything at Sun Dog diner here in Neptune Beach. It’s a local legend and a place I frequented during the years I was writing pre-seminary.

Favorite hero of the Christian faith? St. Teresa of Avila and Soren Kierkegaard are my current shoulder angels. They kick me in the teeth when I get too hard on myself.

Favorite book? In no particular order: 1) Lord of the Rings trilogy (no one in the world writes like Tolkien did...that guy dove head-first into Middle Earth and managed to record his journey for us. There’s been nothing since then of that caliber.) 2) Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. 3) The book of Isaiah. 4) Works of Love by Soren Kierkegaard, (Undeniable, unshakable brilliance.)

Interesting fact about yourself? I’m a closet comic book fan with a secret ambition to attend Comic Con someday. ;)

Issues you are passionate about? redemption, theology of creativity, hunger

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Did not know many things about you ! Well said. Look forward the blog. Cute picture :). Proud of you
Mary Shelton 3:15PM 08/08/12

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