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We Need Saving | An Advent Prayer

December 16, 2012

Amy Gilbaugh

This world of ours is pretty and predictable, and we like it that way, God.

We wake when we want, we eat what we want, we wear what we want, we do what we want. We have our way without thought or care and call it the "American Dream". We've built this kingdom, and isn't she a beauty?

It took years to form her—decades of work, miles of land, and just a little spilt blood. And we said it was "good". We are self-proclaimed, self-secure, self-reliant.

And we've forgotten…

That just outside our windows, just outside the door, just across the street, just across the pond

Lingers the residue of that which brought us here.

The stranger spurned, the outsider rejected, the poor taken advantage of, the foreigner killed just in case.

We are a creating people, and what we have made with our soiled hands is certainly, certainly not good. We've made a mess of things, haven't we.

And we need saving.

We've heard some stories, old ones, dear ones. Ones that make us wonder…

Could You come? We've heard some call You a re-creating Creator. We've heard of One born to make things like us into things like You.

Even our little, grimy hearts have hope.

O come, oh would You please come, Emmanuel.

Hi, friend. I'm Amy. Mostly, I’m just another twenty-something trying to figure out the stuff of life. I am a nerdy seminary student who loves the smell of old books and early mornings in the library. I am an artist wanabee, a liberal to the conservative and conservative to the liberal, guilty social justice groupie, and a recovering Bible know-it-all with the unreal ability to put my foot in my mouth an astonishing number of times each day. I am a sister to eight of the most hysterical creatures ever created. Good theology, used book stores, and autumn make me giddy. I preach passionately, think deeply, and ask too many questions. I write prayers, poetry and prose. I write about preaching bad and good, gender roles in the Church, the sacraments, stupid things we do on Sunday, politics, and almost everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company. I also blog at oneyellowbird.blogspot.com. Welcome to the journey.

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