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One: I'm Not on a Diet | Seminary Student Blogger

March 19, 2013

Amy Gilbaugh

Amy will be contributing a series of Lenten prayers beginning Sunday, March 24. The following is her introduction.

Lent is here. It's a cherished time in my life, to be honest. I've been particularly pensive regarding this holiday season. What does it mean? What purpose does it serve? Why do we do it?

Usually, I just give something up for these 40 days and feel pretty spiritual about it. I give up soda or dessert or eating between meals. If I’m honest, I really just go on a diet and convince myself it's for my Lord. But it's not. It's for me. I feed my pride and starve my stomach; and my flesh has always loved both sensations.

So this year, I'm doing something different. Rather than removing something from my diet or my day, I'm adding something. I've decided for these forty days to take time to ponder the season of Lent. I'm setting aside about an hour each day to think on the suffering Christ, to feel the weight of the nearing of Good Friday, to write prayers and thoughts of these dark days.

And they are dark, are they not? Read the Texts recounting the days leading up to His execution—He's eating with His men, He's talking with crowds, He's healing the sick and forgiving sins. You know, those are not the preoccupations I would chose if I knew I only had a month left to live. I'd withdraw, pull back, over-eat, over-spend, over-indulge. I'd be with the people who made me feel good about myself and those who have always affirmed me.

And He didn't. He just didn't.

So, if you're up for it, I'd like to invite you to join me in this season. To pray along with me the prayers that will come. To feel the weight, to bear the pain … well, to suffer just a little bit. And in doing so to remember the Suffering One.

I don't think this will be simple. I don't think it will be all that easy either. And I know we won't be able to stay the same.

After all, that's the reason word "Easter" was first inscribed.

Hi, friend. I'm Amy. Mostly, I’m just another twenty-something trying to figure out the stuff of life. I am a nerdy seminary student who loves the smell of old books and early mornings in the library. I am an artist wanabee, a liberal to the conservative and conservative to the liberal, guilty social justice groupie, and a recovering Bible know-it-all with the unreal ability to put my foot in my mouth an astonishing number of times each day. I am a sister to eight of the most hysterical creatures ever created. Good theology, used book stores, and autumn make me giddy. I preach passionately, think deeply, and ask too many questions. I write prayers, poetry and prose. I write about preaching bad and good, gender roles in the Church, the sacraments, stupid things we do on Sunday, politics, and almost everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company. I also blog at oneyellowbird.blogspot.com. Welcome to the journey.

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Love this. Such a humbling and refreshing reminder of this season.
Shelly 9:37AM 03/19/13

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