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Introducing Joelinda Coichy: Seminary Student Blogger

September 24, 2013

Introducing Joelinda Coichy, another one of our new student bloggers! Welcome to Gordon-Conwell Voices, Joelinda!

Name: Joelinda Coichy
My dad’s name is Joel and my mom is Belinda, and that is where my name comes from. I am thankful because that blending of names could have ended much worse for me. ;)

Degree: Master of Divinity

Hometown: Medford, MA, and Savannah, GA
I was raised in Massachusetts and by most standards I am definitely a Yankee, but there is a part of me that really, really wishes I was actually from and still lived in the South—that part of me rears itself each time I visit my mom, who now lives in beautiful, slow-paced Savannah and when I am cleaning snow off of my car in the dead of winter…

Where were you before seminary? Atlanta. I worked for a social media marketing technology company where I got paid to be on Facebook all day—literally. When I was not working, I was a small group leader for an awesome group of middle school girls at Passion City Church and served as an InterVarsity volunteer at Emory College.

Favorite hobbies? Singing loudly while driving, costume design, bargain hunting, community-building, jewelry-making and admiring beauty in nature.

Favorite food? My mom’s Haitian codfish…yum. French bread and French fries!

Favorite hero of the Christian faith? My mother. An imperfect but courageous follower of Christ who has reflected the beauty of the Father in the midst of the good, bad and ugly of life through an undying, whole-hearted and fervent trust in Jesus.

Favorite book? One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Interesting fact about yourself? I am first generation Haitian-American, so I speak French and Haitian-Creole in addition to English; I also studied Spanish in college….but Biblical Greek still kicked my butt!

Issues you are passionate about? Helping youth discover the life transforming freedom that is theirs in Christ and the joy of living out their God-given purpose—not as adults but NOW!

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