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April 10, 2014

Joelinda Coichy

My friends call me the queen of corn and cheese. Pop music, corny chick flicks with predictable endings…mmmhmm. The sweet essence of life captured in a cheesy country song…yes, please! “Higher” forms of art like the ballet, the theater and good design…uh-huh.

Someone once said: “I crave beauty.”

I nearly fell out of my seat. #thatsmylife. I mean, yes, me too!

But in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that this hopeless romantic has been disillusioned lately. And it’s not because I have not seen a good romantic comedy recently.

It’s because life has a way of smacking the romance right out of you. Two days after college graduation and one day after I had moved into the same state as my Mr. Right, our two-year, long distance relationship came to an end…smack. Fourteen short months later, he married another…double smack. I quit my job and moved from sunny Georgia to this frozen, New England tundra…cold, hard smack. The nice orthodox, evangelical seminary respite from my previous secular, liberal education, it turns out, is full of broken humans who hurt each other in spite of themselves…smack, smack. Illness, failed Hebrew classes, insecurity…smack, smack, smack. The fact that “Frozen” was not nearly as good as everyone said it would be…SMACK.

Life is too difficult, unpredictable and full of disappointment for beauty.

But, on the days when I let go of the death grip that I have on my life and my way, I realize something: the antidote to disillusionment is perspective.

I don’t know about you, but my life so quickly becomes myopic and claustrophobic. And when in the world did beauty or romance ever come from myopic claustrophobia?

That is why Sabbath is essential.

In Sabbath, we let go of the vice grip we have on our agendas, our desires, our way and dial back into the fact that we don’t know it all, control it all, need it all or can do it all.

In Sabbath, we reconnect with the heart of God—the true fount of all that is eternally good, everlastingly true and expansively beautiful.

In Sabbath, there is space for romance [I don’t mean the lovey-dovey kind; I mean the mysterious, soul stirring kind] in the difficult, in the unpredictable, in the disappointment because we behold Beauty itself.

In Sabbath, God himself shatters our myopia and conquers our claustrophobia.

…I am preaching to myself on this one. And hoping that God will bring me to a place where I actually believe that He is big enough, even with all the bumps and bruises of life, to top my boldest, wildest, corniest, cheesiest dreams. 

Joelinda is a second year M.Div. candidate. She currently serves as the Student Ministries Director at Grace Chapel’s Watertown campus. She is a lover of all things beautiful including theater, fall days in New England, chick flicks and the mountains. She counts bargain-hunting her sport and enjoys singing loudly while driving. Above all, Joelinda’s passion is to build relationships that help others understand the transformative power of the gospel.


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