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Advent Devotional Day 6: Love and Truth Meet Together

December 08, 2017

2017 Gordon-Conwell Advent Devotional

Day 6 | Love and Truth Meet Together

Psalm 85:10-13

Commentators believe that Psalm 85 describes the return of the people of Israel from captivity in Babylon. While the people found a land that had been destroyed, verses 10-13 capture their confession of faith that God’s salvation is near. These verses are fulfilled in Jesus. They remind us that Jesus is much more than a baby in a manger.  

In verse 10, the psalmist presents two dichotomies: love and truth and righteousness and peace. As humans, we struggle to remain steadfastly committed to a relationship when truth and righteousness are violated. We firmly and righteously condemn. But God remains steadfastly and lovingly committed to us without violating his essential attributes of truth and righteousness. In Jesus, these dichotomies are resolved. While some people look at a manger scene and see a baby, Christians see the unexpected resolution of what continues to plague us: the truth of our sin, brokenness and alienation from God and others, and God’s surprising unwavering love (hesed) for us. Through Jesus’ coming and death on the cross, God remains true to his righteousness while ushering in peace (shalom) and bridging the colossal gulf between us. Jesus is much more than a baby in a manger. 

The result of this resolution of dichotomies is that truth and righteousness will permeate the whole earth, from ground to sky (v 11) because God is surrounded by the force field of righteousness (v 13). He will give us what is good and our land will yield its harvest (v 12). “Creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God,” (Rom 8:21). Jesus mediates peace between heaven and earth. At Advent, we proclaim that Jesus is so much more than a baby in a manger.





     Dr. Karen Mason
     Associate Professor of Counseling and Psychology


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