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Advent Devotional Day 9: The King of Kings has Come

December 11, 2017

2017 Gordon-Conwell Advent Devotional

Day 9 | The King of Kings Has Come

Matthew 1:1


The New Testament opens with the profound declaration that Jesus is the Messiah, Son of David, son of Abraham. His arrival signals that the time of waiting is now over. Israel’s Messiah has come. 

Matthew rehearses the story of Israel through a series of 14 generations, swiftly moving from Abraham to David, from David to the deportation, and from the deportation to the birth of the Messiah. Important leaders and kings are recalled, yet Matthew does not linger on them. The brevity of their lives serves as a reminder that they are not the goal of this story, and they are surely not the focus of this gospel. On the contrary, the plethora of kings in the Old Testament builds to a crescendo, leading to the inescapable conclusion that no king could be found among David’s descendants who was worthy to reign over God’s everlasting Kingdom. And so Israel must wait. 

By drawing us back to reflect upon Israel’s story, Matthew reminds us in his opening chapter that the long expected righteous Davidic King has now arrived. No king had been able to bring salvation to Israel, for the solution to Israel’s story—and to the human story—was not political but spiritual. It was not external but internal. People needed to be saved from their sins, as Matthew the “tax collector” discovered when Jesus called him, saying, “Follow me!” The King has now arrived, and he bids us, “Come follow me.” 

Let us lift our eyes this day to behold the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior. He is the goal of Israel’s story, and he is the answer to the human story. His name is Jesus, the Messiah. He is the one who reigns on high. He is the one who proclaims that the Kingdom of God is at hand. He is “Jesus, the Messiah, Son of David, son of Abraham.” Come, let us bow down and worship. The long-expected King has arrived.





     Dr. Carol Kaminski
     Professor of Old Testament


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