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Admissions Representative

Function: Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management, the Admissions Representative serves as the primary contact between the admissions office and its constituencies (prospective students, students, and the general public); implements and supports programs to identify, recruit and enroll prospective students; responsible for processing all lead inquiries and applications; assist in coordinating the day-to-day operations of the Admissions Office.

Capabilities Required: The incumbent must possess exceptional interpersonal abilities manifested in a confident, warm, outgoing manner including excellent oral communication and listening skills; possesses excellent administrative skills with keen attention to detail and accuracy; knowledge of the Seminary, it's history, mission, publics, programs, short and long-range plans, and strengths and weaknesses; understanding of the academic, personal and spiritual capabilities required for theological training; is highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks; possesses solid experience in the use of a personal computer; a willingness to travel and recruit at a distance is essential.


  • Research, identify, schedule and conduct recruitment visits to campuses and conferences in accordance with the overall recruitment strategy.
  • Arranges visits and faculty/staff appointments for visiting prospective students.
  • Interview prospective students who visit the campus and respond to all admissions/degree program questions via phone, fax, e-mail, correspondence, etc.
  • Through written and oral communications, follow up with leads and applicants to insure their timely progress through the admissions process.
  • Maintain and coordinate the scheduled use of displays and other equipment related to recruitment; maintain inventory on all publications (catalogs, brochures, etc.).
  • Submit formal and informal reports to the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management as required to apprise him/her of recruitment projections, status of inquiries, status of applicants, travel schedules, effectiveness of recruitment events, and other matters related to the recruitment and admission process.
  • Work with the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management in coordinating the efforts of recruitment and admissions, with special concern for the efficient use of the Admissions Module in the CAMS system.
  • Assist in planning and implementation of recruitment/enrollment management events such as Discover Gordon-Conwell, orientation, Integrative Seminars, graduation, etc.
  • Provide other appropriate professional, administrative, or technical services as requested by the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management.

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