Charlotte Staff Openings

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

Title:              Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

Reports to:    Chief Operations and Advancement Officer

Location:       Charlotte, NC

Position Summary:  

Under the broad supervision of the Chief Operations and Advancement Officer, this position supports the mission of the Seminary and the Admissions team by overseeing the creation and implementation of strategies for achieving new student recruitment goals for Gordon-Conwell’s Charlotte, NC campus. This individual will also lead the general operations of the Admissions Office as they apply to recruiting, admitting and enrolling prospective students for the Charlotte Campus of Gordon-Conwell.  The Assistant Director of Enrollment Management will strive to increase the new student fall headcount at the Charlotte campus from approximately 100 to 150 or higher and the new student spring headcount from 30 to 50 or higher.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Planning and Strategic Relationship Building: Create strategic plan to achieve new annual student recruitment goals.  Identify and nurture new sources of quality leads.  Develop and maintain strong relationships with key influencers of prospective students (e.g., alumni, GCTS faculty, strategic undergraduate faculty, campus ministry leaders, fellows programs, Christian study centers, denominational leaders, etc.).  Expand the influence and name recognition of Gordon-Conwell by leveraging key relationships with an emphasis on recruitment. (15%)
  2. Execution of Recruitment, Admission, and Enrollment Plans: Oversee the end-to-end execution of strategic recruitment plans, ensuring increased engagement as prospects progress through the admissions funnel. Develop annual marketing and recruitment plans which detail the efforts to be taken to achieve each year’s recruitment goals.  Partner with the Director of Communications and Marketing to create marketing and communications strategy to target new audiences, and to increase engagement of prospective students.  Oversee the smooth implementation of recruitment efforts and the data systems that support them.  Evaluate the qualifications of applicants for admission, accepting or denying applicants within the Seminary’s guidelines.  Develop and employ tactics to ensure maximum yield of accepted to enrolled students. (30%)
  3. Prospective Student Hospitality: Create a warm, inviting, and informative environment for prospective students at every point of contact, whether a campus visit or external recruiting event.  Ensure that all aspects of campus visits are conducted with a professional, welcoming demeanor and a focus on building a web of relationships between prospects and other members of the seminary community (e.g., faculty, key staff, current students, alumni, other prospective students, etc.).  Oversee the planning and implementation of recruitment/enrollment management events such as open houses, Discover Days (yield events), and aspects of new student orientation. Seek to build culture of hospitality into faculty and staff, ensure all new and prospective students are welcomed and feel a part of the Gordon-Conwell community. (15%)
  4. Supervision of Team and Operations: Oversee the hiring, training, and daily management of admissions team.  Provide direction, professional supervision, and performance evaluation for the Admission Representatives, student workers, and on-campus admissions hosts.  Monitor established admissions processes to ensure that all parties know their responsibilities and are executing them in a timely and correct manner. Chairs the Charlotte Admissions Committee. (15%)
  5. Admissions Student Information System Oversight: Oversee admissions data entry and maintenance practices to ensure data integrity and to leverage systems for prospect development, relationship management, reporting, and analysis. Find ways to leverage system capabilities and IT staff’s ingenuity to better support all aspects of recruitment and admissions.  Generate regular and ad hoc reports for the Chief Operations and Advancement Officer and seminary leadership on current recruitment projections, status of inquiries and applicants, travel schedules, effectiveness of recruitment events and other matters related to the recruitment and admissions process.  Use historic data and predictive modeling to execute data-driven decisions to achieve recruitment goals. Maintains competence in all aspects of graduate theological admissions standards as set by accrediting and professional organizations and a working knowledge of all applicable state and federal rules and regulations – VA, I-20 Visa, Federal Loans, and NCDOE. (20%)
  6. Budget: Plan annual budget in collaboration with the Chief Operations and Advancement Officer and oversee expenses throughout the year to come in on target for budget goals. (5%)
  7. Perform other duties as necessary.

Required Competencies

  • Relationship Building and Leadership: Proven track record of building relationships across departments and outside the organization to ensure positive outcomes. A warm, welcoming, hospitable spirit that puts guests at ease and sets an example for the team.  Proven ability to collaborate and foster a team environment.  Well-developed leadership skills and administrative, supervisory, and organizational abilities.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness: Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and be able to communicate in a manner that allows information to flow freely and smoothly in order to perform job responsibilities in a timely fashion.
  • Strategic and Creative Thinking: Demonstrated ability to create long-term and short-term strategies to accomplish department and institutional goals.  A talent for creative thinking and problem solving that will open new sources of quality leads.
  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate data in order to make data-driven decisions and report to leadership.
  • Knowledge and Discernment: Understanding of the academic, personal and spiritual capabilities required for theological training.  Ability to discern an applicant’s readiness for and fit within the seminary.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum of three years of previous experience in higher education enrollment management (preferably in admissions), or relevant recruiting experience in another field. Successful leadership experience managing teams and the recruitment process is required.
  • Experience in goal setting and achievement.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Strong proficiency with student information systems (preferably CAMS) as well as Microsoft Excel and Word. Experience with Crystal Reports and/or SQL Server Reporting Services as well as some basic knowledge SQL reporting are preferred but not required.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

Please email your resume and cover letter to

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Housekeeping and Security Worker

Title:              Housekeeping and Security Worker

Reports to:    Campus Manager

Location:       Charlotte, NC

Position Summary:  

Under the supervision of the Campus Manager and in coordination with Charlotte Maintenance Worker, this position supports the mission of the Seminary and the Facilities Team by ensuring a safe and clean working and learning environment.

Key Responsibilities


Nightly stocking of Restrooms and empting trash cans.  Nightly emptying of trashcans in breakrooms and in used classrooms in addition to arraigning chairs, wiping down tables and dry erase boards in classrooms.  Nightly Vacuuming and dusting of selected zones per night.  Twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) the bathrooms are fully cleaned and mopped.  The Breakrooms are also fully cleaned and mopped.  Entryway glass is cleaned. While being courteous to classes and patrons of the Library.  Three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) empty office trashcans. (70 %)

House Keeping Zones:

Zone 1: Hall of Worship - Tuesday

Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors
Spot clean windows, wipe off window sills.
Dust off picture frames, and wash desk tops in classrooms, except the library.
Spot check break rooms: Staff, faculty, and student.
Spot check trash and bathrooms: One men and women’s bathroom on the first floor and one men and women’s bathroom on the second floor.

Zone 2: Hall of Mission - Wednesday

Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors. Clean stairwell A.
Dust picture frames and window sills in classrooms.
Wash table tops in classrooms, especially after a class.
Spot clean windows and walls.
Wipe down white boards.
Spot check trash and bathrooms
Clean bathrooms. Three on the first floor: Men, women, and family bathroom.

Zone 3: Offices and Library - Saturday

Empty office trash cans in the library, Hall of Worship, Hall of Mission, Maintenance work room.
Vacuum floors in all these areas.
Vacuum Library floors.
Clean out and mop custodial closets (spot clean if the room is in good condition), electrical closets, media closets, and sprinkler riser rooms. There are three riser rooms. In rooms 127, 122a, and the server room.
Sweep and spot clean the floor with a damp rag in the Server room.

For All Zones: All tiled floors are to be stripped and waxed at least once a year. All the carpeted areas must be shampooed annually and spot checked as needed.

Security and Facilities:

In between custodial duties, the employee is expected to carry a radio and assist students and staff with potential security concerns, by safely observing, defusing and or contacting law enforcement as necessary.  The employee is expected to patrol the building interior at least once an hour observing any suspicious activity and ensuring that unused rooms are locked, secured and lights turned off.  In coordination with the interior rounds, the employee is expected to patrol the exterior of the building and parking lot observing and reporting if necessary any suspicious activity.  The employee must also be available to escort, students and staff to their vehicles if requested.  At the end of shift, the employee is to ensure that all exterior and interior doors are locked, lights are off and arm the security system.  There is an on-line check list that will need to be filled out documenting that these steps were completed. (30%)

*Special events may require more assistance in certain roles such as assistance with room set up and tear down.

May be asked to perform other duties as necessary.

Required Competencies

·      Must be able to utilize basic computer programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Wufoo, and School Dude.

·      Must be able to maintain Janitorial Equipment, and housekeeping supply log.

·      Must be able to stand for long periods of time and able to walk the campus during security tours.

·      Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

·      Must be able to utilize issued radio, and communicate in English effectively.

Education and Experience

·      Minimum of three years of proven previous experience in Janitorial and or Security.

·      Must be able to pass background check and pass drug test.

·      Must have at least a High School Education or GED.


Proposed work Schedule:

Tuesday through Saturday, 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm. With 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks.

Please email your resume and cover letter to

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