Scholarship Recipients

For over 80 years Women’s Council has dedicated itself to addressing the needs of seminary students. In the early years this included such practical projects as making drapes and pillow cases for the dorm rooms, and setting up a small kitchenette in the residence quarters. In 1964 the Council purchased and donated a Chickering piano in ebony finish delivered from the Steinway Company. 

In later decades attention focused more exclusively on the raising of scholarship funds. Between 1988-2010, exactly 3,000 individual gifts were received from Women’s Council members toward student scholarships in the amount of $194,598.

Rose Hausman, Scholarship Chairperson, “It has been my privilege to work with the scholarship recipients for the past two years and to encourage ways in which we, as members of the Women’s Council, and the students can get to know one another better.  As we learn about their “story” of God’s call to ministry, we can better fulfill our call to pray for them strategically and contribute to their education joyfully." 



2016 - 2017 Recipients

Emmanuel Cumplido, Master of Divinity, 2018
Education: University of Rhode Island, RI
                  Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

"While pursuing full-time studies at GCTS, I have been teaching discipleship courses at Grace Chapel, including “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and a course on Martin Luther King Jr. during the month of January. Bryna and I have also been blessed with employment! Bryna has launched a small graphic design business, and I am now conducting research for the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. I am open to whatever God may lead me to after graduation, whether it is to enter the pastorate, work the farm, or move towards doctoral work, and ask for prayers that I would have discernment and an obedient response to God’s call!!"

Monica Kang, Master of Divinity, 2018
Hometown: Fremont, CA
Education: University of California, San Diego
                   Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology

"Now in my second year as a Gordon-Conwell student in the M.Div. program, I am praying about the possibility of adding a second degree in either Biblical Languages or New Testament.  Please pray for discernment in this area.  This semester I am taking Evangelism and Discipleship through the local church, Systematic Theology II, Exegesis of Revelation and Exegesis in Elijah-Elisha Narratives; thus I will be doing a lot of translation in both Greek and Hebrew.  I have been involved in ministry at Boston Onnuri Church.  In December our youth pastor stepped down so now I oversee the high school ministry, while the other pastor oversees the junior high ministry.  Please pray for this time of transition and for wisdom as we seek to discern our divided roles.  Last but not least, God has been speaking to me through many people and various situations that He wants healing and restoration for me in this season.  Please pray for me that I can know how to yield to God fully for Him to do this work in me.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!"

Esther Kim, Master of Divinity & Master of Arts (Counseling), 2018
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Speech             Communication

"In addition to my coursework, I’m also continuing my employment as a mentor at a community mental health agency center and as part-time staff at my local church, as well as doing research work with Dr. Karen Mason and at a university laboratory in Cambridge in the area of suicide.  Although it’s quite hectic to balance a school and work schedule, I’m glad to be doing both for my work is such a poignant reminder of life away from the holy hill of GCTS.  Daily I’m reminded that my education and the relationships that I build at seminary are shaping me to better understand and better love the communities God has set before me.  During the fall semester I became very weary, but after time away visiting my family and spending the month of January being mentored by the senior pastor of a Presbyterian church in Florida, this mini-sabbatical has been so restorative to my soul!  I now  feel  ready to begin the Spring semester and I would ask for your prayers for an open spirit in welcoming new activities, people, things and lessons of this year and semester."
Tiffany Lim, Master of Divinity, 2017
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Education: Vassar CollegeBachelor of Arts in Music 

"My name is Tiffany Seulki Lim. I am a third-year Master of Divinity student, planning to graduate the program in May, 2017, Lord willing! I am from a small fishing town in South Korea called Sokcho. We are famous for our squids! My family and I moved to the US at the end of 2002, dreaming of a better future and opportunities for me and my younger sister. Little did we know the amazing plans God had for us in America: I met God here, at the age of 14, I fell in love with music here, (graduating from Vassar College with BA in Music,) and I got to come to seminary and study God’s Word in the original languages – something I never thought I’d get to do as a woman. My dream is to continue studying God’s amazing and infallible Word, and to let others know of this life-giving Treasure. So often, I find that even Christians live a life of dearth and defeat because the Scripture remains too esoteric or obtuse to them. My dream is to make this miraculous Word become alive, active and accessible in the lives of His people, so that it may have lordship and supremacy over our lives, and set us free to worship him with passion and purity of heart. "

Corri Ogburn, Master of Arts (Religion), 2018
Hometown: Reading, MA
Education: University of Colorado, Bachelor of Arts in Literature

"I am so grateful for you, standing by me and enabling me to study. What a gift.  I got so much out of my courses during the fall semester (Counseling the Adolescent, Women in Pain, and Intro to Counseling), as well as an intensive course in Gerontology in January.  The material helps me process 20 years of ministry with teens and women, as well as the stage of life my parents are entering now.  I appreciate how my classes apply to my personal life and equip me for the future of helping others. I’m in such a better place to learn now than when I was in my twenties!  I’m presently in Theories of Personality, Psychopathology and Family Systems. Thank you for generously helping to equip me and care for me."


Hanyu (Esther) ShiMaster of Arts (Religion) & Master of Arts (Counseling), 2018
Hometown: Chicago, IL

"My pursuit of medicine had become an idol in my heart until God started to call me to give up bits and pieces of my life. In the opportunities and occasions that I was given to serve in ministry, I witnessed the gospel’s power to heal and penetrate through the lives of others. I eventually discerned God was calling for me to serve in ministry. I struggled with letting go of my own pride and my idol in academics. I struggled with my parents’ disapproval. But I knew that I wanted walk alongside others in their lives and be able to point others to Christ "

2015-2016 Recipients

  • Anne Harrington
  • Jean Jim
  • Sarah Leong
  • Dawn Mackey
  • Abigail Miller
  • Rebekah Mongeau

2014-2015 Recipients

  • Justin Allison
  • Mollie Clark
  • Marshall Gallagher
  • Denicia Ratley
  • Laurine Voltaire
  • Peter Bridgwood