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Dr. Paul Martindale

  • Ranked Adjunct Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies and Cross-Cultural Ministries

First Year at Gordon-Conwell:



  • B.A. (Northeastern University)
  • M.S. (Northeastern University)
  • D.Min. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)


The Theology of Islam, Cross-Cultural Ministry and Church-Planting, Ministry in Islamic Contexts


Dr. Paul Martindale is a ministry professional with more than 25 years of cross-cultural ministry experience working with Muslims. He is one of a relatively few people who have successfully planted churches in restricted-access countries of the Muslim world. Dr. Martindale served as church-planter, team leader, regional leader and field director for Arab World Ministries.

Dr. Martindale currently serves as Islamicist and Director of the Summer Institute on Islam with Pioneers and is on-loan to Gordon-Conwell. He designed the Islamic Studies program and heads up the MAME degree program at GCTS. His areas of interest include the religion and culture of North Africa, the reemergence of the church in the Islamic world, the development of regional church-planting movements, contemporary approaches to reaching Muslims, and the history of Islamic Fundamentalism.

Known for his clear thinking on issues related to ministry, Dr Martindale has a passion for teaching, mentoring, and finding new ways for Muslims to understand the gospel. His interests include woodworking, fishing, boating, and hiking. Dr. Martindale and his wife live in Lynnfield.