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Dr. Gary Pratico

  • Senior Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language

First Year at Gordon-Conwell:



  • B.A. (Berkshire Christian College)
  • M.Div. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
  • Th.D. (Harvard Divinity School)


  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar (Second edition, with M. Van Pelt, Zondervan, 2007)
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook (Second edition, with M. Van Pelt, Zondervan, 2007)
  • Charts of Biblical Hebrew (with M. Van Pelt, Zondervan, 2007)
  • Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew (with M. Van Pelt, Zondervan, 2007)
  • Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew (with M. Van Pelt, Zondervan, 2003)
  • Nelson Glueck's 1938-1940 Excavations at Tell El-Kheleifeh: A Reappraisal (Scholar’s Press, 1993)


Hebrew Language, Old Testament Studies, Biblical Languages, Biblical Archaeology


Dr. Pratico, who joined Gordon-Conwell in 1982, teaches, researches and writes extensively in the areas of Old Testament studies, Biblical Hebrew and ancient Near Eastern history. For the past 25 years, he has also been involved with biblical and field archaeology, including participating in or leading excavations at sites in the central Mediterranean and Middle East. These sites have included Carthage, Tell el-Kheleifeh, Cyprus, Jordan, the Negev and Israel.

He has also traveled extensively throughout Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Greece and directed dozens of archaeological study tours of Israel, Jordan and Egypt for the seminary, area churches and parachurch organizations. He served for more than 15 years as Curator of Archaeological Collections at the Semitic Museum of Harvard University, which houses material from the Old and New Testament periods. He has also lectured extensively in regional churches on archaeology and biblical studies.

Dr. Pratico has co-authored numerous articles with Gordon-Conwell President Emeritus Dr. Robert E. Cooley on the western cemetery at Tell Dothan and has published many articles on topics concerning biblical and Ancient Near Eastern studies.

Dr. Pratico’s scholarly interests include art and architecture in the Ancient Near East, Syro-Palestinian and Ancient Near Eastern archaeology, biblical theology and historical geography. His most recent research has been focused on the theology of the divine presence as the unifying theme of biblical revelation, and he continues to pursue his publishing interests in the study of Biblical Hebrew.