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Dr. Peter Anders

  • Instructor in Theology

First Year at Gordon-Conwell:



  • B.A. (California State University)
  • M.A. (Wheaton College Graduate School)
  • M.A. (Yale University Divinity School)
  • D.Phil. (University of Oxford)




Prof. Anders’ academic work includes research in political science and international relations regarding the state of Christianity and the Christian church under the Marxist-Leninist governments of Eastern Europe and the USSR. He also conducted research on government censorship focusing on the history of Holy Scripture as a banned book. While studying at Yale, he helped transcribe and edit original 18th-century sermon manuscripts by Jonathan Edwards. At Wheaton Graduate School, he worked as a research assistant, and in 2001, he tutored in Wycliffe Hall at Oxford. He also continues to serve as a contributing scholar to Modern Reformation.

Prof. Anders’ ministry activities have included adult and young adult theological education in a variety of church and small group contexts. He helped manage a small business in downtown San Diego, CA, where he was also active in inner-city outreach and compassion ministry. He served on the mission field with Eastern European Bible Mission, working with and supporting the persecuted Christian churches and seminaries in Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

Prof. Anders has presented papers, lectures and talks at a variety of venues, both academic and in the church. He has also received academic honors, including the University of Oxford Faculty of Theology Graduate Studentship Award and the Day Fellowship for Advanced Theological Studies from Yale Divinity School.

Prof. Anders’ interests are in systematic and historical theology, particularly methodology, the doctrine of Holy Scripture, modern theology and culture, and the theologies of John Calvin and Karl Barth.

Prof. Anders’ personal interests include spending time with his wife Patricia, enjoying music, film and theater, day hiking, locavore cooking, and visiting historic places. He remains committed to the cause of theological literacy in the evangelical church, and continues to be involved in adult Christian education.