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MAR: Workplace Theology, Ethics and Leadership

January 27, 2012

Our Master of Arts - Workplace Theology, Ethics and Leadership is a cohort-based degree for those with workplace experience who desire to live out their Christian faith in the secular marketplace. This past week, they spent the week in New York City discussing money, finance, profit, debt, marketing, sales, and consumerism – in the perspective of biblical stewardship, honesty, truthfulness, and diligence. Below are a few pictures from their time in NYC.


























Want to learn more? View MAR-WTEL details on our website or request information today and one of our Admissions Representatives will contact you!

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This is wonderful and much needed in the world we live in. Our Christian influence is not only our responsibility but, without a doubt, a necessity for these times. Our Heavenly Father wants to work through us to effect His will in our society.
Mark Vaughn 10:52AM 02/27/12
I've never heard of a Master of Arts degree, or any other degree for that matter, with this name or focus. It sounds very interesting and much needed in today's time. I'm glad Gordon-Conwell is offering this type of degree. Biblical stewardship is something many Christians, I don't think , are not aware of. Everything that is in this world, including many secular things that we don't associate with religion, are talked about and are dealt with in the Bible. The Bible tells how to deal with anything we encounter and with all aspects of life. From education, business, relationships, money, emotions, etc., the Bible covers it all. Christians need to learn more about the answers the Bible has for us and began to use them in our everyday lives.
Deric T. Shaw 4:25PM 01/27/12

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