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On Tights and Obedience: Part 1 | Seminary Student Blogger

July 05, 2012

Tim Norton

Tights are uncomfortable. I said it. I meant it. And, I’m probably one of the few guys on the planet who can personally vouch for it. But ya know what? I appreciate them. Now, before you revoke my man card entirely, let me explain.

I started undergrad with aspirations of pursuing Digital Arts and Computer Engineering. In my opinion, it was a solid career field with a great reputation for financial stability after graduation. There was just one small problem…after working my first 8-hour shift behind a computer, I wanted to slam my head through the screen. I was MISERABLE. In addition to that, I was beginning to take my relationship with God a little more seriously around this time and I felt this strange conviction that I should probably pray about my life and career goals before pursuing them. What I novel idea: praying. Why didn’t I think of it sooner?

The more I prayed, the more I felt God calling me to pursue Music Theatre. What?! God doesn’t call people to theater does he? Really? So, I took a little leap of faith (a grand jeté for all you dancers out there) and decided to see what God had up his sleeve. I had always loved singing and acting. I just never allowed that to be a career option because it wasn’t financially stable enough for my liking. God, in his infinite knowledge and loving wisdom, called me to pursue a degree in music theatre. I was so excited. Here’s the problem: music theatre people dance. Dancers wear tights. I had to wear tights. *insert ominous music here* It wasn’t pretty. In fact it was quite ugly. Seriously, for those of you who are highly imaginative, I’m so very sorry. Try and think of something else. (On a side note, I will say there is nothing quite like spandex to motivate you to get in shape. But that’s not the point.) The point is…tights. If I was going to obey God and pursue theatre, I was going to have to suffer through tights. Yikes. It was then that I learned obedience is often not so comfortable.

After a few years of intense training, several shows, and countless hours of rehearsal, I was ready to graduate with my Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre. I had done it! I pushed through the discomfort of WTFTLS (wearing tights for too long syndrome) and was ready to step out into wide world of professional theatre full time. New problem: as I was praying through my contract offers, I felt God calling me to something infinitely more uncomfortable than wearing tights. He was calling me to the pastorate. Whoa whoa whoa. Preaching? Really? Why the heck was I studying theatre if I wasn’t going to do that professionally? More importantly, why in the world did I go through the discomfort of wearing tights for so long if it wasn’t part of my career path?! Come on!!

What happened next? Stay tuned for my next post!

Tim Norton is a born-and-raised, small-town Southerner with the sweet tea addiction to prove it. He comes to Gordon-Conwell as a Kern Pastor-Scholar and plans to pursue pastoral ministry in the U.S. after graduation. Tim is a big personality with a strange affinity for the color orange. Currently, he attends GENESIS Church, an Acts 29 church plant in Woburn, MA.



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