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True Hope You Can Take to the Bank | Contact Magazine Excerpt

July 10, 2012

We recently published our Spring edition of Contact, Gordon-Conwell's ministry magazine. In this issue titled Hope Against All Odds, Dr. Ed Keazirian, Dr. Carol Kaminski, Dr. Roy Ciampa and Dr. Karen Mason offer their take on true hope in all circumstances. Other articles include alumni reflections on hope, and a story of God’s providence in poverty-stricken Madagascar. Below is an excerpt from Ed Keazirian's contribution, "True Hope You Can Take to the Bank."

Edward M. Keazirian

In recent years, our nation has experienced more than a seven-fold increase in bank failures. In such uncertain economic conditions, one might be advised to seek a more heartening metaphor than a bank to express the security of our hope.

We might consider Ben Franklin’s proverbial “death and taxes” as an alternative to the banks for expressing dependability, certainty and permanence. However, in a culture that confuses true hope with wishful thinking, optimism, positivism and other attitudes about the future, even the certainty of death and taxes falls short of the security of the hope we see proclaimed in Scripture. Death and taxes have their temporal limits, but true hope trumps even death and taxes because true hope is eternal.


Dr. Ed Keazirian is Assistant Professor of Greek and Director of the Greek Language Program at Gordon-Conwell. In addition to his teaching, Dr. Keazirian is involved in multiple ministries through his local church, the First Baptist Church of Danvers, MA. Dr. Keazirian’s scholarly interests include the Greek language, Graeco-Roman backgrounds to the New Testament, Pauline studies, ancient rhetoric, biblical theology and Greek inscriptions in Asia Minor. His personal interests include Boston sports, classical music, jogging and British murder mysteries.


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