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The Value of an Accredited Online Seminary

May 17, 2012

We recently launched our Online Master of Arts in Religion degree program with several concentrations designed to equip you for ministry. The following blog details the importance of attending an accredited online seminary.

While there are many factors in deciding which seminary is the right one for you, one thing you should never overlook is the accreditation of the seminary. Academic accreditation exists for an important purpose—that of protecting you, the student. Accreditation shows you that the seminary you are considering attending has been evaluated by an impartial outside agency that has determined that the seminary meets a strict set of requirements.

While not all accrediting agencies are the same, they are all looking to ensure that the quality of education one receives in the seminary is of the highest possible quality. To do this, they review a number of things, including:

So, what benefit does accreditation provide to you as a learner who wishes to further your theological education?

  1. A degree from an accredited seminary or university is accepted by all other accredited seminaries and universities. Should you desire to continue your education and pursue a doctoral degree, your master’s degree from an accredited seminary is essential.
  2. You are guaranteed that the education provided by that seminary is of high quality. Accrediting agencies review an institution’s curriculum, faculty, and resources against a strict set of standards to ensure that it is providing the best education possible.
  3. Employers often require their employees to hold degrees from an accredited institution. This assures them of the quality and rigor of the individual’s preparation.
  4. If you are seeking financial aid to help finance the cost of your education, government grants for higher education will only be paid to accredited institutions. As far as the Department of Education is concerned, accreditation is the seal of approval on the seminary.

The accreditation of the seminary or institution you attend gives you peace of mind that the time and money you invest in your education will earn you a quality degree that will be recognized as excellent professional development.

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