Course Syllabi - Boston

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Summer 2014

Course Course Title Instructor
CO712BA Cross Cultural Counseling Sandage
CO732BA Psychological Testing - Personality Evaluation Alexandre
EM654BA Leadership in Ministry Headley
ET/NT543 New Testament & Christian Ethics Frederick
EV/WM665 Church Planting and Growth Kee
MC601E American Baptist Denominational Standards Damas
MC670BA Working with Marginalized Groups and the Urban Poor Harden
NT513 Mark in Depth Abasciano
NT615BA Exegesis of Luke Wheaton
OT511 Interpreting the Old Testament Park
TH504BA Systematic Theology I  Spencer
WM601BA The World Mission of the Church Bose

Fall 2014

Course Course Title Instructor
CH501BA Church History: The Church to the Reformation Isaac
CHTH601BA History & Theology of the African-American Church Brown
CO714BA Family Counseling/Therapy Celestin
EM656BA Leadership Development Lloyd
GL501BA Basic Greek I Critchlow
GL501BB Basic Greek I Teague
IS523BA Spiritual Formation in Ministry Seminar - "Practices of the Compassionate Life" Elliott-Hart
MC621BA Living Systems in the Urban Context Bass
MC683BA Compassionate and Holistic Youth and Family Ministry Borgman
MCSE602BA Church and Community: Introduction to the Public Ministry of the Church Villafañe
MCSE602BB Church and Community: Introduction to the Public Ministry of the Church Wright
MEPPBA Critical Thinking and Writing Kee
MEPPBB Critical Thinking and Writing Kee
NT501BA New Testament Survey Creamer
NT617BA Gospel of John Labosier
NTSE507BA Philippians: The Cross & Joy of Ministry Villafañe
OT500BA Old Testament Survey Day
OT500BB Old Testament Survey Day
OT644 Exegesis in Hebrew Narrative Park
TH603BA Contemporary Theology and Theologians Spencer
TH605BA Systematic Theology II Spencer

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