Welcome to the Charlotte Campaign!

We are nearing an exciting threshold in the campaign. After your giving reached a tipping point, we sent out for bids from our sub-contractors. To everyone's amazement, the prices we got back were virtually identical to estimates we had from a year ago! At the February, 2014 trustee meeting, the threshold amount for us to begin building was set at $700,000. The bids and permitting have created a window of time for us to raise this amount before the end of April. With these realities in mind, we are asking each of you to join the GCTS community in praying for this balance to be pledged before April 15. These are critical days because prices are already going up in many areas of the building trades and we want to act while the prices are locked. Furthermore, an expired permit would open up the likelihood of other expenses and fees. By God's grace, we would love to celebrate a ground breaking in mid-May alongside our commencement exercises. We have no doubt our God has been at work all along and is now able to bring in the harvest!

I will give you updates of encouragement as the remaining funds come in.

Prayerfully yours,

Tim Laniak

We are seeking $700,000 in 7 weeks.


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