Academic Forms

The forms below should be used according to their stated purpose.  Please download the appropriate form, complete it and submit it to the Registration Office.  The forms can be hand delivered, mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed to the Registration Office staff.  Please see the Contact Us page for contact information.

2016 Graduation Application For January, May & October 2016 prospective grads
Add/Drop Petition For adding, dropping or withdrawing from course when unable to in CAMS
Change of Status Application For matriculated students wishing to change degree programs
Directed Study Petition For GCTS courses not offered on the current schedule
Extension Petition For filing for coursework extension due to extenuating circumstances
General Petition For requests not covered in other Registration forms/petitions
Leadership Project Petition For MACL students (CL720)
Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form For students taking a temporary leave of absence or permanently withdrawing
MA Thesis Petition For academic MAs (891/892)
MACM/MAR-Hybrid Integrative Paper/Project Petition For MACM and MAR-Hybrid students (MC880/881)
MAR Integrative Paper/Project Petition For on-campus MAR students (MC880/881)
Mentored Ministry (MDIV/MACM/MAR) Registration Form For MDIV, MACM and Hybrid-MAR students
Mentored Ministry (MACL) Registration Form For MACL students
Pass/Fail Petition For electing to take a course for a pass/fail grade
Reading and Research Course Petition
For academic MAs (760/860)
Transfer Evaluation Request Form For evaluation of transfer credits; prospective students should contact Admissions
Waiver Petition For requesting to substitute a different GCTS course for one required in student's program

Completed forms can be mailed to the Registration Office, faxed (704-940-5858), or scanned and emailed to the Registration Office. Please keep in mind that some forms/petitions are time sensitive and are bound by stated deadlines. You should consult your Student Handbook for details and/or deadlines published in the Registration Calendar.