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Klipowicz Integrative Events


Introduction to Klipowicz Integrative Events

We greatly appreciated the dedication and professionalism with which Dr. Steve Klipowicz guided our ministry education during his twenty-year tenure at Gordon-Conwell. A large part of his ministry to us was his faithful planning and execution of the Integrative Seminars, which have given us countless opportunities to reflect on various aspects of ministry in light of the Gordon-Conwell mission statement.

To continue and expand that tradition of integrative thinking, we at Gordon-Conwell—Charlotte will, beginning in 2017-18, hold four major coordinated conferences each year (two each in the fall and the spring) which will take the place of Integrative Seminars, and which will collectively be called “Klipowicz Integrative Events.”

These events will be open to students, alumni, and friends of the seminary. Students will be required to attend one of the two events each semester they are enrolled in a course. Please see the “Fine Print” below for more details about attendance parameters and expectations

Goals of the Klipowicz Integrative Events:

  • To facilitate fellowship and community outside of classroom situations
  • To enable fellowship and interaction between students in the same degree programs, and in the same denominations/traditions
  • To facilitate student interaction with alumni, clergy, and mentors in the same areas of ministry
  • To further integration of fields of study
  • To address issues in ministry beyond the seminary curriculum
  • To expose students, alumni, and the public to scholarship addressing contemporary topics
  • To explore publicly the foundations of our faith in the Old and New Testaments and the Early Church
  • To further our vision for the international mission of the Church
  • To encourage students and alumni to reflect on the relation between the conference topics and the GCTS mission statement

Description of the Klipowicz Integrative Events:

1)    In August prior to the beginning of the academic year, we will hold a leadership conference sponsored by the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership. This will be an all-day event beginning with worship in the morning, followed by New Student Orientation and degree-program meetings for returning students, then the Pig Pickin’, and finally the leadership conference in the afternoon.

2)    In October, there will be a Cooley lecture on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

3)    In January, we will hold the main Cooley lectures, usually on Thursday and Friday evenings.

4)    In March, we will hold the Alumni Forum, on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Notice that these are all events that we already hold, but they are currently sponsored by different groups and targeted toward different constituencies. By bringing all of them under the umbrella of “Klipowicz Integrative Events,” we will help bring coordination to the choice of topics and speakers, and will bring different groups together. In these ways, we hope to continue and expand the concept of integration to include not only integrating various aspects of ministry, but also integrating the various constituencies of Gordon-Conwell—Charlotte.

The Fine Print:

1)    As mentioned above, current students who are enrolled in at least one course in a given semester (not counting the summer term) are required to attend one of the two events that semester. “Attendance” is defined as being present either in person or digitally at the time the event is taking place.

2)    Students, alumni, and friends of the seminary are asked to register on the website for each event they intend to attend, so that we may know how many people to plan for. But walk-ins are welcome.

3)    Participants (both in-person and digital) will be invited to give feedback on the website after each event, and we will use the feedback to plan for subsequent events. Students will be required to give such feedback, and the feedback will constitute the evidence that the student has attended the event as required.

4)    Students do NOT need to register in CAMS for these events as they did for the Integrative Seminars. The events will not go on the students’ transcripts, but they will be indicated on degree checksheets.

5)    No written work will be required for students participating in the Klipowicz events. There may be some short reading assignments ahead of time to set the stage for each event.

6)    Current students who have not yet fulfilled their Integrative Seminar requirement will NOT have to make up the missing ones. They will, of course, be expected to attend the new Klipowicz events instead.

7)    MACM students (who were not previously required to attend Integrative Seminars) may wonder why they are now expected to attend the Klipowicz events. Please recognize that the original reason why we (reluctantly) waived the Integrative Seminar requirement was that MACM students were more remote, and it was harder for them to take part in live events. But our new technology enables live electronic participation, thus enabling MACM students (and any others at a significant distance from campus) to be a part of these events now.

2017-18 Academic Year Events

Saturday, August 26, 2017 - Leadership Conference

“How to Hold Up and Not Fold Up When Ministry Gets Hard”

Presenters: Drs. Rodney Cooper (GCTS Charlotte) and Jim Singleton (GCTS Charlotte)

Event Recording Link: https://youtu.be/PkrHwPUuQ9w

Event Survey and Student Verification: https://gordonconwell.wufoo.com/forms/klipowicz-integrative-event-evaluation/

Tuesday, November 7 (7:00-9:00 PM) – Cooley Lecture

“From the Shema to the Nicene Creed:The Role of Creeds in the Articulation of Christian Orthodoxy”

Presenter: Dr. Donald Fairbairn (GCTS Charlotte)

Event Recording Link: https://youtu.be/uC14SShODfU

Event Survey and Student Verification: https://gordonconwell.wufoo.com/forms/klipowicz-integrative-event-evaluation/

Thurs-Fri, January 18-19 (7:00-9:00 PM) – Cooley Lectures

"God's Worshiping People: Then and Now"

Presenter: Dr. Dan Block (Wheaton College)

Event Description: http://www.gordonconwell.edu/resources/News.cfm

Event Recording Link: https://youtu.be/RAsBzXXjBJw (Day 1) https://youtu.be/44_kMUq4tBM (Day 2)

Event Survey and Student Verification: https://gordonconwell.wufoo.com/forms/klipowicz-integrative-event-evaluation/

Tuesday, March 13 (7:00-9:00 PM) – Alumni Forum

"System Overload: Technology, Burnout, and the Church"

Presenters: Dr. Nicole Martin, Dr. Bob Mayer, Dr. Chris Cook

Event Description: Are you struggling with burnout? Experiencing stress or ministry overload?  Exhaustion and burnout are some of the biggest concerns of leaders today. In a culture surrounded by technological ease, pastors and leaders may be more susceptible to burnout than ever before. Come out for a rich discussion of the historical and biblical origins of burnout along with practical ways to balance technology, church, and life demands for the glory of God. 

RSVP Requested: https://gordonconwell.wufoo.com/forms/w7okwnv02z6wtu/

Livestream Link: https://gordonconwell.zoom.us/j/834834957

Event Recording Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-fCtHlOxUQ

Event Survey and Student Verification: https://gordonconwell.wufoo.com/forms/klipowicz-integrative-event-evaluation/