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Advanced Standing for Th.M. in Preaching

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Gordon-Conwell is pleased to announce the potential for those with a Th.M. in Preaching to pursue Advanced Standing in our Doctor of Ministry program.

Based upon a qualified Th.M. in Preaching, this movement enables a continued journey deeply focused on preaching (in either Preaching: From the Study to Pulpit, Preaching to Culture and Cultures, or Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible ) or a wider journey into larger pastoral issues of leadership, care-giving and preaching (Pastoral Theology in Practice).

Qualified student receive credit towards one of their required residencies and pay eight quarters of tuition instead of twelve.


Eligibility for this standing is verified in review of the applicant's official Th.M. transcript. Applicants must share intentions to pursue Advanced Standing during the regular application process. 

The Doctor of Ministry office assigns each student eligible for advanced standing a project coordinator from the mentor team of each track. This coordinator gives final approval for advanced standing after reviewing a finished advanced standing project, which the student completes at the beginning of their studies.

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“At Gordon-Conwell, I learned how to explain the Word, how to prove the Word, how to apply the Word; in short, I learned how to preach the Word,” (Robert Hutchinson, D.Min. 2012).

"Nothing influences the life of the church more than the pulpit," (preaching mentor Dr. Jeff Arthurs).

"We want students to be encouraged to preach outside of the box as they learn from fellow preachers from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds," (preaching mentor Dr. Matthew D. Kim).

"Our preaching Doctor of Ministry tracks will raise your preaching and your thinking about preaching to a higher level," (preaching mentor Dr. Scott Gibson).

Advanced Standing in our Preaching Tracks

Advanced standing allows for those accepted into either Preaching: From the Study to Pulpit, Preaching to Culture and Cultures,or Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible to potentially skip or audit the first residency.

Those accepted with Advanced Standing into any of these three tracks will be asked to reserve their space with a full matriculation payment equal to their first quarter of tuition.

Advanced Standing in our Pastoral Theology in Practice Track

Pastoral Theology in Practice has three modules; one each on leadership, care-giving and preaching. Advanced standing enables the recipient to advance through the preaching module:

  1. Choose an entry point where Deepening the Call and Caring for the Flock follow each other
  2. As the optional final module, skip or audit Proclaiming the Word

Auditors are full participants in the residency; completing pre-residency requirements and participating in discussions and presentations.

This chart shows the rotation of modules through our four annual entry points; one in Spanish (listed as Liderazgo) and three in English (listed by offering location as Charlotte (February), South Hamilton (October) and US/UK (April 2016, transitioning to July as of 2017, with all odd years in South Hamilton and all even in London)).

Each entry point finalizes the chosen cohort and study site, switching from one to another is not allowed.


Proclaiming the Word

Deepening the Call

Caring for the Flock









2018 Hamilton Charlotte US-UK/Liderazgo
2019   US-UK/Hamilton/Liderazgo Charlotte
2020 Charlotte/US-UK/Liderazgo   Hamilton

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