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This page holds content for prospective graduates of the Doctor of Ministry Program. As a note, Doctor of Ministry students are only eligible for graduation cycles of January and May.

Before your defense:

  1. If you are in need of an editor, check out this list. Please note that there are different types of editing. Discuss this before you agree to a contract.
    1. Maybe you want some time away to work on your thesis-project. Here is a link to the Writing Workshop. Check it out - you won't regret it!
  2. Check out the schedule for graduation.
    1. Here is a power point presentation to walk you through the entire thesis-project process.
    2. Six (6) weeks before your scheduled defense date, you MUST submit a copy of your thesis-project to:
      • Thesis-Project Supervisor
      • Thesis-Project Reader
      • DMin Office
    3. Before submitting the thesis-project, review the checklist for important formatting issues.
  3. Submit a completed graduation application.
    1. Biographical Data Form

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After your defense:

  1. If you hired an editor, note that we will communicate with you, NOT your editor. You are ultimately responsible for your thesis-project.
  2. You will need to turn in TO THE D.MIN. OFFICE the following forms. DO NOT TURN THEM IN UNTIL DIRECTED.
  3. Here are some notes regarding continuation fees.
  4. If you desire to obtain personal copies of your thesis-project, here are two sites that provide binding services:

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Common Information:


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  • A list of hotels in the Charlotte, NC area can be found here.
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