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About the Charlotte Partnership Program

How does it work?

  • Apply: Interested individuals* should apply for the scholarship with the Gordon-Conwell Partnership Director. All application forms can be found on our forms page.
  • Gordon-Conwell provides the student* with a Full-Tuition Scholarship (effective Fall 2014)
  • During their time at Gordon-Conwell, the student receives focused Biblical, Theological and Historical training in stewardship.
    • Through seminars and discussions, learn principles of stewardship, the Biblical foundations of ministry support, and principles of fundraising and support maintenance.
    • Topics include personal budgeting and finances, discussions with pastors about church-related stewardship issues, and workplace related forums.
  • Identify, a Ministry Support Team for prayer and encouragement from among your network of family and friends. Of this team, seek out approximately 10 donors who will each give $50/month to the Partnership Program Scholarship Fund and support you in prayer. Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Make a good faith effort to come to seminary with a sending church that has confirmed your call to ministry, has agreed to pray for you regularly, and give $600 per year to the Partnership Program Scholarship Fund.
  • Raising support is unique to each student. In addition to the example above, several other scenarios include:
Supporters Amount per Church Commitment
12 $500/year $600
10 $50/month $600
Supporters Amount per Year + Supporters Amount per Month + Church Commitment
5 $600 + 4 $50 + $1,200
  • Possibilities abound. Please contact the Director of the Partnership Program for more information (see below).

What are the criteria for selection?
Primary criteria for selection are:

  • Commitment to the local church
  • Academic excellence
  • Strong sense of calling
  • Proven leadership in ministry
  • U.S. citizen or green card holder
  • All Master degree programs can apply, excluding Master of Theology (Th.M.) and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.).

What are the benefits of the program?

  • An emphasis on learning biblical principles of stewardship. These are lessons which will continue to bear fruit long after you've left seminary.
  • Continuing opportunities to strengthen ties with sending church, family and friends
  • A full-tuition, renewable scholarship
  • Focused Mentored Ministry training in stewardship
  • Practical ministry skills and experience
  • Practical fundraising training
  • Participating in spiritual and discipleship mentoring and training events

Application Deadlines
Candidates may submit an application to the Partnership Program after they have been accepted into a degree program* and have paid the $75, non-refundable matriculation fee. Applications must arrive prior to the published deadline and may not be made retroactive for any semester. Therefore, early application is strongly recommended. Deadlines for each semester are:

Entry Point for Scholarship: Deadline:
Fall Semester April 15
Spring Semester September 30
Summer Semester January 10

For more information, please contact the Partnership Program Director at (978) 646-4027 or charpartnership@gcts.edu.

* Certificate program students and special/non-degree seeking students are not eligible. 
The full-tuition program is open to all newly matriculated students and current students who began classes, effective Fall 2014. Matriculation is based on the date of your first residential on-campus courses. Semlink courses taken prior to your first on-campus course will not be covered under the scholarship.