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Charlotte Partnership Program FAQs

Do I have to have my donors committed by the time I apply?

No. We don’t expect you to ask anyone to support you before you apply. On the application, we ask you to provide a list of people of whom you would consider asking for support so that we can assess your application. Once you are admitted to the program, you will attend a fundraising training workshop where you will learn how to ask for support.

What if my church can’t support me? 

Instead of having your church make a $500 contribution, you can have an additional donor or two give that amount. We hope that your church will support your call to ministry even if they can’t give.

How many classes do I have to take for the program to be financially beneficial? 

We suggest that you take at least five classes annually to receive the maximum benefit from the program. All Partnership students raise $850 to cover their program expenses. Then, at five classes, your donors will contribute $200 more than you will receive in scholarship. This “extra” money goes to cover students taking more than six classes who receive significantly more in scholarship than they raise. In other words, we raise money as a team, and your donor’s contribution goes to help all Partnership students. 

Am I able to combine the Partnership scholarship with other scholarships?

Most Gordon-Conwell scholarships result in significantly lower tuition reductions. For instance, the Presidential scholarship reduces your cost for the first course you take each semester to $1164 then $864 for each course beyond the first one. The Urban Ministries Scholarship reduces your tuition to $864 for the first course only each semester - as opposed to $1164 for the first course. Then, as with the Presidential Scholarship, each additional course in the same semester is $864. With the Partnership Scholarship, the cost for each of your courses during the 2010-2011 academic year is only $549 per course. Therefore, as a partnership Scholarship recipient, the lowest rate is $549. The only other tuition assistance that can be combined with the Partnership Scholarship is the Pierce Center for Discipleship Building Fellowship and the Everett Scholarship.

What if my donors give more money than I’m required to raise? 

We encourage you to raise a little more than the required amount of support in case one of your donors is unable to fulfill their Partnership commitment at some point during your academic career. However, if you raise significantly more than necessary, and your donors are willing to contribute to your personal account, they can direct their gift to your personal account through the Partnership Program. It is crucial that both you and your donors understand that gifts directed to your personal account are not tax-deductible.

Can donors give an amount other than $45 a month? 

Yes. Donors can give any amount, and they can make a monthly, annual or one-time gift. We suggest your donors give $45 a month so that they have an idea of how to give. But if a donor is unable to give $45, you can find additional donors to make up the difference. For example, if a donor wants to give $20 a month and another who gives $25 a month, their gifts would be equivalent to one donor. 

When should my donors start sending in money?

We prefer that donors begin giving as soon as they commit to support you. However, donors need to give their first gift by:

  • July 31 for fall semester
  • December 31 for spring semester
  • May 15 for summer sessions