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Funding from Other Sources

Gordon-Conwell students receive scholarships and grants from a number of foundations and organizations. Awards can depend on denomination, undergraduate school affiliation, scholastic ability, previous vocation, etc. The Financial Aid may assist by certifying educational cost for the potential recipients of these funds, but the student must take the initiative to make inquiries and apply to outside sources. We suggest students make themselves aware of other sources through inquiries to denominational headquarters, churches, libraries, etc.

Listed below are grants given annually to Gordon-Conwell students. Students are urged to apply if appropriate. A complete financial aid file is necessary in most instances.

Note: Students who receiving a Gordon-Conwell Institutional Scholarship or Grant are eligible to apply for outside scholarships.

Scholarship Search

Each year many students receive gifts and grants from home churches, individuals, foundations, and other interested groups. Look into all possibilities in this area before you begin seminary. Local libraries may have resource materials to assist you. Conduct your own scholarship search at:

Denominational Scholarships

All members should contact the Educational Ministry Division at: Beverlee Everett, ABC/ Educational Ministry Division of Christian Higher Education, Valley Forge, PA 19481. Completed application for grant funds must be received at above address by May 31.

Funds are provided by Virginia Baptists for ministerial students from cooperating churches of the BGAV who need aid in financing their graduate education in preparation for vocational ministry. Completed applications must be received by April 1. For more details, visit their website or call (804) 915-5000.

Provides grants, loans and scholarships to students who are preparing for ministry in Congregational Churches. Further information can be obtained from: National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, P.O. Box 288, 8473 S. Howell Ave. Oak Creek, WI 53154

Obtain further information by contacting denomination office at: 7582 Currell Blvd. Suite# 108 St. Paul, MN 55125, (651) 739-1474.

A scholarship program for women who have experienced God's call to become ordained pastors in the PC(USA) and who have a vision of spiritual renewal within the denomination. Administered by the Network of Presbyterian Women in leadership, The Lydia Fund seeks to equip evangelical women for leadership in the PC (USA). Applicants must be female with at least one full year of work experience prior to seminary (may be full-time volunteer work). Applications can be obtained from here or by calling the scholarship coordinator at (712) 677-2328. Application may be faxed, emailed or mailed but must be postmarked by March 1.

THE LUTHERAN ECUMENICAL REPRESENTATIVES NETWORK is sponsoring an essay contest for ELCA students working towards an MDIV. The winning student will receive a $500 scholarship. The deadline to apply is February 15. Visit the ELCA site for more information on ELCA scholarships and applications.

Minimum award of $500, preference to American Baptist, Evangelical Free, Lutheran or Methodist denominations, M.Div. students, Midwest resident (NE,IA,MO,KS,CO,WY,SD). March 1 deadline.

Provided during the first semester to members of the American Baptist Churches in the USA. Candidates are interviewed by a representative. Awards are renewable for the second semester. Eligible candidates are notified at the start of the first semester.

Available to any active Roman Catholic lay students in the Boston area who are pursuing graduate theological and pastoral study for ministry in the Church. The grant is applied to tuition for a first level graduate program (M. Div, MTS, MA in Pastoral Ministry, or equivalent), and is open to any lay person after successful completion of his/her first year of a master’s level degree program at a Boston Theological Institute (BTI) School. The grant of $700-$1,000 will be based on need, past academic and experiential background, and future ministerial aspirations. The applicant must be intending at least half-time ministry; however, the ministry need not be directly under the Roman Catholic auspices. Letters of inquiry and application should be sent to: Patricia M. Simpson, Attn: Lay Ministry Tuition Grant, Paulist Center Community, 5 Park Street, Boston, MA 02108; or emailed to pattypcc@aol.com. See www.paulistboston.com for more information.

(The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Theological Grant and Loan programs)
For theological students preparing for a professional church occupation. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Theological Grant and Loan programs include the Presbyterian Study Grant, Racial Ethnic Supplemental Grant, the Native American Supplemental Grant, and the Theological Loan program. Studying for the first professional degree and be enrolled as an inquirer or candidate by a PCUSA presbytery for a church occupation. Applications are available in the fall for both grants and loans through the denominational headquarters. Contact for information and application:

Financial Aid for Studies, PCUSA
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202-1396
Phone: 888-728-2778, ext. 5760 (grants), ext. 5735 (loans)
Website: gamc.pcusa.org/ministries/financialaid/scholarships-grants-and-loans/

WOMEN IN MINISTRY SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATIONS Scholarship program for women in the Christian Reformed Church preparing for ministry. Request application from CW-CRC Scholarship Program, 1060 Cherrywood Lane NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.

Ministry-Specific Scholarships

The church and the world need gifted leaders. You need money and support. FTE offers fellowships to first and second-year seminary students with proven gifts for leadership and a call to pastoral ministry who are pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. FTE's three seminary fellowships not only offer financial aid, but a network of support to help you on your journey. Scholarships are for as much as $10,000. Applications for the Ministry Fellowship ($10,000) are due by March 1st . The Congregational and VEV Fellowship applications are due April 1st. Click here for more information and applications.

Grants are provided to students preparing for full time religious vocations. Request applications from the Student Ministry Director, January 1st through March 31st at the following address: Director, Student Ministry Dept., P.O. Box 1040 Chautauqua, NY 14722-1040. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope when requesting information.

The Kerusso Scholarship is for individuals who are pursuing a Master's of Divinity (M.Div), a Master's of Theology (ThM), or a Master's in either Hebrew or Greek program leading to a full-time Christian ministry vocation and preparing for a Christian Ministry as a full-time vocation.  Applicants must be taking a minimum of 9 credits.  Students from all Gordon-Conwell campuses are eligible to apply.  Awards are effective for one academic year and previous recipients are eligible to re-apply.  Award funds are disbursed directly to Gordon-Conwell and may be used for tuition, fees, supplies, and housing expenses.  Click here to view the 2016-17 application and additional information.

The Marguerite Young Endowment Fund offers scholarships through The Pittsburgh Foundation to assist seminary students preparing for full-time ministry in a Protestant Church. In order to apply students must be enrolled in seminary and/or be a seminary intern working in a church. Students must provide two letters of reference, a letter of acceptance from the seminary, a copy of his/her most recent transcript, and if a seminary intern, a copy of his/her job description. Students must also write out their goals and aspirations for their future as well as describe the nature and role of scripture in ministry. For further details, please visit  http://pittsburghfoundation.org/node/1659. Click here to view the application. The contact at The Pittsburgh Foundation is Deborah Turner, Scholarship Coordinator, at (412) 394-2649. Email turnerd@pghfdn.org.

Scholarships for Those with Disabilities

The JOHN J. INGALLS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will award $5,000 scholarships for students residing in the State of Massachusetts and diagnosed with a disability. Applications are available online at www.ucpboston.org or by calling (617) 926-5480, ext. 263. The deadline for applying is April 17.

The NATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE BLIND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM offers thirty scholarships from $3,000 to $12,000 for students who are legally blind. Further details and application forms are available by visiting their website. The deadline for applications is March 31.

Needs-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarship of $1,500 per academic year. Renewable for length of the degree program. Please visit their website for more information on the USA Funds. February 15 deadline.

Ethnic-Specific Scholarships

The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF) is a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization established to help meet the financial needs of Korean-American students seeking higher education. Founded in 1969 by a small group of concerned individuals in Washington, D.C., the KASF began as a local organization with limited focus and funding resources. However, with the dramatic growth of Korean immigrant communities in the U.S., the KASF has expanded to include other regions and to broaden its funding base. Please visit their website for more details.

The New Life Church of Chicago awards $1,500 to 12 students annually.  Recipients must be Korean American or belong to another ethnic minority and meet one or both of the following requirements: 1) be studying in a theological field in seminary or graduate school; and/or 2) be a child of a pastor or missionary currently enrolled in college or graduate school.  Graduate candidates must have completed a minimum of 8 credit hours with a GPA of 3.0 or better.  Application materials and instructions (in both English and Korean) may be found at http://www.newlife-chicago.org/zbxe/56490 and are due by October 15th.

Global Mission Church Scholarship will be awarded to full-time Korean-American students who have completed at least one semester of seminary and intend to dedicate their life to full-time ministry. The scholarship amount is $1000 upon availability of the scholarship fund. Applicants must complete the Application Form, Personal Testimony Form, and Financial Needs Form. Application instructions may be found at www.gmcusa.org or in the Scholarship Announcement. The application deadline is June 30, 2015. All inquires can be directed to: gmcscholarship@gmcusa.org.                                                    

The mission of the Haruyama Scholarship is to support Japanese or Japanese-American students who are in the Master of Divinity Program or other ministerial preparation programs and are considering becoming ordained pastors or missionaries to serve the Japanese or the Japanese-American churches. For details and an application, please visit the Japanese American United Church website at www.jauc.org/haruyama. Applicants need to mail an application form along with all necessary documents to JAUC by Friday, May 29, 2015.

Justin Haruyama Scholarship Committee
Japanese American United Church
255 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-242-9444
Fax: 212-242-5274
E-mail: ministryjauc@gmail.com
Website: www.jauc.org


The purpose of the Vision Scholarship Award is to foster and develop spiritual leaders for the second generation of Korean-Americans by providing scholarship until graduation to those with vision of serving youth ministry (EM) and attending seminary school in 2015. The applicant must be a Korean-American Christian who will attend seminary school in the 2015 fall semester, either as a new or continuing student. The  recipients will receive $2,000 per semester until graduation in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Vision Scholarship Committee. All applications must be submitted on-line only at www.arumdaunchurch.org/visionscholarship by June 6, 2015. Please email arumdaunvision@gmail.com or call 631-617-2885 for more information.


Military Scholarships

Contact the Veterans Administration to determine your eligibility and the necessary forms. For more information call (800) 827-1000 [TDD (800) 829-4833].

PRESBYTERIAN AND REFORMED COMMISSION ON CHAPLAIN AND MILITARY PERSONNEL WM. B. LEONARD SCHOLARSHIP                                                                                                 Named in honor of Wm. B Leonard, the first PRCC Chaplain endorser, this scholarship is an award for a minimum of $500 per academic year.  Male students who are called to pursue a career as a Teaching Elder and chaplain in some capacity and who are members of a church in a PRCC-related denomination are encouraged to apply. Please complete the application in order to be considered for this award. For more information, visit www.prcc.com.                                                                 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

B. DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP - Amount of Scholarship: $1,000
Please visit their website for more information and to apply for this scholarship. Applications must be received by the end of May prior to the academic year of application. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jason Rumeacher, Director, at awards@studentawardsearch.com.

Global English Editing is offering a $1,500 scholarship each year to high-performing students in the United States.  Applicants must be full-time, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5,  and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  Applicants must submit a 200 word (or less) essay on how they intend to make a positive chnage to America after finishing their degree.  All entries must be submitted by November 21, 2016.  For more information, please visit: http://geediting.com/about/scholarship-program/

Awarded to a graduating Gordon College senior who will be attending Gordon-Conwell in the fall semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office at Gordon College for more information at (978) 867-4035.

$1,000 scholarships with an added digital theological library (over $8,000 in value if in print!) for those awarded. Scholarship is not based on degree track, need, denomination, or demographic. Interested students must visit website and view a demonstration of Logos Bible Software, and then fill out a brief application. Once the application has been submitted, students will be entered to win the scholarship and digital theological library. Please visit their website for further information.

CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION SCHOLARSHIP                                                              Applicants need to be a member of Christian Community Credit Union with a Checking/Debit Card Account (newly-opened or existing). Application must be postmarked no later than March 31,2016. Graduate students receive up to $2,000. Please visit thier website for further information.