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Hamilton Scholarship FAQ's

Hamilton Scholarship Answers

Q:Can the Graham, Trustee or Partnership scholarships be combined?

You can only choose one special scholarship. For example, if you are offered the Trustee Grant or the Graham scholarship you can only choose one and not both. Furthermore, if you choose the Graham, Trustee or Partnership you may not combine that scholarship with any other Gordon-Conwell need-based scholarship. The only exception to this is the Jon and Lois Pierce Discipleship Scholarship. If you want to receive scholarships at GCTS go to our webpage on Scholarships and Grants.

Q:Where can I find more information on the Graham Scholarship and Partnership Program?

Information on these scholarships and others can be found here.

Q:When and how are grants and scholarships paid?

Most grants and scholarships are paid by the 4th week of the semester. Generally, funds are transferred directly into your student account and applied toward any outstanding balance. If you make changes to your enrollment after the 4th week of the semester, your grant may be adjusted based on the grant award rules that apply.

Q:Can I use my grant or scholarship money to pay other expenses such as books and housing?

No. Grants and scholarships are applied directly to your student account and pay toward the cost of tuition. If you have a credit on your student account and request a check for that amount (see below), then you may use the funds you receive to pay for books, living expenses, etc.

Q:What if my grant or scholarship creates a credit on student account?

If a grant or scholarship disbursement creates a credit on your student account, you may contact Student Financial Services and request a refund for that amount.

Q:Is my grant or scholarship taxable?

Possibly. If your grant or scholarship funds will exceed tuition and fees you should read Publication 970, “Scholarships and Fellowships” published by the Internal Revenue Service. This publication can be downloaded from the IRS website: www.irs.gov.

Q:Can I receive more than one GCTS Institutional scholarship?

Except for the Jon and Lois Pierce Scholarship, no other Institutional GCTS scholarship may be combined with another. If you were awarded one GCTS scholarship and then later awarded another, the higher of the two awards would supersede and be applied to your account.

Q:What is Gordon-Conwell Need-based Grant Aid?

If a student is not eligible for or applying for the Merit or Ministry Scholarships/Grants, there is the Gordon-Conwell Need-Based Grant Aid. Only full-time students, excluding Distance Semlink students, are eligible to receive it. (A full-time student must be taking at least 3 courses in the Fall and 3 in the Spring semesters.) This is a $100-300 off per three credit course. The amount is based on need as determined by the FAFSA and GCTS financial aid form. This Gordon Grant Aid cannot be combined with any other GCTS Scholarship or Grant other than the John and Lois Pierce Discipleship Scholarship. For information on each of the GCTS Scholarships/Grants, please review them listed on this page above.

Students who have not applied for or are not eligible for Merit or Ministry Scholarships/Grants and have submitted their FAFSA and GCTS financial aid form are automatically reviewed for the need-based Gordon-Conwell Need-based Grant. Should they be awarded this aid and subsequently get a Ministry Scholarship or Grant (other than the Pierce), it will replace the need-based Gordon Grant Aid.