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Meet Our Merit Scholars for 2011

Justin AllisonJustin Allison, Rev. Timothy J. Keller Scholarship for Pastoral Ministry
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Education: University of Arkansas, Classics and Philosophy
“After I graduated from the University of Arkansas in the summer of 2010, I married a wonderful woman named Andrea and began to be more involved with teaching at my local church in Little Rock. I also taught eighth grade Bible class and coordinated the chapel services at my high school alma mater for the past year. I hope and pray to spend my life in service to the body of Christ through teaching and shepherding, and to be a godly father and husband.”

Jessica ChongJessica Chong, Scholarship for Professional Counselors
Master of Arts in Counseling, Spring 2014
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Education: University of Washington, Political Science and Sociology
“As I was prayerfully preparing my applications, GCTS' statement -Think theologically, engage globally, live biblically-made a great impression. They were simple 6 words yet they were everything I wanted in a seminary. I want to work as a counselor, restoring broken self-image, relationships and family. I firmly believe true healing is only possible within the love of Christ, and thus I am excited for my time at Gordon-Conwell!”
Aaron ClayAaron Clay, Dr. David F. Wells Scholarship for Teaching Ministry
Master of Arts in Old Testament, Spring 2013
Hometown: Toccoa, GA
Education: Toccoa Falls College, Biblical Studies
“I chose GCTS because it has a solid Old Testament program, it came highly recommended by family, and it continues in its strong theological tradition. Before coming to GCTS I served for six years in China at an international school as a secondary Bible teacher. After graduation I hope to continue ministering as a teacher in some form with the possibility of going back overseas.”
Nate DicksNate Dicks, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Education: Clemson University, Architecture
“When I first began thinking about seminary, I knew I wanted to attend a school that challenged me to broaden my perspective as well as deepen my understanding of God. Gordon-Conwell proved to offer just that-- a broad evangelical representation in its faculty and students and a deep commitment to biblical truth. After graduating from college, I worked in the architecture field for nearly two years before being called to Sarajevo, Bosnia, where I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ for two years. I would like to pursue pastoral ministry with a focus in church-planting either in the US or abroad.”
Corey FarcasCorey Farcas, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Bridgewater, MA
Education: Gordon College, Biblical Studies
“I have been called to preach and lead in the local church for the namesake of Jesus.
Upon graduation my goal is to continue in my studies as far as God will provide and I am able to handle. I hope to earn a PhD in biblical studies that will contribute to scholarly research and serve the church. Ultimately all of my studying is done with the purpose to serve God's people and thus sanctify God's world.”
Amanda HarmonAmanda Harmon, Scholarship for Professional Counselors
Dual Master of Arts in Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health, Spring 2014
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Education: Grove City College, Psychology
“With my degree from GCTS, I hope to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. I am passionate about coming alongside families experiencing mental health challenges, to support those who support their loved ones through challenging and often scary times. Additionally, I hope to support parents of special needs children, particularly those who chose to adopt children with special needs. Through Christ we are adopted into the family of God, we have become His daughters and sons. It would be my supreme privilege to support those who have been called to bear God’s image in this way.”
Stephen HartleyStephen HartleyGordon-Conwell Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Lilburn, GA
Education: Wheaton College, Communication
“I have a clear calling on my life to one day serve as a local pastor of a church, mobilize God-encountering prayer environments and support cross-cultural missions. In this calling, I want to take seekers into the fullness of Christ. I am passionate about evangelism, discipleship, prayer and missions. I am confident that my time at Gordon-Conwell will add depth and breadth to the gifting and calling that I have on my life and will prepare me for a lifetime of ministry.”
J.P. IlarrazaJ.P. Ilarraza, Multicultural Development Scholarship
Master of Arts in Religion, Spring 2013
Hometown: New City, NY
Education: Nyack College, Biblical and Theological Studies
“Gordon-Conwell is the leading theological institution within the Evangelical community. With a rich heritage like Harold Ockenga and top scholars like Walter C. Kaiser and Carol Kaminski, GCTS felt like the best choice. I also had the opportunity to participate in the Compass Program at GCTS. I fell in love with professors like Dr. Kaminski and both of the Drs. Petter. I also had the opportunity to meet great men and women of the Faith, Dr. David Horn, James Bowers and Julie Dillard. These people have inspired me and make me excited to meet, learn and grow alongside more people like them. After my GCTS experience, my hope is to have encountered Christ in a new way and to be better prepared to serve His Bride.”
Mulualem KabaMulualem Kaba, Pastors for Africa Scholarship
Master of Divinity, Spring 2013
Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Education: Vision International University, Theology
“I chose Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for my postgraduate study in Theology as I found it to be the best and appropriate college to elevate my spiritual life and ministerial capacity to serve God. Currently, I am serving in a local church (Bethel Full Gospel Believers’ Church), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a full time senior pastor. After graduation I look forward to serving the Lord largely in the direction of extending the kingdom of God in the mission field, as well as working toward training and equipping church ministers, thereby working hard for the promotion and preparation of the church of Christ for his second coming.”
Mason LancasterMason Lancaster, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Education: University of California at San Diego, Cognitive Science
“We chose to attend Gordon Conwell for a wide variety of reasons: primarily the deep commitment to biblical authority and orthodoxy in an age of increasing waywardness and 'looseness' in this area; the reputation for academic rigor integrated with spiritual life and growth; a caring and personal staff and community; the breadth of theological tradition of a multi-denominational community united around core biblical beliefs; and to top it all off, it's in beautiful Boston! Who wouldn't want to live there? We are passionate about teaching, pastoring, missions, worship, culture, and seeing God move in power in the lives of people as He draws them to Himself. We hope that through the ministry God calls us to, we are able to see many people fall deeply in love with Him.”
Phillip LongPhillip Long, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Education: Wofford College, Intercultural Studies and Spanish
“With a prayer and a call to be a minister of Christ, I want to go to a seminary whose vision and purpose are centered on equipping leaders for the glory of God and do so in a challenging and encouraging community. God has brought me to Gordon-Conwell in His grace and I am beyond excited about what He has in store for the coming years. Amber (my wife) and I are both very passionate about the local church, so my dream is to help shepherd in a community and eventually be in a position to lead effectively. Leadership and pastoral ministry are so near to our hearts that we are excited to pursue the Lord’s path in the local church here in the States and abroad.”
Erik LundeenErik Lundeen, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Neenah, WI
Education: University of Southern California, Music
“I chose Gordon-Conwell for its location in the beautiful northeast, its academic rigor, and for the wide variety of denominations represented here. I just finished up my undergraduate education at the University of Southern California this past May. I graduated with a  B.A. Music with a concentration in Jazz Studies, and for those who are curious I play the drums! Lord-willing I hope to pastor a local church, and would eventually love to help train up younger leaders for Christian ministry. I am also passionate about overseas theological education and hope to support that in any way that I can.”
Trey NationTrey Nation, Dr. J Christy Wilson, Jr. Scholarship for Missions Ministry
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Education: Covenant College, International Economic Community Development
“Between graduating from Covenant College in 2008 and coming to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I was involved in International Community Development and Missions in a variety of ways. I spent one year in North Fort Myers, FL working for Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO), where I studied tropical subsistence agriculture, helped maintain a demonstration farm, and helped ECHO serve their international network of missionaries and development workers using agriculture to serve the poor. Lord-willing, I hope to pursue further academic work beyond my Masters' level studies, with the ultimate goal of serving the international church through theological education.”
Tim NortonTim Norton, Kern Pastor-Scholar
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Niceville , FL
Education: Florida State University, Music Theatre
“Before GCTS, I was partnering with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Florida State as an intern pastor with the CMIT program. Through this unique experience I was afforded vast opportunities to meet and minister to an incredible variety of individuals. I was active in building relationships, discipling students, planning ministry events/services, and even developed a brand new ministry outreach specifically catered to performance artists of FSU. Seeing the Lord move on this secular university campus and in the hearts and lives of some of its 55,000 students was nothing short of life-changing. In fact, it was during that year that God confirmed and refined His calling on my life into full time ministry and, more specifically, Gordon-Conwell.”
Dustin RayDustin Ray, Dr. David F. Wells Scholarship for Teaching Ministry
Master of Arts in Old Testament, Spring 2013
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Education: Evangel University, Biblical Languages and Biblical Studies
“The faculty of GCTS was the strongest draw for graduate/seminary education. I hope to complete a Ph.D. program in the area of OT and then teach at an undergraduate institution or a seminary, equipping God's people to fulfill their callings at lights in the world.”
Kendra ShortKendra Short, Dr. David F. Wells Scholarship for Teaching Ministry
Master of Arts in Theology, Spring 2013
Hometown: Wapakoneta, OH
Education: Hope College, Philosophy and Psychology
“I chose Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary because it seems to have a sound balance of spiritual growth and academic rigor. Entering seminary is like taking the first step on a staircase in which you cannot see the top. Nevertheless, I pray that the next three years will be filled with discernment, unique opportunities, and newfound interests that will guide me for what comes after graduation.”
Matt WebelMatt Webel, The Presidential Scholarship for Future Christian Leaders
Master of Divinity, Spring 2014
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Education: University of Missouri, Religious Studies and English
“Gordon-Conwell stood out as an institution both anchored to Biblical truth and committed to academic rigor. Last spring, during a visit to the beautiful snow-covered South Hamilton campus I was struck by two things in particular. First, the students and faculty possessed an intellectual insight that I found irresistible. Second, and even more affirming, was the sense of genuine fellowship and faith evident at every turn. It was clear to me that the school was as dedicated to spiritual formation as it was to scholarly growth. I believe that the MDiv at Gordon-Conwell is an outstanding preparation for both church leadership and doctoral work. I hope that God uses me to help the church address the spiritual hunger of people immersed in Postmodernism.”
David WestfallDavid Westfall, Rev. Timothy J. Keller Scholarship for Pastoral Ministry
Master of Divinity- Anglican Studies. Spring 2014
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Education: Calvin College, Classical Studies and Greek
“I chose Gordon-Conwell because of its academic reputation as well as its broadly evangelical theological orientation. I plan to enter ordained pastoral ministry, probably in the Anglican Mission in the Americas. I also would like to continue my education in a doctoral program, most likely for a PhD in New Testament. I hope ultimately to play some helpful role in the rejuvenation of gospel-centered evangelicalism in North America in general and of reformed Anglicanism in particular.”
Emily WymoreEmily Wymore, Scholarship for Professional Counselors
Master of Arts in Counseling, Spring 2014
Hometown: Huntington, IN
Education: Taylor University, Psychology
“Because I desire to integrate my faith into any job that I pursue, it was important for me to discover the different core classes that would combine Christian principles with academic rigor. I have already been impressed with both the intentionality of the Gordon-Conwell community and the academic standards of the institution. Right now, I have a desire to minister to women, both inside and outside the church. Whether this is in a church setting, a college campus, a non-profit organization, or a counseling center, I believe that GCTS will prepare me to further my understanding of women's issues and learn how to more intentionally minister to their hearts.”
Kenneth YoungKenneth Young, Michael Haynes Scholarship
Master of Divinity, Spring 2013
Hometown: Macon, GA
Education: American Baptist College, Religious Studies
“I chose Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary because of the diversity. One thing that captured my attention was the way everyone had a story from diverse places and people were willing to listen to those stories. I also chose Gordon-Conwell because of the location and comprehending the importance of studying in the New England area. I think there are plenty of opportunities in this area to learn not just about God but about life. After graduating from Gordon-Conwell I plan on working in a local church, as well as have aspiration to work toward my doctorate in African-American studies and becoming a professor.”