Meet the Admissions Team

Greetings from the Admissions Team!

As you consider seminary studies, please know that the Admissions Team is always happy to serve as a resource to you and to answer your specific questions. We would love to meet you and hope that you'll come visit the campus or that we'll run into you.

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Scott PoblenzScott Poblenz | Dean of Enrollment Management

Hometown: Wyandotte, MI
Undergrad: Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2004)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Chemical Engineering
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Exegesis of Revelation" with Dr. Sean McDonough
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The rich history here, especially having to do with Christianity in America, and the amazing beauty of this area.
Hobbies/Interests? Youth ministry, reading, and spending time with my family.
Why Gordon-Conwell? The time I spent with my mentor in the Mentored Ministry program here was very significant for me as I prepared for ministry. The multidenominational aspect of GCTS also stretched and challenged me and, in the end, made my commitment to my tradition more robust and rich.


Sarah SoteloSarah Sotelo | Director of Admissions

Hometown: Granby, CT
Undergrad: Gordon College, Wenham, MA
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was the Director of Communications for The Center for Student Missions – an urban mission organization.
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The beauty of each season – going to the beach in the summer, apple picking in the fall, sledding in the winter and enjoying the flowers of spring.
Hobbies/Interests? Spending time with my family, speaking Spanish, drinking fair trade coffee, exploring new places, finding the best tacos possible (fun fact: New England has some amazing, authentic Mexican food!) and working with my church in serving our immigrant neighbors through a ministry called Open Door Immigration Services.
Why Gordon-Conwell? Being a part of such a historically rich, diverse faith community is truly an honor. I am excited to help connect individuals with their calling for the Kingdom through a Gordon-Conwell seminary education.


 Brian CraigBrian Craig | Admissions Representative 

Hometown: Lisbon Falls, ME
Undergrad: Gordon College, Wenham, MA
Degree: Master of Divinity
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Before coming to GCTS, I worked for a youth missions organization in Chicago.
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Christ in the Old Testament" with Dr. Gordon Hugenberger, "Introduction to the Old Testament" with Dr. Carol Kaminski and "Spiritual Formation" with Dr. Steve Kang.
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? I love New England! I have lived here my whole life. One of my favorite things about this region has to be our sports teams. I love watching and cheering for the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics.
Hobbies/Interests?  Playing guitar, running, traveling and karaoke.
Why Gordon-Conwell? I picked Gordon-Conwell because I desired to go to a multi-denominational school. Gordon-Conwell offers a classroom experience with a variety of thought, which was exactly what I was looking for in a seminary. I also chose Gordon-Conwell because of its commitment to fostering student’s relationship with God. The Pierce Center at Gordon-Conwell has truly helped my faith strengthen while at seminary. Lastly, I love youth ministry and I chose Gordon-Conwell because of the Compass youth program, which is a summer leadership program for high school students that seminary students can work for.


Tiffany Miller | Admissions Representative

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergrad: The School of Urban Missions
Degree: Master of Divinity (2015)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was working on my Biblical Studies degree, serving in urban ministry, planning outreaches, preaching occasionally and serving in the young adults ministry of my local church.
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Dynamics of Spiritual Life" with Dr. Gwenfair Adams, "Preaching I" with Dr. Scott Gibson and "Great Preacher’s Seminar" with Dr. Jeff Arthurs.
Hobbies/Interests?  I LOVE the beach, being outdoors, soccer, music, vegetarian cooking, social justice, traveling the world, preaching & teaching college/young adults, meeting new people, being with friends and family, and anything to do with Jesus and His Kingdom!
Why Gordon-Conwell? As I approached graduation in undergrad I desired nothing more than to be obedient and pursue the will of God for my life. Through the course of a couple unique encounters, the Lord made it VERY clear that he was calling me to Gordon-Conwell!


  Mary Coon | Admissions Processor

Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Undergrad: Puget Sound Christian College (Edmonds, WA)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2008) and Master of Arts in Biblical Languages (January 2009)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I answered phones for a health insurance company between college and seminary then took an intensive geography course at Jerusalem University College.
Favorite Class at GCTS? A tie between "Intermediate Greek" with Dr. Ed Keazirian and "Exegesis of Revelation" with Dr. Sean McDonough
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The people.  I love the ruggedness and the commitment to place.
Hobbies/Interests? Cooking, worship planning and music leading for my church, and hanging out with my amazing husband.
Why Gordon-Conwell? I was able to tailor an educational season that was academic and varied and also had room for many (many!) hours of ministry experience. I especially appreciated the opportunity to spend a summer visiting a theological education context in another part of the world (Zimbabwe) and praying and serving with a different arm of the global church.


McCall DubbelmanMcCall Dubbelman | Admissions Administrator

Hometown: Copperopolis, CA
Undergrad: University of the Nations
Degree: Master of Arts in Church History (May 2015)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Transitioning back to the States and marriage after staffing Youth With A Mission’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Dan Shui, Taiwan and completing a Degree in Biblical Studies with the University of the Nations.
Favorite classes: "Martin Luther” with Dr. Gordon Isaac.
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, painting, reading, taking walks with my wonderful husband and going to the beach.
Why Gordon Conwell? This is a incredible place to be trained theologically and at the same time, to be mission minded, with the understanding that the education we are receiving will have significant implications for the kingdom of God! Also, the professors are awesome men and women of God who serve as great role models for us being equipped for future ministry.


Catherine CookCatherine Cook | Student Worker

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
Undergrad: Harvard University
Degree: Master of Divinity
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? College Ministry at the College of William & Mary
Favorite Class at GCTS? The Problem of Evil with Dr. Kirsten Sanders
What is one fo your favorite things about living in New England?  How close cities and states are to one another.  You can go on so many road trips and meet so many different kinds of people!
Hobbies/interests? Hanging out on the New England beaches with friends and going on adventures into the city.
Why Gordon-Conwell? I had a lot of pastors who went to Gordon-Conwell, and I always admired their depth and knowledge of Scripture.  I also loved the area when I did my undergraduate degree here and was excited to come back!


Charis Gillman | Student Worker  

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Undergrad: University of the Nations
Degree: Master of Arts in Religion
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was working as a missionary with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Taiwan. Primarily, I was working with the School of Biblical Studies, teaching the Bible, doing discipleship and preaching the gospel.
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Biblical Hebrew" with Dr. Donna Petter
Hobbies/Interests?  I love being outdoors, I love warm weather and going to the beach and the mountains, hiking, fishing, playing most sports. I also enjoy playing the guitar, reading and spending time with my family and friends.
Why Gordon-Conwell? I came to Gordon-Conwell because of its strong commitment to Missions, the Church, and having a real, active relationship with Jesus Christ. I have found that this is a place where God is both greatly respected and greatly loved, and I desire that in all my studies and any future ministry that I could reflect that same respect and love of God in how I live. Gordon-Conwell has been a unique blend of head and heart challenges that I think correctly models what being a follower of God should entail, and it continues to be an honor to be a student here!


Ben KimBen Kim | Student Worker

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Undergrad: University of California, Riverside CA
Degree: Master of Divinity
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Before coming to GCTS, I worked at a credit card processing company in LA.
Favorite Classes at GCTS? "Interpreting the New Testament" with Dr. Mark Jennings and "Christ in the Old Testament" with Dr. Gordon Hugenberger
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England?  Because I am from Southern California, I really appreciate the four seasons of New England! Something you can’t get in California!
Why Gordon-Conwell? I chose Gordon Conwell because I love the diversity here at this school.  I love the diversity in people’s theological convictions, diversity in people’s ethic background, and diversity in people’s passion for the Lord.