Meet the Admissions Team

Greetings from the Admissions Team!

As you consider seminary studies, please know that the Admissions Team is always happy to serve as a resource to you and to answer your specific questions. We would love to meet you and hope that you'll come visit the campus or that we'll run into you.




Scott Poblenz | Dean of Enrollment Management

Hometown: Wyandotte, MI
Undergrad: Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2004)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Chemical Engineering
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Exegesis of Revelation" with Dr. Sean McDonough
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The rich history here, especially having to do with Christianity in America, and the amazing beauty of this area.
Hobbies/Interests? Youth ministry, reading, and spending time with my family.
Why Gordon-Conwell? The time I spent with my mentor in the Mentored Ministry program here was very significant for me as I prepared for ministry. The multidenominational aspect of GCTS also stretched and challenged me and, in the end, made my commitment to my tradition more robust and rich.


Sarah White | Assistant Director of Admissions

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Undergrad: Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2011)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Finishing up my undergrad degree at Southeastern, where I served with the chaplain ministry and played college soccer.
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Exegesis of Kingship Narratives" with Dr. Tom Petter
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The history that took place here!
Hobbies/Interests? Running, watching soccer games, photography, and traveling.
Why Gordon-Conwell? Sitting in class with students from places like China, Korea, Africa and Europe as well as Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists, and students from a charismatic background like me. Each person is able to bring a unique perspective to the discussion.


Ashton Dennis | Admissions Representative

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia
Undergrad: Eastern University (St. Davids, PA)
Degree: Master of Arts in Ethics and Society (2013)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Finishing my History/Political Science degree at Eastern University and LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania
Favorite Classes at GCTS? Christian Ethics and Social Issues with Professor Patrick Smith; Sexual and Bioethics with President Hollinger
Hobbies/Interests? Traveling, reading, running, delicious coffee, bonfires and anything outdoors.
Why Gordon-Conwell? The community at Gordon-Conwell is contagious. The faculty not only are experts in their fields, but strive to pursue relationships with students; this makes the learning environment here at GCTS personal and ardent.


Austin Gannett | Admissions Representative

Hometown: Kinston, North Carolina
Undergrad: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English ’08 and Master of Arts in Religion (Missiology) ‘13
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Directly after college, I spent 10 months in Kenya as a missionary with SIM working in two different children’s homes and working along the coast doing Islamic outreach. Following this, I spent one year as a Fellow in the National Fellows Initiative and working as a Pastoral Assistant at my church in NC – Grace Fellowship Church – where I spent the following year as well, until I came to GCTS in summer of 2011.
Favorite Class at GCTS?  NGOs and Development in Mission with Dr. Todd Johnson, Tolkien’s Apocalyptic Imagination with Dr. Sean McDonough, and The Life and Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer with Dr. Gordon Isaac
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? Fall and all that it entails (colors, weather, apple picking, apple cider doughnuts, pumpkin chai…I could keep going)
Hobbies/Interests? Spending time with my awesome wife, reading and writing, roasting coffee and drinking large amounts of it, hiking, and spending time outdoors with my dog, Penny. 

Why Gordon-Conwell? I came to Gordon-Conwell because it offered solid theological studies from extremely knowledgeable and approachable professors, all within the confines of a beautiful campus with a strong and diverse student community. 


Jill Benson | Admissions Administrator

Hometown: Johnstown, PA
Undergrad: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA)
Degree: Master of Arts in Old Testament and Biblical Languages (October 2012)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Working as campus staff with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) at Penn State University.
Favorite Class at GCTS? “The Old Testament in the New” with Dr. Roy Ciampa and “Exegesis of Conquest Narratives” with Dr. Tom Petter
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The beach!
Hobbies/Interests? Reading, writing, knitting, running and enjoying the outdoors.
Why Gordon-Conwell? Initially, I came to Gordon-Conwell because of its strong biblical language program and this reputation was overwhelmingly confirmed through the many language courses I took during my time at GCTS.  While a student, though, I also came to appreciate the quality of all of the professors in their commitment to both teach and mentor students.



Lyndsay Baruch | Admissions Processor

Hometown: Florissant, MO
Undergrad: Johnson University (Knoxville, TN)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2014)
What were you doing before you came to 

GCTS? I was finishing up my last year at Johnson working on degrees in Counseling and Bible.
Favorite Class at GCTS? Dynamics of the Spiritual Life with Dr. Adams
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The seasons (yes even winter!)
Hobbies/Interests? Going on adventures, reading and playing with my two pups.
Why Gordon-Conwell? Gordon-Conwell being multidenominational has been extremely formative in my seminary experience. It has been wonderful to learn about different aspects of the Kingdom from Christians from different denominations, countries and cultures.


Ben Bae | Student Worker

Hometown: Arcadia, California
Undergrad: University of Southern California
Degree: Master of Divinity (2014)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Finishing up my last year at USC and serving at a local church youth group.
Favorite classes: "Christ in the Old Testament" with Dr. Hugenberger and "Intermediate Greek" with Dr. Keazirian
Hobbies/Interests: Music, books, sports
Why Gordon Conwell? The community, professors, emphasis on learning biblical languages, and great men and women of God who came out of here!


Tiffany Miller | Student Worker

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergrad: The School of Urban Missions
Degree: Biblical Studies
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was working on my Biblical Studies degree, serving in urban ministry, planning outreaches, preaching occasionally, and serving in the young adults ministry of my local church.
Favorite Class at GCTS? Dynamics of Spiritual Life & Preaching… I couldn’t just pick one!
Hobbies/Interests?  Whoa I have a couple lol.. I LOVE the beach, being outdoors, soccer, music, vegetarian cooking, social justice, traveling the world, preaching & teaching college/young adults, meeting new people, being with friends & family, and anything to do with Jesus & His Kingdom!!!
Why Gordon-Conwell? As I approached graduation in undergrad I desired nothing more than to be obedient and pursue the will of God for my life. Through the course of a couple unique encounters, the Lord made it VERY clear that he was calling me to Gordon Conwell!


 Theresa Stonesifer | Student Worker

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Undergrad: Bucknell University 
Degree: Master of Arts in Educational Ministries (2014)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Working for a law firm in Idaho Falls and planning a wedding
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Educational Ministries in Cultural Perspective" with Dr. Steve Kang
Hobbies/Interests? Traveling, Dancing, Camp Ministry and working with kids
Why Gordon-Conwell? I chose Gordon-Conwell because of its rich history for equipping men and women for ministry and its focus on missions. Also, my husband and I loved the community and the support we received from fellow students and their families.  It has been a blessing to live on such a wonderful campus!


 Mollie Trager | Student Worker

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Undergrad: Wheaton College (May 2013)
Degree: Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Counseling
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Finishing up my undergrad degree at Wheaton College where I studied Bible and Theology and was involved with Young Life Ministries.
Favorite Class at GCTS? "Ministering to Women in Pain" with Dr. Karen Mason
Hobbies/Interests? Playing tennis, watching the Packers, running, hiking, and traveling.
Why Gordon-Conwell? I love being able to build relationships with the incredible students, faculty, and staff at Gordon-Conwell.