On the Road: 2017 Admissions Travel Schedule

Gordon-Conwell's admissions representatives will be on the road this fall!  To schedule an individual appointment with a rep, give us a call at 1.800.428.7329 or email us.

Who Where When
Sarah Sotelo

Miami, FL

August 8-14
Admissions Gordon College Graduate and Professional School Fair
Wenham, MA
September 20
Tiffany Miller Virginia (details to come) September 25-30
Kenneth Young Northern Illinois (details to come) September 25-27
Tiffany Miller & Kenneth Young Christian Community Development Association National Conference
Detroit, MI
October 4-7
Kenneth Young Georgia (details to come) October 9-13
Tiffany Miller Southern and Central California (details to come) October 15-20
Kenneth Young Michigan October 16-20
Tiffany Miller Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey (details to come) October 23-27
Tiffany Miller Seattle and Spokane, WA (details to come) October 30 - November 3
Kenneth Young Tennessee and Arkansas (details to come) November 5-9