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Syllabi Archive

Below you will find syllabi that have been submitted to the Registration Office for previous terms. Syllabi are posted as professors submit them to the Registration Office. To acquire a syllabus that is not listed here you must contact the professor directly.

The following syllabi are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

For current semester syllabi, please click here.

Fall 2013

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Padilla NT501: New Testament Survey (Online/Europe/Asia) Full Term Hybrid
Rodriguez, H. MC623: Church Administration: Pastoral Excellence in Ministry (Boise, ID) Sept 12-15
Yao WM601: World Mission of the Church (Mandeville, Jamaica) Sept 12-15
Morales EM/MC605: Introducción a estudios teológicos  (Lawrence, MA) See Syllabus
Morales EM/MC605Introducción a estudios teológicos  (Providence, RI) See Syllabus
Villafañe NT/SE507: Philippians: Joy of Ministry (Johannesburg, South Africa) Oct 14-18
Smith TH502: Theology Survey II (Johannesburg, South Africa) Oct 21-25
Escobar EM502: Educational Ministry of the Church (Kirkland, WA) Oct 24-27
Wheaton NT501: Panorama del Nuevo Testamento (Bolivia) Oct 28-Nov 1
P. Diaz CL503: Leadership Development (Passaic, NJ) Nov 4-8
Jensen NT501: Panorama del Nuevo Testamento (Gilbert, AZ) Nov 4-8
Padilla NT549: Revelation in Depth (South Hamilton, MA) Nov 4-8
Morales EM/MC605: Introduction to Theological Studies (Nassau, Bahamas) Nov 4-9
Padilla NT501: Panorama del Nuevo Testamento (Honduras) Nov 11-15
L. Rodriguez EM/MC605: Introducción a estudios teológicos (Honduras) Nov 18-22

Fall 2012

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Ortiz CL503: Foundations for Leadership (Boise, ID) Sept 13-16
Rodriguez, H. MC623: Church Administration: Pastoral Excellence in Ministry (Manchester, Jamaica) Sept 13-16
Rodriguez, M. EM/MC605: Introducción a los estudios teológicos (Lima, Peru) Sept 17-21
Ortiz TH501: Teología I (Lima, Peru) Sept 24-28
Nolivos WM601: Misión global de la Iglesia (Northeast Region) Sept 27-30
St. Fort, J. NT501: New Testament Survey (Northeast Region) See Syllabus
Benevides OT/NT517: Interpreting the Bible (Warda, TX) Oct 18-21
Day OT500: Old Testament Survey (Nassau, Bahamas) Nov 5-10
Padilla OT/NT517: Interpreting the Bible (Johannesburg, S. Africa) Nov 12-16

Summer 2012

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Gonzalez, J. CH500: Church History Survey (Amsterdam, Netherlands) May 14 - 18
Ortiz CL503: Foundations for Leadership (Southeast Asia) May 14 - 18
Ortiz PR500: Introduction to Preaching (Kirkland, WA) May 17 - 20
Rodriguez, H. MC623: Church Administration (Passaic, NJ) May 17 - 20
Villafañe, E. NT/SE507:Philippians: Joy of Ministry (Southeast Asia) May 21 - 25
Smith TH502: Theology Survey II (Nassau, Bahamas) May 21 - 26
Ortiz MC601M: History of the Church of God of Prophecy (Johannesburg, S. Africa) July 18 - 21

Spring 2012

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Ortiz TH 502: Theology Survey II (Nassau, Bahamas) February 6 - 11
Rodriguez, H. MC 563: Church Administration (Warda, TX) February 9 - 12
McDonough NT 515: Gospel of Luke (Nassau, Bahamas) February 13 - 17
Day OT 552: Exodus in Depth (New York, NY) See Syllabus for Dates
Smith TH 502: Theology Survey II (Birmingham, AL) April 26 - 29

January 2012

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Voth OT500: Panorama del Antiguo Testamento (Lima, Peru) January 9 -13
Lints TH502: Theology Survey II (Manchester, Jamaica) January 12 - 15
Spencer, A. NT582: Bases bíblicas del ministerio de la mujer (Santo Domingo, DR) January 16 - 20
Gorton EM/MC605: Intro to Theological Studies (Boise, ID) January 26 - 29
Ortiz MC601M: La historia de la Iglesia de Dios de la Profecía (New York, NY) January 26 - 29

Fall 2011

Instructor: Course Title: Dates:
Currie CH 500: Church History Survey (Manchester, Jamaica) September 21-24
Ortiz SE/TH 702: Pentecostalism (Boise, ID) September 22-25
Runyon, P. WM 601: World Mission of the Church (Olathe, KS) October 12-15
Gorton, C. EM/MC 605: Research and Writing (Warda, TX) October 13-16
Runyon, E. MC/SE 602: Church and Community (Kirkland, WA) October 27-30
Smith TH 501: Theology Survey I (Johannesburg, S. Africa) October 31-November 4, 2011
Karakey NT 501: New Testament Survey (Nassau, Bahamas) October 31-November 5, 2011
Ortiz TH 504: Theology Survey I (Birmingham, AL) November 3-6
Smith SE 571: Christian Ethics and Social Issues (New York, NY) See Calendar for Dates