Schedules & Syllabi - Jacksonville

Welcome to the Jacksonville Course Information Page. Click on the links below to view course schedules for current and upcoming semesters and to view syllabi for the current academic semester. Please click on the course title to view an online syllabus if available.

Course Schedules

Course Schedule 2015-2016 (.pdf)

January 2016 - Week-long Intensives

Course Course Title Instructor
AP/MC 687 The Bible and Race  Van Gayton

Spring 2016

Course Course Title Instructor
GL 502 Greek 2 David Briones
MC 850 Readiness for Ministry Seminar Jim Singleton
CH 502 The Church from the Reformation Ryan Reeves
PR 602 Preaching 2 Eric Watkins
CL 630 The Person of the Christian Leader Nicole Martin
NT 502 Interpreting the New Testament David Palmer
NT/OT 795 Biblical Theology Seminar Christine Palmer

Summer 2016 - Week -long Intensives

Course Course Title Instructor
CH/SF 591 Dynamics of Spiritual Life Gwenfair Adams
OT 500 Old Testament Survey Carol Kaminski
NT 501 New Testament Survey David Palmer

Summer 2016

Course Course Title Instructor
NT 613 Exegesis of Mark Mark Jennings
CH 676 Lewis and Tolkien Ryan Reeves
PC 511 Pastoral Counseling Richard Winter