Schedules & Syllabi - Jacksonville

Welcome to the Jacksonville Course Information Page. Click on the links below to view course schedules for current and upcoming semesters and to view syllabi for the current academic semester. Please click on the course title to view an online syllabus if available.

Course Schedules

Spring 2017 Intensives

Course Course Title Instructor
MC/TH 692 Violence, Sexual Abuse, and the Gospel Justin Holcomb      
AP/MC 687 Bible and Race Emmett Price


Spring 2017 Weekend Courses

Course Course Title Instructor
MC 609 Book of Common Prayer/Liturgics Justin Holcomb
OL 502 Basics of Biblical Hebrew 2 Mark Futato
NT/OT 795 Biblical Theology Seminar Christine Palmer
CL 670 Team and Team Building Sam Warren
TH 502 Theology Survey 2 Ryan Reeves
PR 602 Preaching for Modern Listeners Eric Watkins
MC 850 Readiness for Ministry Seminar Jim Singleton
OT 511 Interpreting the Old Testament Miles Van Pelt