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Course Schedules

Fall 2017 (FA-17) Courses

Course Course Title Instructor
CH 501 Church History to the Reformation Ryan Reeves
GL 501 Greek 1 David Briones
TH 502 Theology 2 Ryan Reeves
OT 750 Hebrew Exegesis in Prophets Sarah Hall
PR 601 Preaching 1 Eric Watkins
MC/TH 506 Anglican Practical and Ascetical Theology

Justin Holcomb


Courses Running from Sept. 11 - Dec. 18 2017

Below, you will find a list of Semlink+ courses that are being offered this term, along with syllabi when available (click here for more information about course formats).

Please Note that the number of credit hours you can accrue through the Semlink+ program is limited.  Your Student Handbook will help you determine how many credit hours you can accrue through the Semlink+ program.

CH 501
The Church to the Reformation
Instructor: Dr. Vyacheslav Lytvynenko*
CH 502
The Church Since the Reformation
Instructor: Dr. Ryan Reeves
Designer: Dr. Ryan Reeves
ET 501
Christian Ethics
Instructor: Dr. Esther Bruland
MC/TH 525
Faith, Work, and Economics
Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Barnes
Designer: Dr. Richard Lints & John Truschel
NT 501
New Testament Survey
Instructor: Dr. Ryan Jackson
Designer: Dr. Rollin Grams
NT 503
Life of Jesus
Instructor: Dr. Mark Jennings
Designer: Dr. Mark Jennings
OT 500
Old Testament Survey
Instructor: Dr. Douglas Stuart
Designer: Dr. Douglas Stuart
PC 511
Introduction to Pastoral Counseling
Instructor: Dr. Jeremy Ruckstaetter
Designer: Dr. Karen Mason
TH 501-A
Theology Survey I
Instructor: Dr. Benjamin DeSpain
TH 501-B
Theology Survey I
TH 502
Theology Survey II
Instructor: Dr. Laura Quay
Designer: Dr. Adonis Vidu
WM 601
World Mission of the Church
Instructor: Dr. Xiyi Yao
Designer: Dr. Xiyi Yao

*Vyacheslav Lytvynenko is a former student of Dr. Fairbairn and has translated two of Dr. Fairbairn's books into Russian.

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