Boston Theological Institute Libraries

Students and faculty at the South Hamilton and Boston campuses have access to the libraries of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI).

The library collections of the schools of the Boston Theological Institute, approaching a million and a half volumes in theology and related disciplines, constitute one of the richest centers of theological libraries in the world. The cooperative development of these library collections has facilitated scholarly research by opening member library collections to the students and faculty of all BTI schools. Most of the BTI libraries provide detailed information about their collections and services on their Web sites.



BTI Library Card Policy

All GCTS students and faculty are required to obtain a BTI Library Card prior to applying for a guest card at another participating BTI Library. When borrowing at another BTI Library, all students and faculty must present the lending library with BOTH the BTI Library Card and a current ID card.

Please read the BTI Library Card Policy.

  • BTI Library Card expiriation:
    • GCTS Students must obtain a new BTI Library Card from their GCTS campus library for each term (Fall 9/1–12/31, Spring 1/1–5/31, Summer 6/1-8/31), prior to obtaining a guest card at another BTI school.
    • Faculty must obtain a card each academic year (9/1-8/31).
  • Students must be currently enrolled in at least one class to qualify for a BTI Library Card. Faculty must present proof that they are teaching within the academic year.
  • Students and faculty can put in a request for a GCTS BTI Library Card by visiting the library's contact form, filling out the pertinent information, and selecting "Request a BTI Library Card" under the "Type of Question/Request" section of the form, acknowledging the policy, and hitting the Submit button (see screenshot). Once a patron's current status as student or faculty has been confirmed, the BTI Library Card will be available for pickup at the circulation desk (either at the Hamilton or Boston campus).
  • GCTS Students and Faculty who wish to borrow at another BTI Library must first obtain their guest card at the lending library by presenting their GCTS BTI Library Card and their GCTS Student ID card during regular business hours (9-5/M-F).
  • Patrons can then use other BTI libraries during regular open hours, and must have their GCTS  ID, their BTI Library Card, and any card issued by the lending library in order to check out books.

BTI Privileges

Borrowing Privileges and Procedures

Books not owned by one’s home library may be borrowed by BTI students and faculty from all BTI libraries (with the exception of St. John’s Seminary, which has a non-circulating collection) upon proof of school affiliation and completion of any paperwork required by the library. If you are unable to travel to another BTI library to check out books in person, you may borrow them through the BTI Courier by completing an inter-library loan (ILL) form available at the circulation or reference desk of your school library. In most cases books from another library can be delivered to your library within five working days. Requests for photocopies may require somewhat more time for processing and delivery.


Unless requested by another borrower, books may be renewed at the circulation desk of the lending library. Specific library renewal policies may differ.

Return of Books

Books borrowed from other BTI libraries may be returned via Courier service by leaving them at any BTI library circulation desk. Please check with circulation staff to be certain that you have allowed sufficient time for materials to arrive by the due date. The BTI Courier operates once a week during the academic year.


Fines for overdue materials and replacement costs for lost materials are charged according to the policy of the lending library. Failure to pay fines or return recalled material will result in the loss of the individual’s borrowing privileges at all BTI libraries.