EZProxy Tutorial

How do I access content?

  • Currently enrolled Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff can access electronic resources using a valid GCTS Username and ID.
  • Please contact the Helpdesk (helpme@gcts.edu) if you have a problem with your Username or ID number.
  • At this time whether on or off campus you will be asked to enter a username and password. When accessing resources, you will be redirected to a login page asking for your username and password. Please follow the instructions on the page.

What is EZproxy?

  • EZproxy provides users easy access to Gordon-Conwell electronic resources.
  • It works independently from operating systems and browsers (except in the case of AOL). Therefore, off-campus users with Apple computers or Firefox can now access library electronic resources without switching computers or browsers.

My username or password was not correct and I can't log-in.

  • This often means that your log-in information has not been activated, you typed incorrect information, or you do not have access as current student, staff or faculty. The first step of troubleshooting this is to try GCTS webmail to see if you can login successfully.
    1. If you cannot log into webmail, please contact the Helpdesk.
    2. If your password has expired, webmail will prompt that your password is expired and ask you to change it. You need to change the password following the instructions.
    3. If you can successfully login to webmail, but you still cannot log into EZproxy to search library databases or read linked articles, please check if you have any credential or password management software on your machine. The credential software will not automatically update the password for EZproxy even if you have updated one for the Web Based Mail. You need to type in a new password at the EZproxy login page in order to apply the changes on your machine.

I logged in to EZproxy but nothing seems to happen.

  • Please check these four settings in your browser:
    1. Popup blocker:
      Disable pop-up blockers while you are accessing content through EZproxy.
    2. Firewall:
      If you see "this page cannot be displayed," it usually means a firewall issue on your side. If you have installed personal firewall software such as Norton you need to allow access to www.gordonconwell.edu as a safe site.
    3. Cookies:
      EZproxy and many databases/journals send "cookies" when you connect to them to verify that you are an authorized user. If your browser reports an error receiving a "cookie," you have to enable them in your browser settings.
      The default setting for most browsers will accept EZproxy cookies without a problem. However, if you changed it, you will see a blank page. Change browser options to accept all cookies.
    4. JavaScript:
      Again, the default setting for most browsers will work well with EZproxy's JavaScript. However, if you changed it, you will need to enable it again in order to access the content.

I can use it at home, but not at work.

  • Many corporate, government, and educational institutions use firewalls for security purposes and block every port other than standard web browser ports. You need to discuss EZproxy with your network administrator, asking her/him to enable it.

I got a hostname error.

  • This means you tried to access a database or web site that has not been configured through EZproxy. The database company may have changed their web address or it may not be a web site that requires EZproxy. Please send the EZproxy administrator an email that includes the error message.

"Page not found," "Cannot find server or DNS," or browser waits and waits.

  • This usually means there is an issue in the Gordon-Conwell Campus Network. Please send the EZproxy administrator an email that includes the error message.

If you have other questions not listed here.

  • Please contact the EZproxy administrator by email (ezproxy@gcts.edu)
    or by phone (704-940-5822 / toll free 800-600-1212).