Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Theses Online

Many Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Masters theses and Doctor of Ministry projects are available as PDFs through the online catalog.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 29, 2015 access to GCTS theses through this method has been sporadic. If you encounter problems, please access GCTS theses directly through TREN (instructions).

To search for these theses, follow the steps below:

From the main library page (http://www.gordonconwell.edu/library) search for the type of thesis or project you would like to find in the "Search the Online Catalog" search box:

For Doctor of Ministry projects originating at GCTS, type "thesis d min gordon-conwell" (including the quotation marks). For MDiv theses, type "thesis m div gordon-conwell" for MA theses, type "thesis m a gordon-conwell".

You can also narrow your search further by adding a keyword after the last quotation mark. For instance, "thesis d min gordon-conwell" preaching will search for theses dealing specifically with preaching, written by Gordon-Conwell Doctor of Ministry graduates. NOTE: The keyword 'preaching' is OUTSIDE of the quotation marks.

Then hit the "Search" button.

A list of appropriate theses will show up in the online catalog. Wait for a list of links to show up under the left side menu and click the "Collection" link.

A list of different collections will appear. Click the "TREN eDocs" link.

The list of items will be narrowed to only those theses that are available as PDFs in the online catalog. Click the Download button to access the PDF.

When you click the Download button you will be prompted to log into the seminary's proxy server (with the same credentials you use for Sakai or CAMS).

The PDF should automatically load into your browser using whatever PDF reader you have installed. (Adobe Reader is available for free, though it is likely you already have this installed.)

In recent versions of Adobe Reader, a download icon is linked at the top right of the screen (see above). Other versions of Adobe Reader make a download icon available by hovering your mouse over any page in the document.

You can save the document to your hard drive for future use.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please do Ask a Librarian!