Inter-Library Loan

Hamilton students can place interlibrary loan requests directly through (See instructions below.)


Please note:

  • Only current South Hamilton students, staff and faculty who are within driving distance from the seminary may make requests.
  • Patrons may not have any more than a combined 6 interlibrary loan items requested or in their possession at any given time.
  • Materials arrive two weeks after they are requested (on average). Notice of arrival will be sent to the email you provide.
  • You may pick up and return ILL materials at the circulation desk.
  • Renewal requests should be made (within five days before the due date) with the ILL librarian (not the circulation staff, since ILL materials are not tracked in Goddard Library’s circulation system). You may contact the ILL librarian by phone (978.646.4076) or by email (

ILL Policies

If a desired title relevant to course work at the seminary is not owned by Goddard Library or is checked out, the Library will seek to borrow it or request photocopies from other libraries for Gordon-Conwell students attending classes in S. Hamilton, faculty, trustees, and staff, as well as for individuals (usually visiting scholars) who have been specifically allotted this privilege by the director of the library. Others should ordinarily request service through their branch library (Boston or Charlotte) or their local public library.

Gordon College. If the desired item is available from the Jenks Learning Center at Gordon College, the user may be referred to that library.

Limits. In order to keep time spent on interlibrary loan within manageable limits, only six titles may be held at a time, except for Gordon-Conwell faculty.

Restrictions. ILL materials are due at Goddard Library on the date set by the lending library and are subject to restrictions set by the lending library.

Cost. Most ILL transactions are free, including many that involve photocopies. However, borrowers are responsible to pay Goddard Library for charges levied by other libraries, e.g. for photocopies or lending fees. Regarding charges for faculty members: Lending fees and fines "are the responsibility of the faculty member making the request" (Faculty Handbook, September 2000, p. 82).

Fines for overdue ILL items are stiff since Goddard Library's own integrity in the interlibrary loan system is taken very seriously. The fine for an overdue interlibrary loan (ILL) item borrowed for a patron by Goddard Library is $0.50 per day, in addition to any fines imposed by the sending library.

Adapted from the Goddard Library Manual §§ 5.12.1-6; 5.13.4.

 ILL Instructions

  1. Navigate to (if off-campus you will be prompted to sign in with your GCTS ID via EZproxy).
  2. In the "Find items in libraries near you" box, type your search terms. You can enter a combination of title and author information. Use double-quotes to enclose phrases, e.g. "new perspective".

    Note: It is NOT necessary to "sign in" on the WorldCat page.
  3. In the Search results list, find the title for which you are searching.

    Note: Some books have multiple editions in multiple languages. When this is the case, you will see a link to "View all editions and formats". Click this link to isolate which particular edition you want to request.

    Note: Do not request the "electronic edition" of a book. The electronic edition cannot be loaned by other libraries.
  4. When you have found the book and edition that you would like to request, click the linked title.

    Note: On that page, you will see a list of libraries near the seminary that carry the particular book you would like to request. If not many libraries are listed, the item may be difficult to obtain. Sometimes, when there are only a few libraries listed, there may be another book record that has a greater number of libraries listed. It is better to use whatever record has the greatest numbers of libraries listed.

    Note: Do not request the "electronic edition" of a book. The electronic edition cannot be loaned by other libraries.
  5. Click the "Request item" link below the information about the book's title, author and publisher. This link will not appear unless you are accessing WorldCat through EZproxy (see link above) or if you are on-campus.
  6. On the next page, fill in your name and contact information.
  7. Click the "Submit" button.

    Requesting Journal Articles: You can request journal articles through WorldCat. To do so, search for the journal title in the same way you would a book title. Look for items with the "Journal, magazine : Periodical" label. Click the journal title. (Again, you may need to look for the record that has the greatest number of lending libraries.) Then click the "Request item" link. In the page where you enter your contact information, also include in the "Comments" field information about the article you wish to request, including: author's name, title of article, volume number, year, and page numbers.

    NOTE: Patrons may not have any more than a combined 6 interlibrary loan items requested or in their possession at any given time.