Printing at Goddard Library

Web Print (Over the Wireless Network)

Patrons at Goddard can print to library printers from their personal computers over the wireless network using PaperCut Web Print.

How to use PaperCut Web Print:

Before proceeding, please note:

  • Printing in the library is now paid for using PaperCut. Payment is made using "top off cards" (available for purchase at the Mail Room).
  • If you want to print a web page (*.html, etc.), email, text file (*.txt), or rich text file (*.rtf), you first need to either save the file as a PDF or copy the information into a Word document and save the document on your computer where you can easily locate the file.
  • Printing black and white costs 15 cents per single page.
  • Printing color costs 30 cents per single page.
  • Double-sided printing is not currently available through WebPrint. You can print double-sided on the HamLibr-XE8570-38656 printer if you are using a computer in the library's computer lab.
To print:
  1. Open your browser and go to:
  2. Log in with your standard GCTS username and password. (Your username is something like "jsmith1". Do not include
  3. Click the Web Print option in the left side menu (see green arrow in illustration below).
  4. Click the Submit a Job » link near the top right of the page (see red arrow in illustration).


  1. Select the printer you want to use. In the Quick Find box type hamlib and click the Find Printer button. Select one of the following printers by clicking the appropriate circle in the left hand column:
    • papercut\HamLibr-Complab (virtual)
      (The above printer is located at the circulation desk, and prints only black and white.)
    • papercut\HamLibr-XE8570-38656
      (This printer is located on the table in the Computer Lab. Use for color printing and/or double sided printing.)
    At the bottom of the page click the "2. Print Options and Account Selection »" button.


  1. Enter in the number of copies that you want to make (up to a maximum of 10) and click the "3. Upload Document »" button.


  1. Click the Browse... button and then find and select the document you wish to print.
    NOTE: You can only print documents of the file types listed on the PaperCut page.


  1. Your document will then print to the library printer you have selected.