History of the Jacksonville Campus Library

GroupEstablished in 2006 with approximately 300 volumes, the campus library has grown to nearly 15,000 publications which support the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts degrees in Christian Leadership and Christian Thought offered at the Jacksonville extension.

For its first seven years, the campus was housed in the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Jacksonville.  Originally a few rooms on the first floor of the historic church were adequate for the needs of the seminary, and the books easily fit in one of them.  As both the student body and library collection grew, the campus moved to the third floor, where the book collections filled four rooms of what had been the education wing of the church.

Upon exceeding the building’s capacity, the seminary relocated to the lovely Salem Centre on the Southside of Jacksonville in the summer of 2013.  The library now occupies one large room designed to meet the needs of students for many years to come.

The Salem Centre location

The current location at Salem Centre