Journal Title Assignments

Access the "Journals" tab from the library homepage to complete this assignment. 

For assistance please use the library contact form

EBSCO A-to-Z (Online Journal Search) is a valuable tool in searching for journals by title and determining which vendor has the date range a desired article can be found. The alternative is searching through each database where a match may or may not be found. 

Conduct an online journal search for the title “Biblical Interpretation.”

  • For this title how many sources (or providers) display? Sample

    Notice that Religion and Philosophy Collecting is displaying. This is an EBSCOhost database. Databases and individual titles will display when using this search method. 

  • What date range is displayed the most?

  • Click on the IngentaConnect source and log-in using your Gordon-Conwell credentials.

  • Scroll down to and open Volume 3, Number 2, 1995. What is the title of the first article listed, pp. 129 – 142?

Conduct an online journal search for the title “Charisma.”
  • What date range does the title provide?

  • What access instructions are provided? 

  • Click on the title and log in using your Gordon-Conwell credentials. A list of journals will appear after logging in. Sample

    The journals listed here require a username and password. Your GCTS credentials provide access to the page then a different set is needed for the journals listed

  • What is the first and last journal listed? 

  • What is the username and password to log in to Charisma & Christian Life?

Users can also use this search tool to browse titles. 
  • Click on "Return to full title list" above the search box. Sample

  •  In the alphabetic listing click "J" then click "JE" Sample

  • How many unique journal titles display?

Currently only the South Hamilton and Boston campus libraries have their print journal collection cataloged for searching from the Classic catalog. Charlotte and Jacksonville will start cataloging their journals in Fall 2013.  

Conduct a print journal search for the term “studies.”
  • How many results display?

  • Select the result “AAR Studies in Religion.” Who is the author or publisher?

  • What years does Goddard Library provide under the “Holding Statement”?

Users can view a periodicals (journals) list from the Charlotte campus by going here. Titles are displayed alphabetically with data ranges. 
  • Search for the title “Reflection” from Charlotte's print periodicals list. What date range does the library make available?

  • Search for the title "Journal of Counseling Psychology". Does the Charlotte library have all issues of this journal from 1965 - 1992? 

The library has a mix of journals with all issues and some with issues only from certain years.