Logos Seminar Recording

This website contains recorded material from the Logos Training Seminar held Saturday, October 12. Recorded material is available only to students and faculty who purchased a Logos base library or upgraded their libraries.

Logos training seminars will be offered each Fall and Spring semesters so if you missed this one please be on the lookout for the next opportunity.  


  • Logos has allowed us to make these recordings available through Saturday, November 9, 2013. 
  • Since this is a live recording listeners will hear background noise like doors opening and coughing. There is also some occasional video lagging and audio distortion. 
  • The trainer demonstrates some resources you may not have in your base library. If you would like to upgrade your library or purchase individual resources please contact Logos Direct Sales at 1-800-875-6467. Upgrades are available 30 days from when you purchased a base library at the training seminar rate.
  • If you experience any problems with the recordings please contact Matt Wasielewski by email at mattwaz@gcts.edu

Logos Seminar Recordings

The four hour seminar has been edited into smaller organized sections. To access a video, please click on its title which opens a video. Type in the provided password for access. You can watch the videos or perform the same steps in your Logos library. 

Introduction of our Trainer and Overview of Logos Bible Software Homepage

Tim's background, the evolution of Logos, interface features, content options, preferred Bibles, and reading plans.  

Passage Guides

An introduction and demonstration of sixteen research assistants that help users select and utilize their library's resources.

Exegetical Guides

Demonstrating resources associated with textual criticism, language studies, diagramming, and word studies.  

Additional Guides & Tools

Overview of sermon guides, collections, favorites, highlights, notes, personal books, reading guides, timelines, passage analysis, and shortcuts. 

Power User Searches

Locating resources in your library using creative search techniques, selecting preferred resources for easy retrieval, and a demonstration of the powerful search templates. 

Lexicon Usage

Support Options

How to seek assistance through the Logos Academic Training Program and built-in help guides. Users can also access the Logos support website to request assistance, view webinars, and discuss forum topics.    

Base Library Options & Resources

Overview of base libraries and some of the key resources found in each.