Lesson 1: Orientation Quiz Key

  1. What are the two main categories of the library website? Resources and Services

  2. How many resource categories are available? 4

  3. True or False:  Library news displays only news from Goddard Library in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.False

  4. What resources for searching articles are available from the tabbed search box? Ebscohost, JSTOR, and Proquest Religion

  5. Clicking “More Options & Tutorials” from the tabbed search box takes users where? To resources just in that boxes category

  6. Database descriptions are available for all library resources.  On the “Access Database” page how are descriptions viewed? Clicking the database title

  7. Which holiday is not listed on the Charlotte campus page as being closed? Columbus Day

  8. What do the lock icons mean? Links to resources that are free or requiring logging in

  9. How many books can be requested from Goddard and Lindsell Libraries? 6

  10. Course Reserves are special class collections. Perform a reserve search selecting the department “FORUM” with instructor “Mayer, Robert J.” What is the first result option displayed? Doing theology in today's world : essays in honor of kenneth s. kantzer

  11. One the “Find Journals” page, how many bound periodicals are listed in the top description? 50,000

Lesson 5: Seeking Help Quiz Key

  1. On the contact form, which question type is not available? Submit feedback

  2. How many books can be mailed to students at a time? 6

  3. Who is not eligible to receive mailed books? Alumni

  4. True or False: CD’s and DVD’s can be mailed from Goddard Library. False

  5. What book information is needed for it to be mailed? A, C, D, & E

  6. What should you do if you have difficulty accessing EZproxy? A or C

  7. How can a Reference Librarian assist you? B & C

  8. What example is provided at the bottom of the book holds page? Provide the title. Beloved : Henri Nouwen in conversation

  9. What option is not available for requesting book holds? By Mail