Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Missions Related Ministry.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.


POSITION: We are looking for students to explore the role of research in mission work, global Christianity, and/or local churches. The CSGC is currently working on the third edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, one of the most widely-cited books on the history and current status of global Christianity, and the students’ work will directly contribute to that text. Students can also be involved in planning our research forums and participate in conferences related to mission and global Christianity in the Boston area. Students will be spending many hours working alone with spreadsheets, articles and books. Being a self-starter is a plus.


HOURS: 10 hours per week in CSGC office (9 hours research, 1 hour mentoring)


TIME: Fall, Spring and Summer terms. (One unit limit for MM Ministry.) 

TRAVEL TIME: On-campus.

Other: CSGC is an academic research center that monitors worldwide demographic trends in Christianity, including outreach and mission. We provide a comprehensive collection of information on the past, present, and future of Christianity in every country of the world. Our data and publications help churches, mission agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to be more strategic, thoughtful and sensitive to local contexts.


  • SITE: 21 Bruce Road, Waltham, MA 02453
  • PHONE: (781) 892-5238
  • WEBSITE: www.hopeic.org
  • MENTOR: Paul Reid                                      
  • EMAIL: hicpaul@rcn.com

POSITION: We are looking for students who have a heart to reach the internationals. The variety of opportunities at HIC include outreach through teaching English classes, discipleship, and teaching the Bible.

HOURS: 10 – 15 hours per week.

FINANCES: Travel reimbursement.

TIME:  Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer.

TRAVEL TIME: 35 – 40 minutes.

OTHER: Hope International Church is a small, urban, evangelical church that is committed to developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our preaching and teaching are centered on the Bible, and we are united in our desire to glorify God and make him the first priority in our lives.  Our church has a strong outward ministry focus that develops spiritual maturity and we particularly desire to serve the international community.  We have one of the best English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in the Boston area and our classes are free. We are pleased to be affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America.


  • SITE: Cambridge, MA
  • PHONE: (412) 320-0596
  • WEBSITE: www.chinaoutreach.org, www.chinafriendscambridge.org
  • MENTOR: Hannah Nation
  • EMAIL: treyandhannah@gmail.com

PROJECT: Applicants must have a desire to build cross-cultural relationshisps. Prior experience with the Chinese is encouraged, but not necessary. Applicants must be able to maintain commitments without frequent cancelation, to be flexible and diligent in ministry, and to work cooperatively with COM coworkers and volunteers. Ministry opportunities include one-on-one relationship building, Bible study involvement, and occasional holiday activities or local events.

HOURS: 10-15 hours (including commute and preparation)

FINANCIAL: This position has the option of being a COM internship in addition to fulfilling Mentored Ministry requirements. With a COM internship, the intern would be permitted to raise support for an agreed upon amount to cover expenses and stipend.

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring

COMMUTE: 45 minutes from GCTS

OTHER: COM's local Boston area staff currently primarily focus on students from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. We attempt to serve students holistically through practice assistance, friendship, and spiritual formation. This opportunity will offer experiences that will help applicants discern God's will concerning their role in missions. Contact mentor directly if interested.

OMF INTERNATIONAL - Missionary Preparation for Asia 

  • PHONE: 717-417-1486; Cell: 717-318-4654
  • DENOMINATION: interdenominational
  • MENTOR: Steve Niphakis

PROJECT: This is a position for a student considering long term mission commitment in Asia. Your mentor, Steve Niphakis, is an OMF missionary who has had over 20 years of experience in missions; including church planting, missionary training, leadership development and mobilization.  The GCTS mission department has adopted the Shan people in South East Asia, so the qualified candidate will also be working on the Shan adoption OMP missions project. Part of the mentoring will be by phone but will also include personal visits on campus by the mentor in accordance with the requirements of the Mentored Ministry program.

This position will provide the student with opportunities to gain valuable experience related to career mission preparation. The mentoree should be willing to commit at least one year in a mentored relationship and to spend at least 6 weeks in Thailand during the summer,

The student will take a leadership role in the development of the Shan adoption project and will be responsible for doing research, leading prayer meetings, representing the Shan adoption program to students, churches, as well as mobilizing a team to take to Asia.

HOURS: 10 hrs./wk. (Most of the work will be on campus with students and staff but church related work will also be involved.)



OTHER: OMF is a Para-church organization. It is an international and interdenominational mission agency founded by Hudson Taylor in 1865 as the China Inland Mission. There are approx 1300 OMF missionaries working across 17 countries in Asia. We are currently one of the premier mission agencies reaching out to unreached peoples in East Asia. This opportunity offers qualified students the chance to work alongside OMF missionaries in an effort to begin a Church Planting movement among the Shan people.  The student will interact with both missionaries on the field as well as home side staff.



PROJECT: Seeking a male or female student who will receive exposure to a wide variety of missions-related fields, most notably missions research.  Student will also be exposed to the role that numerical research and research in general, plays as a part of mission and outreach as well as its importance to mission and strategy.  Student will contribute towards knowledge of world Christianity; world religions; Christian denominations throughout the world; religious diasporas; immigration/emigration; specific countries, cities, and/or people groups; and missiology.  Student will have the opportunity to interact with informants, contacts, and scholars in various countries to verify data and collect new information.  The right student for this position will have a calling towards the most unreached and neglected of our world, as well as an ability and enjoyment for research, independent study, and working with numerical data relating to missions and world religions.  Also, the student should have basic computer skills in MS Word and Excel, as well as good communication skills, including cross-cultural sensitivities.

HOURS: 10 hours/week, plus occasional conferences, etc.


TIME FRAME: Projects can begin at any semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). One unit limit for Mentored Ministry.

OTHER: CSGC is a research center dedicated to the study of global Christianity and its interaction with other world religions.  They offer the student broad exposure to the field of missions and missions research.  Their research and publications are used by churches, mission organizations, media, and other sources in support of church/mission strategy, articles related to global Christianity, demographic studies, etc.

COMMUTE:  None -- On-campus, D Building


  • SITE: (see below)
  • PHONE: 617-875-8647 (cell)
  • EMAIL: snhope5@yahoo.com
  • DENOMINATION: interdenominational
  • MENTOR: Steve Hope

PROJECT:  This is a position for a student to partner with a coalition of churches and parachurch ministries in the Boston area in international student ministry (ISM). The student will interact and relate to international students from all regions of the world as well as experienced mission and lay leaders in this field.

The United States is host to more international students than any other country in the world. In Massachusetts alone, there were over 35,000 students in the past academic year. Many of these students will return to their home countries and be the future leaders in government, science and other areas of influence. The ministry strives to expose students and scholars to the love of Christ and to point them to resources to help their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. A key part of the ISM ministry are monthly gatherings held at a home in Waltham.  On a yearly basis, approximately 80-120 international students are served. 

This is a unique opportunity for students interested and open to other peoples and cultures and with a calling to missions and outreach.  The student will have first-hand experience in how to engage with foreign students and face the opportunities and challenges of sharing the love of Christ with them, in word and deeds.  The position involves event planning, spreadsheet database administration, communication and relationship building.

STUDENT CHARACTERISTICS:  The student should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including cross-cultural sensitivities.  Also, the student should have excellent computer skills including familiarity with creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheet databases. 

HOURS: 10 hours / week

TIME FRAME: The position is for one year with option to extend for an additional year if mutually agreed.

FINANCIAL: Monthly stipend.

OTHER: The ISM ministry team includes volunteers primarily from Grace Chapel ? www.grace.org - a non-denominational church in Lexington and Park Street ? www.parkstreet.org - one of the oldest churches in America, located in downtown Boston. The student?s mentor will be Steve Hope with International Students, Inc., who has over 20 years experience in this strategic ministry.

COMMUTE: Approx. 45 minutes for the monthly gatherings; time will vary for interaction with students on campuses; some of the work can be done on the GCTS campus.