Para-Church Ministry

Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Para-Church Ministries.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

YOUNG LIFE - Boston North Shore

POSITION DESCRIPTION: You will learn how to build relationships with people who are far from God and earn the right to share the Gospel with them. You will learn how to equip others (college and high school aged) to share their faith and be on mission. You will have the opportunity to speak in front of 25-50 people regularly and lead weekly Bible studies with students. You will grow in your faith by being forced out of your comfort zone into the world of kids who are far from God!

HOURS: 10-15 hours per week



TIME FRAME: Can begin anytime.  Will require training before placement.  2-3 year commitment.

OTHER: This position is open to Men and Women. Seeking volunteers who have a love for Christ and a deep desire to see lost kids come to know Him, who are willing to take initiative and risks, and are teachable; especially in regard to ministry philosophy/technique and time management.

Young Life is a vibrant community of college and seminary students who are united by a common mission to see lost kids come to know Jesus!


INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS INC. – International Student Ministry

  • SITE: 43 Harwood Road, Natick, MA 01760
  • MENTOR: Steve Hope
  • PHONE: 617-875-8647
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Interdenominational

PROJECT: Opportunity for student to engage in international student ministry by leading seeker and believer Bible studies at local colleges and universities, organizing activities for students, developing friendships with international students, and possibly mobilize and equip a church for international student ministry.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Travel and meal reimbursement

TIME FRAME: Flexible

OTHER: Seeking a male or female student who possesses integrity, a deep love for Jesus, and a desire to see His glory spread broadly.  Also, student should have a genuine appreciation of and willingness to learn about other cultures.

We are a parachurch ministry that offers opportunity to minister with students, scholars, and family members from many cultures.  If someone is considering working with those of other cultures this is a great opportunity to learn , practice, and serve here at home, likely in the Boston area.

ALPHA NETWORK FOR LEADERSHIP – Practical Ministry/Leadership Development

PROJECT: The goal of the Alpha Network for Leadership Development is to develop young leaders who will influence the culture for the Kingdom of God through the use of the Alpha ministries in the context of evangelization and discipleship. The student will have the opportunity to work with the local superintendent of the Alpha Network and incorporate the Alpha program at his or her church.  The student will have the opportunity to follow the Alpha curriculum and grow in leadership development, training in ministry principles, practical ministry, and formation and discipleship.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Reimbursement can be provided for ministry meals and meetings.

TIME FRAME: Fall or Spring

OTHER: Familiarity with the Alpha program would be ideal, but not required.

COMMUTE: Depends on the location of the church.

SEAFARER'S FRIEND – Student Chaplain

PROJECT: The ministry of Seafarer’s Friend revolves around visiting and serving international seafarers on merchant ships (tankers, freighters, container ships, and other vessels) that dock in our ports (Boston, Chelsea, Salem, Portsmouth, Portland).  These seafarers from a variety of cultures are away from home and family for four to twelve months at a time and are often from third world countries.  Thus the setting of this ministry is both industrial and multicultural.  The experience provides opportunities in a ministry of hospitality and transportation, helping people make contact with family and the outside world, working in an industrial environment where safety and security are important factors, being part of a team ministry, and being involved in the intricacies of operating a faith-oriented, service-centered, and highly flexible outreach ministry.  We aim to touch lives of those traveling through with hope and service that is based on the love of God in Christ.  This is a ministry that will be transformational for the student, opening new perspectives on ministry in a multicultural world.

HOURS: 10-15 hours / week minimum

FINANCIAL: A stipend may be offered and further work for pay is available depending on student’s skills.

TIME FRAME: Can accommodate the normal start-up periods.  Pending interest the position may also become a long-term position allowing greater responsibility and potential for the student’s growth in following semesters and upon graduation.

OTHER: We are seeking a student who has a love of people and the ability to relate to a broad spectrum of personalities, nationalities, and religious backgrounds.  Student also must be physically able to board ships in sometimes difficult conditions, desire to work as part of a ministry team where attention to detail is important, have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations and conditions, and be able to work and make one’s own decisions.  A sensitivity to and experience in intercultural and interfaith settings is helpful.

The mentor, Rev. Loring Carpenter, has mentored many Gordon-Conwell seminary students, as pastor of the Congregational Church in West Newbury, as interim pastor of First Calvary Baptist Church in North Andover, and for over six years at Seafarer’s Friend.


  • SITE: 140 Essex Street, #303, Hamilton, MA 01982
  • MENTOR: Andrew James
  • PHONE: 703-943-7244
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Interdenominational

PROJECT: Seeking a male student who, in this position of ministering to the business community with CBMC, will have the opportunity to meet with leaders of business and help them to connect faith to life, be intentionally discipled by seasoned ministry leaders in the New England CBMC, brainstorm creative outreaches (such as CEO-types sharing testimonies and giving a Gospel presentation), engage in follow-up discipleship from outreaches (meeting with believers and non-believers in business), help lead and facilitate Bible studies (leading teams of men in the business community), and learn to network and make connections with those outside the church walls.

This position is a great opportunity for a student who possesses a desire to deepen his walk with the Lord through intensive discipleship, understand his future flock and the marketplace community, who has a passion for those who don’t know Christ, and spiritual boldness with strong interpersonal skills.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Reimbursement can be provided for ministry meals and meetings.

TIME FRAME: Flexible

OTHER: At CBMC we seek to minister to business professionals in the way that we carry ourselves, which is in such a way that also exhibits professionalism.  One will learn how to serve people with excellence and how to meet the particular needs of people in the marketplace.

COMMUTE: A few minutes from GCTS 


  • SITE: 100 Cummings Center, Beverly, MA 01915
  • PHONE: 978-500-2119
  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational
  • MENTOR: Peter Carpentier
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: Involvement in the development and promulgation of Alpha Prison Ministry throughout prisons in MA, including training, recruitment and public relations.  Involvement in the development of the training protocols required to present Youth Alpha in a conference setting, including development of presentation materials, marketing & interfacing with pastors and leaders of various Christian traditions, including Catholic.  Involvement in the development of the Community Alpha Course outreach strategy.  Involvement in development of website materials as well as marketing media (video & audio).

HOURS: 6-10 hours per week per student.  Morning or early evening schedule is best. Some projects will run in evening hours, including attending events/courses.  Will work with students to accommodate scheduling needs.

FINANCIAL: Reimbursement for gas and ministry expenses.

TIME FRAME: Ongoing availability.

OTHER: Looking for students with creativity and imagination; strong computer literacy very helpful, as well as a variety of media experience. Student must be willing to read independently associated learning materials.  You will be interacting energetically with Christians from a variety of traditions for the sake of the gospel and so must have a love for the whole Church, Catholic and Protestant.  NSCM is devoted to the cause of Christian unity and focuses on the Great Commission and the salvation of souls, believing that the Lord will then bless us with the essential unity necessary to do the work of the Kingdom.

COMMUTE: 35 minutes