Pastoral and Pastoral Assistant

Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Pastoral & Pastoral Assistant Positions.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

ORCHARD COVENANT CHURCH - Summer Pastoral intern

  • DENOMINATION: Evangelical Covenant
  • SITE: 95 Berkshire Street, Indian Orchard, MA, 01151
  • MENTOR: Rev. Nancy L. Ebner
  • PHONE: 413-896-8875
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Our priorities for 2014 are raising up new leaders, youth development, and intentional evangelism. An intern could contribute to our ability to address these priorities through their presence, energy and viewpoint. Some possibilities include:

  • Preaching and leading worship
  • Pastoral care and prayer – elderly, children in need, refugees, immigrants, addicts, home visits, prayer (and other possibilities)
  • Discipleship and Mentoring
  • Youth Development and enrichment, including Youth Group
  • If a musician, enhancing worship and/or teaching music skills to youth (for example, giving piano lessons to some of the girls, a guitar group for refugee boys, or in the long term, a “music\ academy” for neighborhood kids)
  • Directing our summertime neighborhood drama

HOURS: One full day per week

FINANCIAL: A negotiable stipend to cover at least the cost of gas

TIME FRAME: Open all year

COMMUTE: 2 Hours

OTHER: Looking for someone willing to learn and serve among diverse people in a multi-generational ministry, aware of their own gifts but also willing to follow God’s call into unique situations and needs as they arise. A willingness to stretch beyond what one knows they can do, trusting God’s promises of presence and wisdom.

We are a small multicultural congregation in an old urban neighborhood. We have a fairly traditional worship style, with added music in Swahili or Kirundi from our East-African refugees and immigrants on some weeks. Our fellowship also includes Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, and Caribbean people. We have a mission to orphans in our Kenyan members’ home village, and offer after school tutoring for elementary students. Our community lunch on Wednesdays serves about 15 people from church and neighborhood. We coordinate with a neighboring church that runs a “sober house” for women. We face great challenges, but God’s miracles are also great. Please join us.



  • SITE: 63 Arlington Street, Nashua, New Hampshire, 03060
  • DENOMINATION: United Methodist
  • MENTOR: Bruce Bradshaw
  • PHONE: 603-546-8294
PROJECT: The pastor will be travelling for 6 to 8 weeks. The candidate may therefore exercise the ministry of preaching 6 to 8 times. She can also fulfill various pastoral duties, such as leading or assisting in Bible studies, visiting parishioners (especially hospital visits), officiating funerals and participating in the church's summer community educational program. This program serves people in the neighborhood, most of whom are not part of the church, and can be designed around the skills, talents and interests of the candidate. The candidate will also have the opportunity to serve a few families with younger children. The intern will be supervised and supported by a few congregational members while the pastor is away; she can also contact the pastor via telephone, email and Skype.
HOURS: The position can range from 10 to 30 hours, depending on the interests of the candidate.
FINANCIAL: A stipend can be negotiated, depending on the needs and interests of the candidate. The candidate can also live in the parsonage, which is next to the church, and use the pastor's car.
TIME FRAME: Open all year
OTHER: We desire a female candidate because the ministries in the neighborhood are with women. The student does not have to be affiliated with the United Methodist Church, but a primary commitment is serving a mainline church in a culturally diverse, lower socio-economic neighborhood. A person who speaks Spanish and has musical talent will be wonderful, but commitments to the congregation and the neighborhood are more important. We also want a person who is willing to serve in the cultures of Mainline churches. We value good teaching and excellent preaching, but loving Christ and loving the people are the center of all effective pastoral activities. The church welcomes and affirms female leadership in all areas of ministry.

This church offers a range of pastoral experience to anyone who wants to see it as a mission field. It has all the challenges of a Mainline church that is striving to grow and bridge the gaps between the cultures of the congregation and the neighborhood. The current pastor has focused on discipleship in the congregation, a theme that will define the summer pastoral intern. 

COMMUTE: 45 miles from Gordon-Conwell


PROJECT: For this position, we are seeking a man to serve as a pastoral assistant.  Opportunities will include: corporate teaching and preaching once a month, leading a prayer and Bible study group twice a month, weekly street outreach, and one-on-one discipleship. Optional opportunities may include teaching “entry level” Biblical theology to a group of new believers, and assisting in our corporate worship service in the areas of music, Scripture reading, and various other aspects.

HOURS: 10-20 hours per week

FINANCIAL: Some money for gas.

TIME FRAME: Year-round

OTHER: We are seeking a male student who has an interest in serving in the urban poor context.  They should also have a desire to communicate Biblical truth with gospel compassion to folks struggling with addiction, homelessness, etc.  They should possess missional intentionality and gospel-centered theology, and essentially agree with the Statement of Belief of The Gospel Coalition.

Our church offers the opportunity to take part in the inner workings of a developing church plant, to serve in a very difficult but rewarding context, and to develop ability to effectively communicate God’s Word.

COMMUTE: 1 hour, 10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 2 Spring St. Exeter, NH 03833
  • PHONE: 603-772-3098
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dee Swilling
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: The student will be working with both men and women as they walk through the difficulties of the experience of divorce. Student will learn of the devastating impact that divorce creates in peoples lives, and be able to help those who have experienced divorce to walk from pain to healing.

HOURS: 10 hours per week

FINANCIAL: $25 per week

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring, Summer

OTHER: We are a small group, but the seminarian will be working with the mentor and one of our divorced women in this group.

COMMUTE: Approximately 1 hour from Gordon-Conwell.


PROJECT: Opportunity for a male or female student who feels called to pastoral ministry to gain experience in worship planning, worship leading, teaching, preaching, visitation, and various other opportunities to gain pastoral experience.  Position is adaptable to the student’s gifts, interests, and needs..

HOURS: 10 hours per week

FINANCIAL: Negotiable, plus travel expenses.

TIME FRAME: Fall, SPring or Summer

OTHER: We are an evangelical American Baptist church in a coastal Maine town - home of L.L.Bean.  Please visit our website for more information!

COMMUTE: Approximately 2 hours from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 1 Water St.; Danvers, MA 01923
  • PHONE: 978-774-8277
  • DENOMINATION: Nominal affiliation with the ABC
  • MENTOR: Pastor John G. Mulvihill (M.Div. GCTS , D.Min. –candidate -preaching)
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: Mentored Ministry opportunity to work in several or one aspect of Congregational ministry.  Seeking a male to assist in leading the Sunday Worship Service including; prayer, call to worship, announcements, offertory, benediction, and all parts of the Sunday Service, etc. as well as other aspects of the church that may be of interest to the student.
Assist in ministry at a small but healthy, community church. Work in concert with the pastor, praise team and elder team to assist the church in developing and reaching its goal of more dynamic corporate worship and congregational life.
Mentoring relationship with the pastor (GCTS Grad.) including reading/ discussing theology, pastoral theology etc. Opportunity to preach several times per year and or teach (Once approved by the elders). Not a “cookie cutter” position but open to molding to the student and the churches needs.
Some Good books: “The Pastor” by Peterson, “Generous Justice” by Keller, “Jonathan Edwards” by Marsden, “Christ Centered Preaching” by Chapell, preaching with Variety by Arthurs.

HOURS: 10 per week


TIME FRAME: Fall/Spring, flexible

OTHER: Sense of humor, humility and willingness to serve (most important). 

COMMUTE: 12 minutes

HOPE CHAPEL- Church Plant Intern

  • SITE: 174 High Str. # 113 Ipswich, MA 01938
  • PHONE: 978-380-0302
  • DENOMINATION: Anglican
  • MENTOR: Rev. Mario Bergner
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT:  Seeking students who want to be involved and learn more about Church Planting and development.

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring, and Summer time slots

HOURS:  Mentored Ministry Hours (10/wk for 1 Unit- 20/wk for 2 Units)

FINANCIAL:  $12/hr - $250 to $300 a month

OTHER: This Church began as a Church Plant on Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's campus. The church is an evangelical contemporary Anglican Church and is now ministering in Ipswich.

COMMUTE: 10-15 minutes


PROJECT: The position would be as pastoral assistant with a focus on teaching and preaching in various capacities and contexts depending on the abilities and maturity of the student. These may include the following:

  • Developing and leading a high school youth ministry
  • Leading and preaching at local nursing homes
  • Occasional preaching on Sunday worship
  • Teaching of Bible studies and leading special services

There are many opportunities available and these would be worked out in more detail with the student.

HOURS: 10/wk.

FINANCIAL: Travel expenses covered

TIME FRAME: Any of the three start up periods being Fall, Spring and Summer

OTHER: Market Street Baptist Church is an historic church in our town (founded in 1780). We
are a church free of division (by God’s grace) and the folks who come have a hunger for the Word. We are reformed in our theology and the preaching and teaching is generally expositional.

COMMUTE: 40 min.

CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER – Church Plant Development

PROJECT: The Anglican Church of the Redeemer in Norwood is looking for a student to help in growing a young church.  The job entails assisting at a worship service each Sunday, preaching once a month, initiating contacts with people in the community and inviting them to come, developing relationships, fellowship evangelism, developing strategies for small church growth, and teaching.

We are looking for a male student who likes to meet people, who can work independently, and who has a heart for evangelism and for building a church rather than simply doing prescribed tasks.  The student who is the right fit will like people more than books and not be easily discouraged.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

TIME FRAME: Flexible

FINANCIAL: $80 / week, plus mileage, plus incentives

OTHER: Church of the Redeemer is a new church plant of the ACNA, comprised of a church family who readily welcomes others and is of a strong, orthodox faith.  We value and cultivate warm interpersonal relationships, and enjoy excellent worship space and facilities.  Church of the Redeemer is a place where there is the opportunity to develop personal gifts.

COMMUTE: 1 hour from GCTS South Hamilton