Pastoral and Pastoral Assistant

Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Pastoral & Pastoral Assistant Positions.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.



  • SITE: 5 Broadway Blvd. PO Box 321, Alton Bay NH 03810
  • PHONE: (978) 979 - 8380
  • MENTOR: Rev. G. Kenneth Steigler 
  • EMAIL:
POSITION: We are looking for out-going and teachable students to work with our experienced clergy support team to help lead prayer for Saturday evening concerts and for special guests. Students will also help lead Sunday worship i.e. Scripture reading, prayer and announcements. You will get to engage with all age groups and watch the Holy Spirit work in real life among people.  

HOURS: 10 hours for Saturdays and Sundays for 12 weeks.

FINANCES: Food and lodging for Saturday and Sunday for student and family. Plus, $100 per week.

TIME: Summer of 2016, 6/18 – 9/6. 

TRAVEL TIME: 1 Hour 40 minutes from GCTS Hamilton.

OTHER: The mission of ABCCC is the passing of the Christian faith to the next generation. We provide a special place for people to gather away from the hectic pace of the world and find a "place of rest" to worship Him. We have prayerfully and diligently trusted God for our ministry programs this year, and we look forward to the godly Christian Artists, and Pastors/Teachers who will lead us and equip us to know and serve Him better.


POSITION: We are looking for a student who is authentic and confident in their relationship with Jesus to serve women of all ages in their journey of faith. Responsibilities will include providing administrative assistance to create opportunities for Bible study, discipleship and prayer, small groups and special events to foster the spiritual and personal growth of women in the church, and acts of service to the community and the world. The student should be able to organize events toward that end, and blend the social and the spiritual loves of the women at MCC. This position is open to female applicants only.

HOURS: 10 Hours per week.

FINANCES: $1,000 stipend for the year.

TIME: November 2015 – June 2016 (8 months)

TRAVEL TIME: 24 minutes.

OTHER: Middleton Congregational Church is a Christ-focused body of believers, striving to know the Lord deeply. With a Sunday attendance of 100 - 125, there is a real sense of family here at MCC. At the same time, we are also a very welcoming group that delights in welcoming others into our family. Seminarians in the past have been welcomed with open arms, and the people of MCC have cherished the opportunity to help them stretch and grow in their pastoral identity.



  • SITE:170 Morton Street, Jamaica Plain (Boston)
  • PHONE: 617-971-3460  or 617-971-3463
  • DENOMINATION: Interfaith
  • MENTOR: Rev. James Gannon
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Student will assist the hospital chaplain in providing pastoral care (including spiritual/religious assessments) to the individual patients, small groups, staff, patient family members, volunteers; lead interfaith worship; small group discussions on spirituality or bible study groups. Students may also help provide pastoral care to the Department of Corrections patients. The goal of the placement would be to provide the student with an understanding of the role of health and spirituality. The student would be required to take part in a volunteer training program, TB skin test and CORI check prior to his/her internship.


FINANCES: None currently, meal provided

TIME: As soon as possible and as long as possible; Fall, Spring, Summer semester.

COMMUTE: one hour from Gordon Conwell 



  • SITE: 3 Neponset Ct. Roslindale, MA 02131
  • PHONE: (513) 602 - 0607 (Shuresh) or 617 - 678 - 0753 (Bland)
  • MENTOR: Shuresh Sammangi (Bland Mason)
  • EMAIL: (Suresh) or

POSITION: We are looking for a student with a godly character and a heart for the local church to help lead our weekly worship. Since we are a new church plant, the DNA and the culture of the church are yet to be established. The intern will have a unique privilege in helping to cast the vision for our identity as a church and developing that vision, and will also be given regular opportunities to preach. This position is open for students with a Baptist background. 

HOURS: 10 – 15 Hours per week.

FINANCES: A weekly stipend of $100-200, depending on the student’s need.

TIME: As soon as possible and as long as possible; Fall, Spring, Summer semester.

COMMUTE: one hour from Gordon Conwell



  • SITE: 1418 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02139
  • PHONE: (617) 734 - 1520
  • MENTOR: Rev. Kevin Manuel
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: We are looking for applicants with mature faith and a heart for a diverse, urban congregation to be our pastoral assistant. The position can be tailored to the individual’s gifts, experiences, and interests. Responsibilities can include preaching, leading in the worship service, teaching classes, leading a young adult small group, music ministry, new missional initiatives, and/or helping to support a new children’s ministry curriculum that will launch in January. There are a lot of possibilities! Preference will be given to a candidate in the PC(USA) ordination process.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: Stipend of $400 per month is available. We may be able to expand the hours and the stipend, depending on the candidate’s ministry interest and availability.

TIME FRAME: The position starts in the latter part of September, and is open-ended.

OTHER: We are a worshipping community of many generations and cultures, grounded in God’s love, centered on Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our worship is expressed in contemporary, contemplative, traditional and global (especially African) forms, often all of these in a single service. We have a long tradition of supporting and mentoring GCTS seminarians, and we invite a pastoral assistant to join us in this exciting season of growth and renewal!

COMMUTE: 35 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.

GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH - Pastoral Internship

POSITION: We are looking for a student who is teachable and able to teach, to serve as a pastoral intern at our church. Responsibilities can include preaching, leading in the worship service, teaching classes, leading a small group, overseeing Christian education, etc., and is flexible to the student’s gifts and experience. This position is open to male applicants, only.  

HOURS: 10 – 15 hours per week.

FINANCES: A stipend of $1000 per month is available. The position and the stipend can be expanded for the right candidate. 

TIME: The position will begin September 1st, and is open-ended.

TRAVEL TIME: 35 minutes.

OTHER: We are a smaller church, located in a beautiful seaside town, with surprising diversity in age and background. Our worship service blends historic and contemporary styles. The church is extremely generous and supportive, and has a history of GCTS students involved here with great success. Office space will be provided for the pastoral intern, as well as any other physical support needed.

CHELSEA SOLDIERS' HOMEChaplain to Veterans

  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational
  • SITE: 91 Crest Avenue, Chelsea, MA 02150
  • MENTOR: Pastor Bob Leroe
  • PHONE: (781) 233 - 2663
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for applicants with military experience or aspirations, as he/she will be serving a veterans population. Chaplaincy duties include preaching, teaching, counseling, visiting bedside, advising, and providing pastoral care. The chaplain will meet with an experienced mentor who had been an army chaplain for over 25 years and a local church pastor for over 15 years in a CCCC congregation.

HOURS: 10 – 20 Hours per week

FINANCIAL: None currently; can be discussed.

TIME FRAME: Summer/Fall/Spring start date. Preferably to be filled as soon as possible. 

COMMUTE: 30  – 35 minutes

OTHER: Chelsea Soldiers Home is a MA/VA-run facility with CCCC church oversight. The hospital side is more long-term nursing care and elderly population. The dorm side has a wide spectrum of men and women veterans. The position is open to both gender.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF EXETER - Associate Pastor of Community Life

POSITION: The most significant aspect of this position is strategizing for church growth. Available opportunities include periodic preaching, pastoral care, oversight of music ministry, church development, small group ministries, Bible studies, church life development and family ministry.  Our desire for this position is to increase in hours and salary as the church grows.

We are looking for candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative approach to hopeful ministry in a small New England church. The ideal candidate will be either a graduating MDiv student or a mature student with significant experience. A bi-vocational pastor would be positively considered. Couples are strongly encouraged to apply to share the position.

HOURS: 12-15 hours per week

FINANCIAL: $13,000/year position. There is a potential for living in the three-bedroom ranch style parsonage in family neighborhood in lieu of salary.

TIME FRAME: As soon after 8/1/2015 as possible. Position can continue into 2016 if giftedness and needs match.


OTHER: We have recently gone through significant changes - in church membership, incorporation of contemporary music in the Worship Service, and the addition of the Elder Board to our existing congregational system. We are now at the best place we have been in years to grow and develop into a vital and effective church.

GRACE CHURCH BROCKTON - Pastoral Assistant

PROJECT: For this position, we are seeking a man to serve as a pastoral assistant.  Opportunities will include: corporate teaching and preaching once a month, leading a prayer and Bible study group twice a month, weekly street outreach, and one-on-one discipleship. Optional opportunities may include teaching “entry level” Biblical theology to a group of new believers, and assisting in our corporate worship service in the areas of music, Scripture reading, and various other aspects.

HOURS: 10-20 hours per week

FINANCIAL: Some money for gas.

TIME FRAME: Year-round

OTHER: We are seeking a male student who has an interest in serving in the urban poor context.  They should also have a desire to communicate Biblical truth with gospel compassion to folks struggling with addiction, homelessness, etc.  They should possess missional intentionality and gospel-centered theology, and essentially agree with the Statement of Belief of The Gospel Coalition.

Our church offers the opportunity to take part in the inner workings of a developing church plant, to serve in a very difficult but rewarding context, and to develop ability to effectively communicate God’s Word.

COMMUTE: 1 hour, 10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 2 Spring St. Exeter, NH 03833
  • PHONE: 603-772-3098
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dee Swilling
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: The student will be working with both men and women as they walk through the difficulties of the experience of divorce. Student will learn of the devastating impact that divorce creates in peoples lives, and be able to help those who have experienced divorce to walk from pain to healing.

HOURS: 10 hours per week

FINANCIAL: $25 per week

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring, Summer

OTHER: We are a small group, but the seminarian will be working with the mentor and one of our divorced women in this group.

COMMUTE: Approximately 1 hour from Gordon-Conwell.


PROJECT: Opportunity for a male or female student who feels called to pastoral ministry to gain experience in worship planning, worship leading, teaching, preaching, visitation, and various other opportunities to gain pastoral experience.  Position is adaptable to the student’s gifts, interests, and needs..

HOURS: 10 hours per week

FINANCIAL: Negotiable, plus travel expenses.

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring or Summer

OTHER: We are an evangelical American Baptist church in a coastal Maine town - home of L.L.Bean.  Please visit our website for more information!

COMMUTE: Approximately 2 hours from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 1 Water St.; Danvers, MA 01923
  • PHONE: 978-774-8277
  • DENOMINATION: Nominal affiliation with the ABC
  • MENTOR: Pastor John G. Mulvihill (M.Div. GCTS , D.Min. –candidate -preaching)
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: Mentored Ministry opportunity to work in several or one aspect of Congregational ministry.  Seeking a male to assist in leading the Sunday Worship Service including; prayer, call to worship, announcements, offertory, benediction, and all parts of the Sunday Service, etc. as well as other aspects of the church that may be of interest to the student.
Assist in ministry at a small but healthy, community church. Work in concert with the pastor, praise team and elder team to assist the church in developing and reaching its goal of more dynamic corporate worship and congregational life.
Mentoring relationship with the pastor (GCTS Grad.) including reading/ discussing theology, pastoral theology etc. Opportunity to preach several times per year and or teach (Once approved by the elders). Not a “cookie cutter” position but open to molding to the student and the churches needs.
Some Good books: “The Pastor” by Peterson, “Generous Justice” by Keller, “Jonathan Edwards” by Marsden, “Christ Centered Preaching” by Chapell, preaching with Variety by Arthurs.

HOURS: 10 per week


TIME FRAME: Fall/Spring, flexible

OTHER: Sense of humor, humility and willingness to serve (most important). 

COMMUTE: 12 minutes


PROJECT: The position would be as pastoral assistant with a focus on teaching and preaching in various capacities and contexts depending on the abilities and maturity of the student. These may include the following:

  • Developing and leading a high school youth ministry
  • Leading and preaching at local nursing homes
  • Occasional preaching on Sunday worship
  • Teaching of Bible studies and leading special services

There are many opportunities available and these would be worked out in more detail with the student.

HOURS: 10/wk.

FINANCIAL: Travel expenses covered

TIME FRAME: Any of the three start up periods being Fall, Spring and Summer

OTHER: Market Street Baptist Church is an historic church in our town (founded in 1780). We
are a church free of division (by God’s grace) and the folks who come have a hunger for the Word. We are reformed in our theology and the preaching and teaching is generally expositional.

COMMUTE: 40 min.

CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER – Church Plant Development

PROJECT: The Anglican Church of the Redeemer in Norwood is looking for a student to help in growing a young church.  The job entails assisting at a worship service each Sunday, preaching once a month, initiating contacts with people in the community and inviting them to come, developing relationships, fellowship evangelism, developing strategies for small church growth, and teaching.

We are looking for a male student who likes to meet people, who can work independently, and who has a heart for evangelism and for building a church rather than simply doing prescribed tasks.  The student who is the right fit will like people more than books and not be easily discouraged.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

TIME FRAME: Flexible

FINANCIAL: $80 / week, plus mileage, plus incentives

OTHER: Church of the Redeemer is a new church plant of the ACNA, comprised of a church family who readily welcomes others and is of a strong, orthodox faith.  We value and cultivate warm interpersonal relationships, and enjoy excellent worship space and facilities. Church of the Redeemer is a place where there is the opportunity to develop personal gifts.

COMMUTE: 1 hour from GCTS South Hamilton