Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to positions that exhibit a Variety of Opportunities in One Place.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.


  • SITE: 511 Newtown Road, Littleton, MA
  • PHONE: 781-259-9630
  • MENTOR: Mingche Li
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational

POSITION: This church is seeking a student to help coordinate a Sunday school program, and to share in Sunday Devotion twice per month. The student would also take part in our Friday night youth fellowship twice per month, and work with other counselors in the planning of the programs, and lead one of the small groups.

HOURS: 12-15 hours per week.

FINANCES: $20 per hour.

TIME: Flexible. At any time and at any semester.

TRAVEL TIME from GCTS: 1 hour from GCTS.

OTHER: A student is sought who has a passion for building up youth as young disciples of Christ with a holistic vision in partnership with parents. One with a missionary mindset will fully appreciate the opportunity. The church is located in a western suburb of Greater Boston. Its members are professionals with Chinese heritage. The youths are English speakers who face bicultural challenges. BMWBC seeks to spread the gospel, to share God’s love and blessings, and to extend God’s kingdom from MetroWest and beyond

GRACE CHAPEL - NextGen Ministry Intern

  • SITE: 59 Worthen Road, Lexington, MA 02421
  • PHONE: (781) 862 – 6499; (210) 867 - 3613
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Ruthie Seiders
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational

POSITION: We are looking for a confident and teachable self-starter to serve as an intern for our NextGen (Middle and High school) Ministry. The intern will work alongside the NextGen pastor and the Directors of Children’s Ministry, as well as the Student Ministry, to minister to children, students, their families, and the wider congregation of faith parents who are investing themselves as teachers, caregivers and small group leaders. He/she will lead in programming, training and retreats, teaching, contact work, staff meetings, building relationships with parents and leaders, and hospital visitation. The intern will be able to serve the main Lexington campus, as well as other smaller campuses.

HOURS: 10 - 12 hours per week; Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 

FINANCES: Minimum wage for hours worked. 

TIME: Fall 2016; Spring 2017; Summer 2017 – flexible. 

TRAVEL TIME from GCTS: 20 - 30 minutes.

OTHER: Grace Chapel Student Ministries is passionate about helping students understand how much God cares for them! When a person is known and cared for, they have the freedom to be their true selves. Each week at our Middle and High School student ministries, students gather from all over the region, finding a real sense of belonging that comes from real community.


POSITION: We are seeking a Youth Pastor to lead the English worship services, bible studies, and Saturday Night Gathering activities of the youth group mainly with second generation Korean students in junior high and high school. Responsibilites include serving as the group’s primary worship leader, delivering weekly sermons, being a spiritual leader for the adolesent aged students, and working with the parents for the group’s activities. Requirements include experience with youth in a similar role, be a current seminary student or graduate, and understanding second generation Korean students’ experiences and challenges.

HOURS: 10-12 hours per week.

FINANCES: $1000 per month (10 hours); $1200 per month (12 hours)

TIME: Beginning November 2016. 1-2 years.

TRAVEL TIME: 22 miles from GCTS.

OTHER: Commitment to the spiritual transformation of youth, as well as empathy, friendliness and humility is desirable. 


  • SITE: 39 Main St. PO Box 275. Essex, MA 01929
  • PHONE: (978) 471-9622 (c), (978) 768 - 7855 (w)
  • MENTOR: Reverend Tim Ziegenhals
  • EMAIL: 
  • DENOMINATION: Congregational

POSITION: This is a part time youth ministry position. The youth pastor will coordinate and facilitate the weekly, monthly and annual events for the middle school students in our church family and community. More position details available upon request.

HOURS: 10-12 hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend of $150 per week.

TIME: Will begin Fall 2016.

TRAVEL TIME: 8-10 minutes.

OTHER: We are a welcoming and multi-generational community. There are many opportunities to serve, and we provide a family away from home for seminarians. We are a model of church revitalization with fresh assessment taking place for how to grow in outreach and fruitfulness.


POSITION:  We are seeking a student with at least 3-5 years of youth ministry experience, a consistent devotional time, and a life of integrity in pursuit of personal holiness to come serve as our Student Ministries Program intern. Responsibilities will include leading weekly middle school small group bible studies, leading high school bible studies, contact work with small group participants, preaching once a month in the Sunday Morning Student Ministries Worship service and creating a corresponding small group discussion guide, and planning and executing special monthly events.   

HOURS: 10 - 12 Hours per week.

FINANCES: $500 per month. 

TIME: August 2016 – August 2017.   

TRAVEL TIME from GCTS: 45 minutes.

OTHER: We are an evangelical, congregational church, established in Wayland, MA, back in 1828. Our church family mainly consists of residents from the MetroWest area, and we gather every Sunday morning at 9:30 am and 11 am. Our Student Ministries Program, made up of about 50 middle and high school students, holds a student-led worship service on Sunday mornings, high school small groups on Sunday afternoons and middle school small groups on Wednesday evenings, among other weekly and monthly events such as multiple mission trips and retreats.


POSITION: We are seeking a student that possesses competence, calling, character, conviction, and chemistry to serve the youth of Sea Road Church. Responsibilities can include discipling students, developing and enhancing our current youth R & D (relationships & discipleship), training volunteer leaders, matching up mature believers in mentoring relationships, working alongside Young Life Kennbunks, coordinating monthly events for Sea Road students 6th – 12th, and preaching.

Interested students, please contact the following GCTS students:

Rene Bezerra: (910) 381 – 3196  or Tom Trask:

HOURS: 10 - 15 Hours per week.

FINANCES: Free apartment, housing on site (1 Bedroom, living room, kitchen, full bath apartment.) Stipend can be discussed.

TIME: Beginning in May 2016 (Summer Semester) with at least two years commitment. Starting date is flexible; ideal start would be in May 2016, but open to starting in September, 2016. Potential for staff placement after graduation. 

TRAVEL TIME from GCTS: 1 hour 20 minutes. (70 Miles)

OTHER: We are a growing church that has been undergoing revitalization for the past 5 years. Our mission is to Exalt, Engage, Equip, and Extend. We are seeking to equip, empower, and mobilize the church body for local mission to our community. We want to introduce people to Jesus and help them grow into the fullness of Christ and multiply.


  • SITE: 639 High Street, Hanson, MA 02341
  • PHONE: (781) 293 – 7997
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Peter J. Smith     
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC)

POSITION: We are looking for a student who has a passion for bringing the gospel to the emerging generation, as well as to the 20-somethings who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The responsibilities for this role will include planning Youth Ministry gatherings, outreach to youth, planning for events such as retreats, community interaction, cultivating relationships with youth, peers and supervisors, leading worship, and some preaching opportunities.

HOURS: 15 hours per week.

FINANCES:  This position has very competitive compensation.

TIME: This is a new position that will be offered beginning March 1st.

TRAVEL TIME: 1.5 hours from GCTS. We are 1.5 miles from the Hanson Commuter trains stop which connects to South Station.

OTHER: We are an enthusiastic, tremendously loving, and growing congregation. We hold two Sunday morning worship services – 9 a.m. for Traditional, and 11 a.m. for Contemporary service. A network of Small Group Bible Studies is being developed within the church.


POSITION: We are looking for an energetic, Christ-centered individual, interested in serving the youth  grades 6 -12. Responsibilities will include assisting with youth discipleship, group meetings and events, relational ministry, and being part of the Youth Leadership Team which runs our rock-solid youth ministry. Opportunities will be made available to plan and coordinate meetings and/or programs, teach, and develop the on-going vision of our youth ministry. This position is open to female applicants only, and we hope she would be available on Sundays and perhaps one other day a week.

HOURS: 10 Hours per week.

FINANCES: $1,000 stipend for the year.

TIME: November 2015 – June 2016 (8 months)

TRAVEL TIME: 24 minutes.

OTHER: Middleton Congregational Church is a Christ-focused body of believers, striving to know the Lord deeply. With a Sunday attendance of 100 - 125, there is a real sense of family here at MCC. At the same time, we are also a very welcoming group that delights in welcoming others into our family. Seminarians in the past have been welcomed with open arms, and the people of MCC have cherished the opportunity to help them stretch and grow in their pastoral identity. 


POSITION: We are looking for strategic-thinkers, self-starters, and teachable and genuine followers of Christ with a love for the youth. Responsibilities for the Youth Intern will include teaching in youth service and small groups, organizing events, and developing student leaders. We're hoping this will become a full-time position, beginning in September 2016.

HOURS: 10 - 15 Hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend available (negotiable).

TIME: January – April, although the individual and stipend can begin whenever they choose.

TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes.

OTHER: Trinity Evangelical Church is a diverse, multi-generational, family-oriented congregation of about 600 – 700 people. We love God and our community, are committed to the Scripture, and will be celebrating our 200th anniversary in the next couple of years!


POSITION: We are looking for someone with a passion for youth ministry to be a big brother/sister for our youth. Responsibilities will include helping to coordinate Sunday devotion and the Sunday School program, sharing in Youth Sunday Devotion twice a month, teaching youth Sunday School once a month, attending Friday evening Youth Fellowship at least twice a month, planning the curriculum with other counselors, and leading one of the small groups.

HOURS: 12 - 15 hours per week.

FINANCES: $20 per hour. Mileage charge for auto travel, including limited visitation.

TIME: Fall and Spring semester, 2015.


OTHER: Elder Mingche Li, Ph.D., Acting Pastor, planted BMWBC as a daughter church of Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston since 2006. BMWBC has been independent since 2011, and is a young and caring church. Our purpose is to be Christ-like - loving each other; to spread the gospel; to share God’s love and blessings; and to extend God’s Kingdom from Metrowest and beyond.


  • SITE: 182 Arlington Street, Watertown, MA 02451
  • MENTOR: Calvin W. Choi
  • PHONE: (978) 998-5854
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for applicants who have a heart for youth and a capacity for compassion and team-building. Responsibilities include leading the Sunday youth group Bible study and activities, occasional preaching at the adult worship service and participation in fellowship and special events with church members. The position is open to male applicants, only.

HOURS: 10-12 Hours/week

FINANCIAL: A weekly stipend.

TIME FRAME: Start date is for Summer, 2015.

COMMUTE: 40 minutes

OTHER: Watertown Evangelical Church is a biblically-based, independent, non-denominational church in the heart of Watertown, Massachusetts. We are a culturally diverse body that seeks to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Our Sunday Morning Worship Service features solid Bible teaching and contemporary music which incorporates some of the great hymns of our faith. We are starting a youth ministry with about 4 boys so far.


  • SITE: 25 Old County Road, Barrington, RI 02806
  • MENTOR: Kim Allen Nelson
  • PHONE: 401-246-0188 ext. 116
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Primary responsibility is with middle and high school students, including both direct ministry and leading and serving with volunteers. The opportunity to learn and to do a wide variety of other ministries can be easily provided, depending on the gifts and interests of the seminarian.

HOURS: 10 Hours/week

FINANCIAL: Ministry expenses and lodging can be provided.

TIME FRAME: Dates are flexible. Position is available immediately.

COMMUTE: 1 hour 36 minutes

OTHER: Barrington Baptist Church is an Evangelical, suburban, regional church with a blended worship style. Worship attendance is about 200 on Sunday. The church has a variety of ministries and shares a campus with a Christian school. See for more information. 


  • SITE: 3 Lincoln Ave Hampton Falls, NH 03844
  • MENTOR: Kenneth G. Lawrence
  • PHONE: 603-926-3724 ext. 202
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: The church in Hampton Falls is an American Baptist Church on the seacoast of  New Hampshire, just off Route 95. The congregation is serious about their faith, serious about the understanding and application of Scriptures, and serious about the opportunity to build the church.

We are looking for a GCTS student interested in gaining ministry experience while serving on the ministry team working with our Senior High youth group. The ideal candidate should have spiritual gifts in the area of teaching, administration, and shepherding. The youth mentor will have opportunities for teaching, mentoring, and planning. We are proposing regular meetings with the pastoral staff in order to discuss ministry issues.

HOURS: 10 Hours/week

FINANCIAL: $11/hour, plus reimbursement for up to 60 miles/week at current IRS rate.

TIME FRAME: To begin Fall 2015. While we are willing to fit the Mentored Ministry into any semester, we intend for the candidate to become involved in our church family from September through June as much as possible.

COMMUTE: 45 minutes just off Route 95. 

OTHER: We are hoping that the ministry candidate will see this opportunity as more than just a mentored assignment. We will coordinate meals in the homes of church families on Sunday after worship. We have two worship services on Sunday, both blended in worship style. We currently have 40+ students in our Junior and Senior High youth group, adult mentors, and a Pastor of Student Ministry overseeing the entire program.


  • SITE: 128 West St., Wilmington, MA 01887
  • MENTOR: Adam Rowe
  • PHONE: (916) 899-8177
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for motivated Gospel-driven individuals who are interested in working alongside our Wilmington Student Ministry Director in implementing a new youth ministry model at our 4-year-old campus. They will be part of a larger youth team, but have the opportunity to do relational ministry in a smaller campus setting. Individuals will be given opportunities to creatively plan and coordinate programs, teach, and develop future programs.

HOURS: 10 hours / week


TIME FRAME: Fall - Spring

COMMUTE from GCTS: 35 minutes

OTHER: Grace Chapel is a Non-denominational multi-campus church in the greater Boston area. We are breaking new ground in multi-campus ministry for New England and excited to find young leaders with a passion for the Gospel who will help us advance the Kingdom in this new era. You will have the opportunity to be a part of the larger staff at Grace Chapel and have an impact on what is happening here.


  • SITE: 10 Dane St., Beverly, MA, 01915.
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Brian A Miller
  • PHONE: 978-922-4325
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are searching for an individual to lead our youth ministry program, ages, 11-18. The responsibilities include:

• Weekly meetings for middle school and high school youth groups
• Participation in the high school Sunday morning CE class
• Attendance at Sunday morning worship
• Planning and leading retreats
• Organizing service projects

The youth minister will preach on occasion and be an active member in the life of the church.

HOURS INVOLVED: 8-10 hours per week.

COMMUTE: 10 Minutes.

FINANCIAL: Stipend of $7,000 per year.

TIME FRAME: Beginning September.

OTHER: Applicants should possess a deep commitment to Christ, leadership abilities, a strong desire to share the Gospel with youth, have excellent people skills, be committed to church life, be a self-starter, and have a passion to see youth grow in the Christian faith. Dane Street Church is a conservative, evangelical, multi-generational charismatic church with a blended worship style. It is family-oriented and committed to building community and discipleship. We have a strong, vibrant youth ministry. Dr. Miller  has been mentoring students since 1997.


  • SITE: 173 Church St. Wilmington, MA 01887
  • MENTOR: Ron Grimley
  • PHONE: (978) 658-8584
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Calling students who have a passion for teens and the ability to relate to them well. The goal is to further develop and implement a youth ministry at Abundant Life. There will be times of worship, teaching, outreach, service projects, and fun built into the schedule resulting in our teens growing in their love for God and others. Our desire is to have an annual mission trip for the youth as well. Depending on the person’s interests, Sunday morning involvement may include sharing morning announcements and preaching periodically.

HOURS: 10 hours/week

FINANCIAL: $6,000, includes travel

TIME FRAME: Fall - Spring

COMMUTE from GCTS: 35 minutes

OTHER: We belong to the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. We average about 120 people at our worship service and stress the value of small groups. The Abundant Life Church School (K-8) and Learning Center (pre-school) is an on-site ministry that we have as well.


  • SITE: 511 Newtown Rd. Littleton, MA 01460
  • MENTOR: Elder Mingche Li (Acting Pastor)
  • PHONE: (781) 259-9630
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: You will serve as a leader/counselor for 40 youths-6th to 12th graders. The main in-church activities are on Friday evening and Sunday morning. The person will have the opportunity to direct or assist in the planning of the program for the youth ministry, depending on the time available:

• Help to coordinate Sunday devotion and Sunday school program
• Work with youth Friday night fellowship coordinator to provide planning and periodic evaluations
• Teach either a Sunday school class once a month
• Mentor youths and/or provide youth contact hours
• Work with other youth counselors (parents) on the planning of curriculum for small groups
• Help organization summer VBS (which is run by youth)
• The planning of annual activities such as Fall Festival, Parents’ Appreciation Gathering, forms of special topics (such as preparing for college, dating, etc.)
• Serve as a speaker in a forum of special topics

HOURS: 15-20 hours/week, depending on availability (60% of which will be on site (church); 40% for preparation, including off-site contacts (phones, emails)

FINANCIAL: Will pay hourly rate as set by Gordon-Conwell, including travel time to and from church. Will reimburse all out-of-pocket expenses and auto driving mileage rate for business

TIME FRAME: Fall & Spring, Summer


OTHER: BMWBC is as loving church where members care for each other. We have a strong focus on extending God’s kingdom to the Chinese community in the Boston MetroWest area. BMWBC aims at equipping and mobilizing members to serve in various ministries. At present, there is no part-time or full-time paid staff, though we are actively searching for a full-time pastor. All works are done voluntarily by members. The youth are very self-motivated. They run worship, parents’ appreciation night, and summer VBS. The VBS is a big draw for non-churched children from the surrounding area.


  • SITE: 20 School St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA  01944
  • PHONE: 917-554-5032
  • MENTOR: Dave Miles or Bob Samsel
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for individuals who are teachable and have a heart for youth. Applicants will be given opportunities to implement programs that are related to the gospel centered spiritual growth of youth. In addition, applicants will practice evangelism, mercy and missional ministry by encouraging youth to serve the greater Cape Ann community.

HOURS: 10 Hours/Week

FINANCIAL: Compensation will be discussed with potential candidates


COMMUTE from GCTS: 15 minutes

OTHER: We are currently in a season of transition. Therefore, applicants will have numerous opportunities to serve as part of our pastoral team.

First Baptist Church of Manchester-by-the-Sea is an evangelical, church family that desires to glorify God as a growing community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Drawing from multiple communities across the North Shore, we are a multi-generational fellowship that enjoys a blended worship style.


POSITION: This position offers a unique on-the-job training opportunity for an entrepreneurial self-starter who is passionate about using creativity and innovation (and lots of hard work!) to reach teenagers in our community for Christ. The potential and need for a dynamic student ministry in our community is tremendous! The student will be mentored by our Lead Pastor who has more than a dozen years experience as a youth pastor and communicator, along with a firm desire and commitment to develop high-capacity leaders who are constantly pushing for progress while moving our ministries to the next level.

HOURS: 10-12 hours

FINANCIAL: Expense reimbursements as provided in existing student ministry budget.


COMMUTE: 20 minutes (10 miles from GCTS)

OTHER: Our mandate is to make fully committed disciples who KNOW God, GROW Together, and GO to Serve.  At our celebration services, you’ll discover a relaxed and casual atmosphere; friendly people; inspiring modern music led by a live worship band; engaging Biblical sermons; two fully-staffed nurseries; and an exciting program for kids.

Looking for a student with a personal and growing relationship with Jesus; is called to and gifted for student ministry; loves young people; has a passion for outreach personally and in ministry; is an engaging, biblically knowledgeable teacher who is in agreement with our statement of faith; is a self-motivated, entrepreneurial leader who has strong administrative and team-building skills and a humble, teachable spirit who can create and execute a long term vision for our student ministry that fits into the larger church vision; has a contagious personality that people love to be around; demonstrates effective relational and communication skills with students, parents, and staff.

NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH – Pastoral Assistant, Middle School / High School Youth

POSITION: Seeking a student who is a people person, flexible, possesses a gracious spirit, is willing to think outside the box, and who is willing to do the work of an evangelist for position offering the opportunity to assist our youth pastor in developing our ministry and outreach to middle school and high school youth.  Student will have opportunities to serve in the church according to his or her gifts, interests, and goals.

HOURS: 10 - 12 hours / week

FINANCIAL: $0.50 per mile

TIME FRAME: September - December, with opportunities to continue through April.

OTHER: We are a friendly, Christ-centered, Bible-based, mission-focused church of 150 to 200 people.  We engage in mission trips each year, and we are planting a daughter church in Lowell, MA, among the international residents there.  We worship in a style that blends some contemporary worship as well as some traditional worship.  The pastor and mentor, Ken Heath, graduated from Gordon-Conwell with a D.Min.

COMMUTE: 50 minutes from Gordon-Conwell

AUSTIN SQUARE BAPTIST CHURCH – Young People's Ministry Director

  • SITE: 10 Keslar Ave., Lynn, MA  01905
  • PHONE: 781-598-4132
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Steven P. Wilfert
  • DENOMINATION: Reformed Baptist

PROJECT: We are seeking a young man of God (and spouse, if appropriate) to utilize his gifts in bringing our Youth Group teens and those in our younger children’s program to a better understanding of who they are in Christ. The responsibilities of the Youth Director include training and supervising other youth leaders, teaching and discipling teens, coordinating recreational outings, and chaperoning social events, all with the direct guidance of the Senior Pastor. Other mentored opportunities include preaching, leading in worship, teaching, visitation, and getting involved in community outreach. This would be a great way to build your ministry resume. Regular attendance at worship and fellowship events is expected.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Negotiable


OTHER: We are a suburban/urban church in Lynn, MA with a congregation of 150, emphasizing the ministry of the Word. We teach the doctrine of sovereign grace and seek to do all things to the glory of God. All ages are represented, with new members coming from West Africa, Cambodia, and Haiti. Special programs in the church include Praise Team, Mission trips, and service projects to our urban community. We also work with a Cambodian church and Spanish-speaking, El Salvadorian congregation that meet in our building.

COMMUTE: 22 minutes from GCTS

BYFIELD PARISH CHURCH- Youth Ministry and Church “Re-planting”

PROJECT: The current position is part of our youth ministry team. There is a great team of young folks committed to the youth ministry, look for one or more Seminarians as they transition from young married folks without children to having children of their own. The vision is to identify a cadre of mentored ministry students who will catch our vision for re-planting churches, beginning first in youth work and then adding other areas of training and exposure as the years of seminary continue.


  • Attend High School (HS) Sunday school class (9:00 AM- 10:15 AM) and help lead and facilitate discussion. 
  • Attend weekly HS small group Bible study. Prepare and lead weekly Bible Study once a month. 
  • Be “assigned” three (3) students of the same sex to mentor

FINANCIAL:  $1500 per semester paid in three installments.

HOURS: 10/week.

OTHER: Byfield Parish is an evangelical UCC church. This position provides a blended worship service and programming for all ages. There are four GCTS certified mentors in the church that can provide a full spectrum of mentoring and exposure to ministry over the course of your time at GCTS. Seeking student’s who are committed follower of Jesus Christ, looking to grow in faith in him. The student must be teachable and willing to explore numerous ministry opportunities. The church wants team players who want to invest in young people.

TIME FRAME: Entire school year (hopefully longer)

COMMUTE: 20 minutes


  • SITE: 34 River Rd, Cape Neddick, ME 03902
  • PHONE: 207-363-3566
  • MENTOR : Rev. Donald Nelson

PROJECT: We are seeking someone to assist with:

  • Teaching Sunday and Vacation Bible School
  • Planning and leading youth meetings, and events.
  • Preaching, Reading Scripture during worship, service
  • Children’s message
  • Offering pastoral prayer
  • Assisting with communion to homebound

HOURS: 10 hours/week

FINANCIAL: hourly pay; travel allowance; ministry miles

TIME FRAME: School year.

OTHER: We seek someone with the characteristics for Passion for Jesus Christ; loving/nurturing; outgoing, honest; self-controlled. Someone who is sensitive to the cultures of the church and the community.  Someone who is well developed habits of prayer and Bible study, accountability; available, approachable, and encouraging to youth.

The church is a small, loving, Bible-based congregation committed to serving out youth and to nurturing a relationship with Jesus.

COMMUTE: 1 hour from GCTS


  • SITE: 45 Howard Street, Northborough, MA 01532
  • PHONE: 508-393-3146
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Episcopal
  • MENTOR: Rev. Len Cowan

PROJECT: The position’s focus is on working with a team of youth and adult parishioners to facilitate their ministry with youth in grades 5-12. The youth ministry coordinator will: Train and develop youth leaders,
provide youth leaders pastoral and spiritual support and education, develop a program for youth who seek to become disciples, focusing on a deeper life with God, pursuing the parish, mission, vision and way of life, teach and encourage youth and leaders to develop a personal way of life through small group, bible study, personal devotions, outreach, etc. and work with the youth choir director and children’s and family minister to coordinate quarterly gatherings of children, youth and family ministry leaders for scheduling, updating, and vision-casting.

HOURS: 10 hours/week

FINANCIAL: $10/hour

TIME FRAME: Fall - Spring (with possibility of summer)

OTHER: The applicant must: be a baptized Christian who prays, worships, evidencing the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit (the student does not have to be an Episcopalian), have a passion and gifting for youth and for ministry with youth and adults who have a similar passion, including an awareness of contemporary youth culture, have experience in church youth ministry and views it as a core part of the life of a local parish, be able to communicate well with youth and adults, including providing written materials for parish communications, and be able to conduct his or her life and ministry in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, and the policies of the Church of the Nativity.

COMMUTE: 75 minutes from GCTS


  • SITE: 200 Centeral St. Hudson, MA 01749
  • MENTOR: Rev. James E. Mulligan III
  • PHONE: 978-562-9207
  • DENOMINATION: ABC+UCC (Federated Church)
  • EMAIL:
  • WEBSITE: the first

POSITION: The student will help with you leadership, preaching, education preparation, planning community outreach events, and parishioner/board interaction. This is great opportunity to understand and appreciate the two mainline denominations.


COMMUTE: 1hr 15min

FINANCIAL: $100/wk.

TIME FRAME: Per start up dates in Mentored Ministry (Fall, Spring, Summer)

OTHER: This is a small church of about 35 after a recent church split. Active youth group needs to be revived.


PROJECT: We are looking for four students to serve either in our High School Ministries or Middle School Ministries. Students can expect to be immersed in a multi-campus youth ministry with lots of moving parts. Students will serve on the leadership team of either the high school or middle school ministry. This team of people makes decisions, debriefs events and creates the Sunday morning worship service. Students will have the opportunity to lead small groups, teach in large group settings, lead worship, lead dramas and lead games all according to their gifting and passions. They will experience a church staff of 30+ and the unique dynamics, challenges and successes of a large church. Finally and most importantly, they will have the honor to build relationships with kids who are hurting, confused and figuring out their identity. They will be witness and play part in Christ’s transformation work. These students will act as shepherds as they encourage middle school and high school students to grow deeper in their faith.

HOURS: 12-15 hours per week broken down as follows:

  • 2 hours on Sunday Mornings
  • 2 hours of outside interaction with students
  • 4 hours for mid-week program
  • 1 hour a week for supervision meetings
  • 2 hours for weekly Leadership Team Meetings2 hours in preparation for planning weekly events
  • Monthly events and staff meeting(once a month) add at least 2 more hour per week

FINANCIAL: To be Determined; Internship is stipend. No benefits included.

OTHER: We have about 4000 people in attendance on a Sunday morning. We have over 300 kids in our middle school and high school ministries. We are a non-denominational church that has a very diverse congregation. Theologically, we major in the majors and minor in the minors.

COMMUTE: 35 min.


  • SITE:  1418 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139
  • PHONE:  781-504-6130
  • MENTOR:  Dr. Haksoo Kim
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT:  We are seeking a male or female student intern who is preferably bilingual in English and Korean to be in charge of our Sunday school and children’s ministry.  We are also looking for a youth pastor for our youth group.  The student will have the opportunity to plan and coordinate the Sunday worship and Bible study classes for our children or the youth group.  A talented student may be asked to lead our praise activities as well.  Student need not be of the same denomination.

HOURS:  10 hours / week

FINANCIAL:  $200 / month

TIME FRAME:  To begin as soon as possible

OTHER: We are a small reformed Presbyterian church (Korean-American Presbyterian Church).  Our ministry focuses on evangelism and spiritual growth, with a passion for world mission.  The church is fourteen years old and it is currently in the process of rebuilding.

COMMUTE:  45 minutes

PEOPLE’S A.M.E. Church-Youth Ministry and Young Adults

  • SITE: 285 Commandants Way Suite 8, Chelsea, MA
  • MENTOR: Rev. Sandra G. Whitley
  • PHONE: 617-336-7177
  • EMAIL:

DENOMINATION: African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E)

PROJECT: We recently implemented a ministry to reach youth and young adults in the church and community. This ministry project is awaiting an energetic, enthusiastic and “God is the limit” student to serve as ministry leaders for the male and female young people. The leader will implement the ministry designed for the youth, young adults in and out of the church.  

HOURS: 10hrs/wk.

FINANCIAL: To Be Determined  

TIME FRAME: Fall and Spring

OTHER: This church models Christian character, is committed to the work of ministry and service for the Lord Jesus Christ, and desires to work with young people from all walks of life, experiences and cultures.  

COMMUTE: 36-45 min.


POSITION: This position offers a unique on-the-job training opportunity for an entrepreneurial self-starter who is passionate about using creativity and innovation (and lots of hard work!) to reach teenagers in our community for Christ. The potential and need for a dynamic student ministry in our community is tremendous! The student will be mentored by our Lead Pastor who has more than a dozen years experience as a youth pastor and communicator, along with a firm desire and commitment to develop high-capacity leaders who are constantly pushing for progress while moving our ministries to the next level.

HOURS: 12-15 hours

FINANCIAL: Expense reimbursements as provided in existing student ministry budget.

TIME FRAME: Flexible.

COMMUTE: 15 minutes.

OTHER: We are a diverse group of Christ-followers growing together on a continuous journey of becoming more like Jesus and reaching our community with the life-changing message of Christ’s love in relevant and innovative ways. Our mandate is to make fully-committed disciples who know God, grow together, and go to serve. We have a relaxed and casual atmosphere; friendly people; inspiring modern music led by a live worship band; engaging Biblical sermons; two fully-staffed nurseries; and an exciting program for kids.

We are looking for a student who is gifted for student ministry; loves young people; has a passion for outreach personally and in ministry; is an engaging, biblically knowledgeable teacher who is in agreement with our statement of faith; is a self-motivated, entrepreneurial leader who has strong administrative and team-building skills and a humble, teachable spirit who can create and execute a long-term vision for our student ministry that fits into the larger church vision; has a contagious personality that people love to be around; and demonstrates effective relational and communication skills with students, parents, and staff.


  • SITE: 256 Washington St. Lynn, MA 01902
  • PHONE: 781-595-2550
  • MENTOR: Rev. Eric C.B. Nelson
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: This position offers candidates a wonderful opportunity to work in an urban multicultural youth ministry. We are looking for applicants who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. They have thought about what their faith means and is able to put this into words. In addition, applicants must have a clear understanding of how their faith applies to their daily life and try to live by Christian values. Applicants must have a heart for youth in order to develop programs that are relevant to the needs of youth. Applicants must also have some compatibility with Baptist beliefs and doctrines.

HOURS: 10 hours/week

FINACNIAL: $100/weekly (negotiable depending on experience)

TIME FRAME: Fall & Spring (flexible)

OTHER: We are a church located in downtown Lynn that ministers to the urban multicultural population surrounding the church. Our members comes from different countries and cultures. The youth group reflects this diversity. While we are in the evangelical tradition, our members are at different stages in their faith journey. We are loyal to our denomination, The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, and seek to cooperate with churches in Lynn as well as in our Baptist association.

COMMUTE: 20 minutes