Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to positions that exhibit a Variety of Opportunities in One Place.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.


  • DENOMINATION: Conservative Baptist
  • SITE: 20 School St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA  01944
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Robert Samsel
  • PHONE: 978-473-9674

POSITION: This individual would be responsible to oversee ministry related to Jr. and Sr. High youth, as well as to oversee the development of programs and ministry teams to meet the needs of our youth, their families and the community.  There will be a period of transition whereby the current Youth Leaders would help acclimatize the new leader into this position.

HOURS: 12 to 15 hours per week

FINANCIAL: A stipend is provided and will be discussed.  Reimbursement of ministry related expenses is also provided.

TIME FRAME: The need is immediate and we would expect at least a one year commitment.

COMMUTE: 6 miles (abt. 12 min)

OTHER: We are looking for a like-minded, enthusiastic individual who has a heart for youth and a desire to see our youth grow in their walk with Christ.  As team leader, they must possess good planning and communication skills.  We would expect that the individual would be a part of our worshiping community.

First Baptist Church of Manchester-by-the-Sea is an evangelical, church family that desires to glorify God as a growing community of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Drawing from multiple communities across the North Shore, we are a multi-generational fellowship that enjoys a blended worship style.

ALL SAINTS CHURCH - Youth Ministry

  • SITE:  67 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA 01913 
  • DENOMINATION:  Anglican Church in North America
  • MENTOR:  Rev. Susan Skillen
  • PHONE:  978-388-0009
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Opportunity for a student to serve and grow in the following:

  • Weekly youth group meetings on Sunday evenings, from 6:30—8:30 in the Parish Hall, leading junior high and senior high youth—approx. 15-20 young people.
  • Develop in conjunction with the Interim Rector and Parent Advisory Committee a program for the 2:13-14 school year that includes fellowship, spiritual formation and community building activities and games.  Part of the program might be Youth Alpha, for example.
  • Oversee and coordinate 2 or 3 youth group volunteers.
  • Interface with the Parent Advisory Committee, which helps coordinate and support he work of the youth minister.
  • Weekly supervisor meetings with the Interim rector to evaluate strengths and growing edges, develop plans and implementation strategies for the year’s program, support growth in ministry effectiveness.
  • Attend annual winter weekend retreat with youth at Monadnock Retreat Center—dates to be decided.
  •  Attend Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. at All Saints Anglican Church.

HOURS:  10 hours / week

FINANCIAL:  Remuneration is in the form of housing: a 3-room apartment with private bath and primary use of the kitchen.  The apartment is on the second floor of the church Parish House, adjacent to the sanctuary.  Includes utilizes and off-street parking.  The Parish House on the All Saints Church campus is just a very short walk to the center of Amesbury.

TIME FRAME: Youth Ministry position is for Fall and Spring semesters of 2013-14. Based on end of year evaluation, a commitment for a second year is desirable if mutually agreed upon by the parish and youth minister.

COMMUTE:  30 minutes from Gordon-Conwell

OTHER:  The right student for this position will have experience in working with youth, which can include youth ministry, camp counseling, etc.  The seminarian should have a mature faith, teachability, the desire to learn and grow in ministry skills, willingness to work with young people from a variety of church backgrounds, and a love for young people.  Preference will be given to Anglican seminarians but being Anglican is not a requirement.  However, an appreciation for Anglicanism is important. 

The youth program has been vibrant over the past 5 years, with 20-30 young people attending.  Over the past year, however, with a transition in youth ministry leadership, the numbers have dropped to 15-20.  The program is well supported by parents, the Parent Advisory Committee, the Interim leadership, and the church as a whole.  It has the possibility for new growth with effective leadership.  the Youth Group in the parish has also attracted young people from other churches in the area.



POSITION: This position offers a unique on-the-job training opportunity for an entrepreneurial self-starter who is passionate about using creativity and innovation (and lots of hard work!) to reach teenagers in our community for Christ. The potential and need for a dynamic student ministry in our community is tremendous!

The student will be mentored by our Lead Pastor who has more than a dozen years experience as a youth pastor and communicator, along with a firm desire and commitment to develop high-capacity leaders who are constantly pushing for progress while moving our ministries to the next level.

HOURS: 12-15 hours

FINANCIAL: Expense reimbursements as provided in existing student ministry budget.

TIME FRAME: Fall 2013, Winter/Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, etc.

COMMUTE: 15 minutes

OTHER: Our mandate is to make fully committed disciples who KNOW God, GROW Together, and GO to Serve.  At our celebration services, you’ll discover a relaxed and casual atmosphere; friendly people; inspiring modern music led by a live worship band; engaging Biblical sermons; two fully-staffed nurseries; and an exciting program for kids.

Looking for a student with a personal and growing relationship with Jesus; is called to and gifted for student ministry; loves young people; has a passion for outreach personally and in ministry; is an engaging, biblically knowledgeable teacher who is in agreement with our statement of faith; is a self-motivated, entrepreneurial leader who has strong administrative and team-building skills and a humble, teachable spirit who can create and execute a long term vision for our student ministry that fits into the larger church vision; has a contagious personality that people love to be around; demonstrates effective relational and communication skills with students, parents, and staff.


WESTGATE CHURCH – Minister to High School Students

PROJECT: Looking for a part-time Minister to Students to assist with our junior and senior high ministries by providing leadership and ministering the gospel to students, helping them become rooted, grow, and bear fruit as part of a gospel-centered community living each day on mission for Christ.  The Student Minister’s principal responsibilities include:


  • Collaborate with pastoral staff and lay ministry leaders to shape our student ministriesaround our vision and engage students faithfully and creatively with the gospel.
  • Contribute to the planning, coordination, and communication of student ministry activities, events, and teaching focus.
  • Participate in regular student ministry activities, leading as needed.
  • Network with other area churches and ministries for the sake of collaboration and resourcing.
  • Participate regularly in Sunday morning worship services.


  • Initiate and build relationships with high school students in particular, as well as parents and adult leaders.
  • Train students in basic doctrines and spiritual disciplines.
  • Equip students to be able to minister the gospel to others and serve others for the sake of
  • Christ.
  • Teach the Word of God, helping students see the gospel at the center and bringing God’s
  • Word to bear on their lives.
  • Help train/equip adult leaders in gospel-centered discipleship of youth.
  • Be available for counsel for students or parents.


  • Be coached in gospel-centered pastoral ministry.
  • Participate in learning opportunities (e.g. reading assignments, workshops, conferences).
  • Receive experience/exposure to general pastoral duties (e.g. visitation, preaching,
  • sacraments, boards/committees, weddings, funerals).

HOURS: 15-20 hours per week
FINANCIAL: Compensation will be commensurate with experience and abilities, in the range of $15-20 per hour, paid on a semi-monthly basis.
TIME FRAME: Fall 2013, ending if possible in spring 2015

OTHER:  The Student Minister must be a capable leader who is organized and relates well with people. He should be both a self-starter and a team player, able to work in concert with the pastoral staff and lay ministry leaders while thinking beyond the traditional youth group model and working creatively to engage students with the gospel. The Student Minister’s previous experience will likely include either an undergraduate ministry degree, 4+ years of youth ministry experience, or some combination of the two.

This position also includes opportunities to preach and gain general pastoral ministry experience in addition to student ministry. This position is open to men only.

COMMUTE: 55 minutes

BROOKRIDGE COMMUNITY CHURCH—Various (Small-Group Facilitator)

POSITION: Student will have the opportunity to coordinate youth and children’s ministry, train staff, promote ministry needs and fill ministry needs, work closely with other staff and leaders, and be involved with communication and conflict resolution development.

HOURS: 10-15 hours per week

TIME FRAME: Fall and Spring semester

FINANCIAL: None to begin with, but will negotiate with skill and experience level.

OTHER: We are seeking a male or female student who is a self-starter, vision-driver, who is self-directed, web-literate, and has a high level of communication skills.

Brookridge Community Church is very alive and community-focused, with a high level of technology, very contemporary music and worship style, is multi-staffed, and has a high emphasis on spiritual growth.

COMMUTE: 35-40 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


Position: The seminary student will be engaged primarily in the area of youth work: planning, creating and leading middle school and high school student groups at United Baptist.  Currently our older youth have no organized program beyond elementary Sunday school classes and church-sponsored summer camp (Camp Sentinel, Tuftonburo, NH) Other opportunities within the church will be available on an occasional basis as meets the needs of the congregation and of the seminary student.

Hours: 10 hours / week

Financial: Some money for gas.

Time Frame: Ongoing

Other: We are seeking a male student who has an interest in serving in the urban poor context.  They should also have a heart for pre-teens and teenagers.  They should possess missional intentionality and gospel-centered theology.  They should essentially agree with the Statement of Belief of The Gospel Coalition.

Grace Church offers a church plant environment.  Everything is very seminal and ground floor.  Grace Church also offers the seminarian an opportunity to care for youth growing up in tough neighborhoods and broken homes.

Commute: 1 hour 10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


Position: We are a three-year-old church plant that primarily serves the urban  poor in an inner city context We are looking for a man (or married couple) to lead our small student ministry (ages 11-15).

Opportunities will include: leading Thursday night Bible study for students, and organizing and leading monthly service and community events.

Optional opportunities will include assisting with a children and student choir, and assisting with small children and student drama productions.

Hours: 10 hours / week

Financial: TBD

Time Frame: Fall semester (early September 2013) through end of Spring semester (May 2014)

Other: We are seeking a male or female student who is in his or her 20’s, who tends to be extroverted and creative.  The right student will desire to do youth work and be a growing Christian with Bible-based faith, possessing a missionary heart.

United Baptist Church is a Bible-based American Baptist Church with a current attendance at worship services between 40 and 55 congregants.  We currently have a small number of young people who attend our church (four, in addition to eight elementary students) but we hope to create an environment with our youth group that would encourage more young people to attend and become involved in the life of our church.

Commute: 1 hour 25 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


Position: The mentored ministry student will have the opportunity to:

  • Lead a small group in either Jr. High or Sr. High fellowship
  • Assist in Jr. Worship (5th-8th grade worship service)
  • Co-Teach youth Sunday School class
  • Join staff at youth retreats
  • Participate in and organize service projects
  • Become involved in youth missions
  • Organize parent-teen events

Hours: 10-15 hours / week

Financial: Scholarship possible

Time Frame: September through May

Other: We are a large Church with 900+ attending on Sundays, with two adult services in Mandarin and English. In addition to well-attended worship services and Sunday school classes, we are active in fellowships, evangelism, mission, social concern and caring ministries.

Commute: 45 minutes from GCTS

Bethany Covenant Church—Youth Ministry Intern

Position: We are a growing church with two weekly worship services; one is traditional and the other contemporary. We are prayerfully considering adding a third. Our youth ministry is growing, which we have divided between Middle School (7-8 grades) and High School. We are looking for a student to partner with our youth minister, Steve Hoffman, to pray, plan, and prepare for our weekly gatherings. This position offers great exposure to a great youth group program that emphasizes worship, discipleship, and outreach.

Hours: Friday Nights (3 hours) and Sunday Nights (3 hours). Perhaps also Sunday mornings (2.5 hours). Preparation for ministry and mentor time is flexible, depending on the student’s schedule. 
10-12 hours per week.

Financial: $500 for gas money and a stipend to be discussed.

Time Frame: August 29th – December 5th (flexible)

Other: We are looking for a student who has a heart for youth (students); can work with a team, is creative, teachable, organized and loves people.  Bethany Covenant Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Denomination, which is a growing and thriving Christ-centered, Bible-based church.  The Evangelical Covenant Church is:

  • Evangelical, but not exclusive
  • Biblical, but not doctrinaire
  • Traditional, but not rigid
  • Congregational, but not independent

Bethany is blessed to have many students involved in our Youth Ministry and serving locally and globally. The student does not have to be from the ECC; he or she can be from any denomination and/or from an independent church background.

Commute: 1 hour 15 minutes

First Federated Church-Youth Ministries


POSITION: The student will help with your leadership, preaching, education preparation, planning community outreach events, and parishioner/board interaction. This is great opportunity to understand and appreciate the two mainline denominations.


COMMUTE: 1hr 15min

FINANCIAL: $100/wk.

TIME FRAME: Per start up dates for Mentored Ministry (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

OTHER: This is a small church of about 35 after a recent church split. Active youth group needs to be revived.


POSITION: Seeking a male student who will be able to work closely with the youth of our church (grades 7-12) but also who desires to be trained in other aspects of ministry.  We have available opportunities in the church to teach Sunday school classes, plan and organize church events and services, engage our people ad youth in one-on-one discipleship and counseling, and potentially preach during corporate worship.  In addition, mentoring sessions will focus on developing pastoral skills such as time management, personal spiritual development, biblical counseling, conflict management, and others.  Specifically in our Presbyterian setting, the student would have the opportunity observe meetings of the church session and the presbytery as they guide the ministry of the church.

HOURS: 10-12 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Currently no reimbursement, though we desire to work together with the student and offer reimbursement in the future.

TIME FRAME: Opportunity for year-round work with the church, beginning in September or January.  If possible, we would like the candidate to begin attending Redeemer a few months in advance to get to know the congregation and vice-versa.

OTHER: We are a conservative, Reformed, and evangelical Presbyterian church with a traditional worship style.  The church is multi-generational, including retired, married, singles, young families, and children all worshiping together.  We consistently hear from visitors that the warmth and friendliness of our members is the first thing they notice about our church.

COMMUTE: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


POSITION: Seeking a male or female student who is a loving, fun follower of Jesus who loves working with teenagers, who is passionate, patient, welcoming, and encouraging, who believes in the mission of the Church and all of its blessings and challenges.

The right student will have the opportunity to participate in worship leading and planning, preach (if the student desires), and prepare and teach spiritual formation for the youth of our community.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: A generous salary and travel expenses will be offered.

TIME FRAME: Fall through May or June

OTHER: We are a faithful and loving congregation going through an exciting process of revitalization: new worship resources, small groups, and outreach.  Please see our website for more information!

COMMUTE: 40 minutes from Gordon-Conwell

NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH – Pastoral Assistant, Middle School / High School Youth

POSITION: Seeking a student who is a people person, flexible, possesses a gracious spirit, is willing to think outside the box, and who is willing to do the work of an evangelist for position offering the opportunity to assist our youth pastor in developing our ministry and outreach to middle school and high school youth.  Student will have opportunities to serve in the church according to his or her gifts, interests, and goals.

HOURS: 10 - 12 hours / week

FINANCIAL: $12.00 per hour, plus $0.35 per mile

TIME FRAME: September - December, with opportunities to continue through April

OTHER: We are a friendly, Christ-centered, Bible-based, mission-focused church of 150 to 200 people.  We engage in mission trips each year, and we are planting a daughter church in Lowell, MA, among the international residents there.  We worship in a style that blends some contemporary worship as well as some traditional worship.  The pastor and mentor, Ken Heath, graduated from Gordon-Conwell with a D.Min.

COMMUTE: 50 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


  • SITE: 60 Prospect St. Peabody, MA 01960
  • PHONE: 978-531-1964
  • MENTOR: Rev. Martha Spear

PROJECT: Seeking a male or female student who will be given the opportunity plan, coordinate, and lead our youth program; teach Sunday school class; conduct a small group Bible study; and may have opportunities for occasional preaching and participation in worship.  Rev. Martha Spear, who will be serving as the mentor, is the Director of Children’s Ministries.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: $150 per week

TIME FRAME: To begin immediately and last through school year

OTHER:  South Church is a 200-member evangelical church affiliated with the Four C’s (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference) denomination. South Church has strong evangelical leadership in the senior pastor, minister of music, and director of children's ministries; Biblical preaching; and a warm and loving congregation who is committed to prayer, caring for one another, serving the Lord with joy, and small group study.  The mentor, Rev. Spear, has been an ordained PCUSA pastor for 24 years, and may help qualify a PCUSA student to use this as a site if agreeable with the presbytery's committee on preparation for ministry.

COMMUTE: 15 minutes

AUSTIN SQUARE BAPTIST CHURCH – Young People's Ministry Director

  • SITE: 10 Keslar Ave., Lynn, MA  01905
  • PHONE: 781-598-4132
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Steven P. Wilfert
  • DENOMINATION: Reformed Baptist

PROJECT: We are seeking a young man of God (and spouse, if appropriate) to utilize his gifts in bringing our Youth Group teens and those in our younger children’s program to a better understanding of who they are in Christ. The responsibilities of the Youth Director include training and supervising other youth leaders, teaching and discipling teens, coordinating recreational outings, and chaperoning social events, all with the direct guidance of the Senior Pastor. Other mentored opportunities include preaching, leading in worship, teaching, visitation, and getting involved in community outreach. This would be a great way to build your ministry resume. Regular attendance at worship and fellowship events is expected.

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Negotiable

TIME FRAME: Begins immediately

OTHER: We are a suburban/urban church in Lynn, MA with a congregation of 150, emphasizing the ministry of the Word. We teach the doctrine of sovereign grace and seek to do all things to the glory of God. All ages are represented, with new members coming from West Africa, Cambodia, and Haiti. Special programs in the church include Praise Team, Mission trips, and service projects to our urban community. We also work with a Cambodian church and Spanish-speaking, El Salvadorian congregation that meet in our building.

COMMUTE: 22 minutes from GCTS


  • SITE: 14 Cobbetts Pond Road
  • PHONE: 603-401-0328
  • EMAIL:
  • MENTOR: Jeff Spanos

PROJECT: Seeking a male student who is interested in personal discipleship and care for young people.  Student will have the opportunity to lead and direct a weekly youth group; as well as have opportunities to preach, be involved with the drama ministry, be part of Sunday morning worship, pastoral counseling, attend elder meetings, and small groups, as the student is interested. 

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: Stipend, weekend housing if needed

TIME FRAME: To start as soon as possible; flexible to work with student’s schedule

OTHER:  Windham Bible Chapel is a small, friendly, family-oriented church.  The last Mentored Ministry student stayed at this position for three years!

COMMUTE:  45 minutes from GCTS


  • SITE: 50 Essex Street, Saugus, MA 01906
  • MENTOR: Pastor Bob Leroe    
  • PHONE: (781) 233-2663
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT: The Youth Fellowship Director(s) will provide lead/direct the teen program in coordination with the Pastor and the Christian Education Board, both of which will offer guidance and support for YF ministries.  It is expected that the YF Director(s) will approach this responsibility with a reliance on God’s wisdom and power.  The right student will have a vision to evangelize and disciple/equip young people to serve and honor God, and invest in the lives of others.  The position will include regular group meetings (at homes or at the church), incorporating fellowship, music, drama, prayer, sports, testimonies and Scripture study; recreational outreach activities to attract non-Christian teens in a non-threatening setting, exposing them to the love of Christ; retreats and/or camping events designed to challenge and encourage maturity and commitment to the Christian life; service projects designed to help teens develop concern for others (may include short-term missions or area para-church ministries); concerts and other praise/celebration events; recruitment of new members, encouragement to inactive members; counseling, coaching, mentoring and motivating teens, with an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of adolescence; coordination with other area youth ministries and groups; and participation in worship and other church activities

HOURS: 10 hours / week


OTHER: We are a theologically conservative and orthodox church, who believes that we belong to and ultimately answerable to Christ.  We value our church community and we believe that it is proper and beneficial for each local church to seek fellowship, counsel and cooperation of other such local churches.

COMMUTE: Approx. 30 minutes / 18 miles


PROJECT: Opportunity for a Mentored Ministry student to minister to the youth at IBC, including teaching as part of the Sunday School staff, involvement with our summer VBS ministry, worship and preaching, board and committee involvement, involvement in the life of IBC and in the lives of those who call IBC their home church (both present and future).

HOURS: 10 hours per week

FINANCIAL: To be determined

TIME FRAME Year-round (negotiable)

COMMUTE: 5 miles from S. Hamilton Campus

OTHER: We are a warm, affirming, and supportive church who loves to welcome people into our family. We have had much involvement over the years with both Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  Student will have the opportunity to be mentored by a veteran and experienced pastor.


PROJECT: At-Risk Youth Worker. Our church needs an adult male who has a heart for young people. We have run an outreach for the past 10 years to at-risk youth in a housing project in Brighton, one of Boston’s neighborhoods. The student will have an opportunity to befriend and serve these youth. We will especially be focused on youth from the ages of 9-19 years old. They need a male role model and someone who will encourage them and help them with schoolwork. We also run Bible Studies and a weekly or month, depending on how much help we have, youth meeting called Truth.

HOURS: 10 hrs/wk.



OTHER: Congregation of about 80 adults and children from a variety of nations and cultures, but we are primarily an English speaking church.

COMMUTE: 50 min.

HOPE CHAPEL– Youth Ministry

  • SITE: 174 High Street, #113, Ipswich, MA 01938
  • PHONE: 978-380-0302
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Anglican
  • MENTOR: Fr. Mario Bergner

PROJECT: The Hope Chapel seeks a male or female student for ministry with youth, grades 6 and older (mostly middle school youth).  Also, student will lead a weekly Bible study and a twice-a-month activity.  This position includes monthly service outreach to feed the poor in Gloucester.  The student who will be a good fit for this position will be someone who loves to teach the Bible to young people, and who has the ability to apply God’s word to difficult situations.  Student must have their own transportation.

HOURS: 10 hours / week



OTHER: Hope Chapel is evangelical Anglican, classical, contemporary, employs jazz-style worship, values expository preaching, and is family friendly.  Also, small groups and pastoral ministry is important.

COMMUTE: 15 minutes from GCTS

BYFIELD PARISH CHURCH- Youth Ministry and Church “Re-planting”

PROJECT: The current position is part of our youth ministry team. There is a great team of young folks committed to the youth ministry, look for one or more Seminarians as they transition from young married folks without children to having children of their own. The vision is to identify a cadre of mentored ministry students who will catch our vision for re-planting churches, beginning first in youth work and then adding other areas of training and exposure as the years of seminary continue.


  • Attend High School (HS) Sunday school class (9:00 AM- 10:15 AM) and help lead and facilitate discussion. 
  • Attend weekly HS small group Bible study. Prepare and lead weekly Bible Study once a month. 
  • Be “assigned” three (3) students of the same sex to mentor

FINANCIAL:  $1500 per semester paid in three installments.

HOURS: 10/week.

OTHER: Byfield Parish is an evangelical UCC church. This position provides a blended worship service and programming for all ages. There are four GCTS certified mentors in the church that can provide a full spectrum of mentoring and exposure to ministry over the course of your time at GCTS. Seeking student’s who are committed follower of Jesus Christ, looking to grow in faith in him. The student must be teachable and willing to explore numerous ministry opportunities. The church wants team players who want to invest in young people.

TIME FRAME: Entire school year (hopefully longer)

COMMUTE: 20 minutes


  • SITE: 34 River Rd, Cape Neddick, ME 03902
  • PHONE: 207-363-3566
  • MENTOR : Rev. Donald Nelson

PROJECT: We are seeking someone to assist with:

  • Teaching Sunday and Vacation Bible School
  • Planning and leading youth meetings, and events.
  • Preaching, Reading Scripture during worship, service
  • Children’s message
  • Offering pastoral prayer
  • Assisting with communion to homebound

HOURS: 10 hours/week

FINANCIAL: hourly pay; travel allowance; ministry miles

TIME FRAME: School year.

OTHER: We seek someone with the characteristics for Passion for Jesus Christ; loving/nurturing; outgoing, honest; self-controlled. Someone who is sensitive to the cultures of the church and the community.  Someone who is well developed habits of prayer and Bible study, accountability; available, approachable, and encouraging to youth.

The church is a small, loving, Bible-based congregation committed to serving out youth and to nurturing a relationship with Jesus.

COMMUTE: 1 hour from GCTS


  • SITE: 60 Turnpike Rd. Southborough, MA 01772
  • CONTACT/MENTOR: Timothy Lo
  • PHONE: 978-212-9646
  • EMAIL: timothy.lo@cgcm

PROJECT: This project is an opportunity to work with youth from grades 7-12 of an immigrant Chinese church. The student will be working with mostly American born Chinese teenagers in the suburbs of Boston. The ministry activities may include a Friday night fellowship program, Sunday services elements, and teaching Sunday school.

HOURS: 5-10 hrs./wk.

FINANCIAL: Travel reimbursement


OTHER: The church is an immigrant Chinese church of over 200 adults, but the children of these immigrants are almost entirely American born. The youth ministry has about 40 students. The church’s polity is congregational, and its theology leans towards reformed.

COMMUTE: 1 hour


  • SITE: 45 Howard Street, Northborough, MA 01532
  • PHONE: 508-393-3146 x1
  • DENOMINATION: Episcopal
  • MENTOR: Rev. Len Cowan

PROJECT: Seeking a male or female student who can work well in supporting adults and young adults who work with youth in the church – someone who is comfortable relating to different generations and who is gifted in leading leaders; also, someone who is comfortable in the Episcopal / Anglican context (though the student is not required to be of the same denomination).  Student will have the opportunity for participation in parish worship, including occasional preaching, oversight of youth ministry teams of adults, young adults, working with junior and senior high youth groups; occasional visitation of sick and home-bound parishioners; Bible study leadership and preparing talks for ministry with youth; provide reflection for parish as it works with a way of life for parishioners; providing a monastic vision (see below).

HOURS:  Approx. 12 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: $17.00 / hour, plus travel expenses

TIME FRAME: School year through the summer.

OTHER:  Church of the Nativity is a church that combines several strains of renewal: evangelical, charismatic “catholic” and social justice.  They are exploring a monastic vision in promoting a comprehensive way of life, while seeking to avoid the legalism this often engenders.

COMMUTE:  Approx. 75 minutes


  • SITE: 200 Centeral St. Hudson, MA 01749
  • MENTOR: Rev. James E. Mulligan III
  • PHONE: 978-562-9207
  • DENOMINATION: ABC+UCC (Federated Church)
  • EMAIL:
  • WEBSITE: the first

POSITION: The student will help with you leadership, preaching, education preparation, planning community outreach events, and parishioner/board interaction. This is great opportunity to understand and appreciate the two mainline denominations.


COMMUTE: 1hr 15min

FINANCIAL: $100/wk.

TIME FRAME: Per start up dates in Mentored Ministry (Fall, Spring, Summer)

OTHER: This is a small church of about 35 after a recent church split. Active youth group needs to be revived.

Greenland United Methodist Church- Youth Director

  • SITE: 38 Great Bay Rd. Greenland, NH 03840
  • MENTOR: Sang-Shin Han
  • PHONE: (603)-430-2929
  • EMAIL:
POSTION:  The youth director will get the chance to preach and teach Sunday school, lead worship, disciple students, work with other churches, cast vision, develop and/or restructure youth programs.

HOURS: 10-15/wk.

FINANCIAL: Monthly tuition scholarship negotiable

TIME FRAME: Can begin anytime

OTHER: Student should have English as first language and a heart for Youth Ministry.

CHURCH: This is a great safe learning environment. Opportunities to: Preach, teach, worship-lead, and develop other programs. This is a small size youth group 10-15 students. We are a very welcoming congregation. 


PROJECT: We are looking for four students to serve either in our High School Ministries or Middle School Ministries. Students can expect to be immersed in a multi-campus youth ministry with lots of moving parts. Students will serve on the leadership team of either the high school or middle school ministry. This team of people makes decisions, debriefs events and creates the Sunday morning worship service. Students will have the opportunity to lead small groups, teach in large group settings, lead worship, lead dramas and lead games all according to their gifting and passions. They will experience a church staff of 30+ and the unique dynamics, challenges and successes of a large church. Finally and most importantly, they will have the honor to build relationships with kids who are hurting, confused and figuring out their identity. They will be witness and play part in Christ’s transformation work. These students will act as shepherds as they encourage middle school and high school students to grow deeper in their faith.

HOURS: 12-15 hours per week broken down as follows:

  • 2 hours on Sunday Mornings
  • 2 hours of outside interaction with students
  • 4 hours for mid-week program
  • 1 hour a week for supervision meetings
  • 2 hours for weekly Leadership Team Meetings2 hours in preparation for planning weekly events
  • Monthly events and staff meeting(once a month) add at least 2 more hour per week

FINANCIAL: To be Determined; Internship is stipend. No benefits included.

OTHER: We have about 4000 people in attendance on a Sunday morning. We have over 300 kids in our middle school and high school ministries. We are a non-denominational church that has a very diverse congregation. Theologically, we major in the majors and minor in the minors.

COMMUTE: 35 min.


  • SITE:  1418 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139
  • PHONE:  781-504-6130
  • MENTOR:  Dr. Haksoo Kim
  • EMAIL:

PROJECT:  We are seeking a male or female student intern who is preferably bilingual in English and Korean to be in charge of our Sunday school and children’s ministry.  We are also looking for a youth pastor for our youth group.  The student will have the opportunity to plan and coordinate the Sunday worship and Bible study classes for our children or the youth group.  A talented student may be asked to lead our praise activities as well.  Student need not be of the same denomination.

HOURS:  10 hours / week

FINANCIAL:  $200 / month

TIME FRAME:  To begin as soon as possible!

OTHER: We are a small reformed Presbyterian church (Korean-American Presbyterian Church).  Our ministry focuses on evangelism and spiritual growth, with a passion for world mission.  The church is fourteen years old and it is currently in the process of rebuilding.

COMMUTE:  45 minutes

PEOPLE’S A.M.E. Church-Youth Ministry and Young Adults

  • SITE: 285 Commandants Way Suite 8, Chelsea, MA
  • MENTOR: Rev. Sandra G. Whitley
  • PHONE: 617-336-7177
  • EMAIL:

DENOMINATION: African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E)

PROJECT: We recently implemented a ministry to reach youth and young adults in the church and community. This ministry project is awaiting an energetic, enthusiastic and “God is the limit” student to serve as ministry leaders for the male and female young people. The leader will implement the ministry designed for the youth, young adults in and out of the church.  

HOURS: 10hrs/wk.

FINANCIAL: To Be Determined  

TIME FRAME: Fall and Spring

OTHER: This church models Christian character, is committed to the work of ministry and service for the Lord Jesus Christ, and desires to work with young people from all walks of life, experiences and cultures.  

COMMUTE: 36-45 min.


PROJECT: We are seeking a male or female student to: build mentor relationships with students through visits, social media, and youth activities; lead the HUB youth on Sunday nights (worship, games, teaching, discussion); plan one event per month for students to build community, grow in faith, and invite friends; coordinate volunteer leaders in the HUB youth ministry; attend Sunday worship at Faith Baptist Church and participate in pastoral staff meetings.

HOURS: Position can range from 10-20 hours per week, depending on student’s schedule

FINANCIAL: Generous stipend is offered, depending on abilities and experience.  Expense account is included.

TIME FRAME: 1 year (September – August); potential for permanent ministry for the right person.

OTHER: First Baptist Church is located at the entrance to the University of Massachusetts.  People from more than 30 nations call FBC their church home. We worship with contemporary music and artistic creativity, do life together in growth groups, attract many families through our student ministries, and serve our community through our Food Pantry, medical Clinic ESL Classes, Homeless Shelter, and more.  To learn more about FBC please visit

We are seeking a student who has a growing relationship with Christ, a call to youth ministry, and ability to relate with students.  Also, an ability to minister among a church of diverse races, nations, and socioeconomic statuses is important.  As a youth and student worker, we seek a student who possesses teaching gifts to equip students to build a biblical worldview, leadership gifts to lead adult volunteers, and organization abilities to coordinate events.

COMMUTE: 2 hours; Faith Baptist Church offers to provide weekend housing in Amherst.


PROJECT: Youth ministry, including teaching Sunday school and leading Sunday evening youth group. If desired, student my do occasional preaching.  

HOURS: 10hrs/wk.

FINACNIAL: $100.00/wk.

TIME FRAME: Year-round; can begin anytime

OTHER: We are an interracial, intercultural church which includes persons from all walks of life. People in our church are from 10 different countries. We are an easy going church, open to new ideas and new forms of worship. We are mission minded reaching out to Lynn, and have two missionaries we support in Africa.

COMMUTE: 30 min.