Nearly Sold-Out Reformation Conference to Include Leading Theologians Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Dr. Gordon Hugenberger and Dr. Dennis P. Hollinger

October 24, 2017

Nearly Sold-Out Reformation Conference to Include Leading Theologians Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Dr. Gordon Hugenberger and Dr. Dennis P. Hollinger


SOUTH HAMILTON, MA (October 24, 2017) – Nearing capacity, Gordon-Conwell will host one of the largest free conferences celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation starting this Thursday, Oct. 26, at the Kaiser Chapel of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.

The three-day conference features 23 speakers from all four of the Gordon-Conwell campuses as they speak on the implications of the Reformation for the modern-day church in their area of expertise.

"Five hundred years ago the Protestant Reformation set in motion changes that affect us today. We hope many will join us to hear the story of those beginnings and the implications for ministry today,” says Dr. Gordon Isaac, a church historian and Director of the Th.M Program in Christian Thought. "The hard-won insight into the nature of the gospel continues to be a beacon of hope in a wind-tossed era. This will be a time to recall the rediscovery of the gospel and to rekindle our own love of that Christ-centered theology."

Full list of speakers and lectures:

  • Thinking in the Manner of Scripture: Martin Luther on Sola Scriptura – Dr. Gordon Isaac
  • Sola Gratia: The Foundational Significance of Grace in Luther’s Early Theology – Dr. Eckhard Schnabel
  • Is Sola Fide the Doctrine the Church Stands or Falls With? – Dr. Ryan Reeves
  • Solus Christus: Luther’s Journey to the Singular Focus – Dr. Gwenfair Adams
  • The Word of God in Psalm 119 – Dr. Seong Hyun Park
  • The Word in Action: Sola Scriptura in the New Testament – Dr. Sean McDonough
  • Shaped by the Word: Sola Scriptura for Spiritual Formation – Dr. David Currie
  • The Changing Demographics of Global Protestantism, 1517–2017 – Dr. Todd Johnson
  • Sola Gratia: How Parts of the Reformation Denied this Grace to Israel (Romans 11:1–321) – Dr. Walter Kaiser
  • Understanding the Relationship between Grace and Works: Ephesians 2:8–10 and John Calvin – Dr. Aida Spencer
  • Sola Gratia: Does It Apply to Sanctification? – Dr. Richard Lints
  • Sola Gratia and Its Dilemma for Social Ethics: Reformational Responses – Dr. Dennis Hollinger
  • God’s Common Grace and the Theological Praxis of Counseling – Dr. Karen Mason
  • The Superiority of Grace in Missions: A Comparison of Grace and Works in Christianity and Islam – Dr. Paul Martindale
  • The Faith of our Fathers: Perspectives from the Persian Period – Dr. Tom Petter
  • The Place of Habakkuk 2:4 in Paul’s Understanding and Exposition of Righteousness by Faith – Dr. Roy Ciampa
  • Fides Quae Creditur: The Nicene Background to the Reformation – Dr. Donald Fairbairn
  • Faith: The Foundation for Ministry – Dr. Scott Gibson
  • The Exercise of Faith in Evangelism – Dr. Jim Singleton
  • Faith: Amening God – Dr. Jeffrey Niehaus
  • The Centrality of Jesus Christ in Paul’s Ethics – Dr. Eckhard Schnabel
  • Justification, Solus Christus, 500 Years Later in Our Post-Christendom Context: Should it Still be a Church-Dividing Doctrine? – Dr. John Jefferson Davis
  • The Elevation of Christ in Athanasius’s and Calvin’s Theologies and its Implications for Today – Dr. William D. Spencer
  • The True Measure of Wholeness and Maturity – Dr. Ray Pendleton
  • Concluding sermon: The Soul-Thrilling (but Invariably Neglected) Background for Imputed Righteousness – Dr. Gordon Hugenberger

Special Opportunity: Thurs. Oct. 26 will feature a special opportunity to view a selection of rare books from the time of the Reformation, including a 1535 Martin Luther Bible on the first day of the conference. Additionally, the conference proceedings will be published by Hendrickson Publishers with more information at in the weeks to follow.

The conference is free and open to the public. Walk-in attendance is encouraged. Additional information is available at For photos, to schedule interviews or more information contact

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