Revit@lize: Reframing, Refocusing, Re-Engaging — Equipping Pastors to Lead Change Within Their Congregations

February 7, 2018

Re3vit@lize: Reframing, Refocusing, Re-Engaging — Equipping Pastors to Lead Change Within Their Congregations

Today is a very complicated time to be a pastor in North America. There are a host of reasons for it and the particulars are not the same as other periods. Culture has changed rapidly. The majority of our congregations have plateaued or are in decline. To reach lost people requires different approaches for this era. But initiating different approaches requires leading change, and leading change is always hard.

In this challenging season it is not surprising that our ministry can get out of focus. We lose the ability to frame our ministry and struggle to lead our own leaders. How do we get re-focused and re-framed so that we can re-engage our leaders? We are looking for 20 leaders who want to be equipped to see their congregations and ministries revitalized.

Gordon-Conwell, along with TAG Consulting, seeks to equip pastors to develop the leadership skills necessary to lead change and revitalize their ministry and congregation. The reality of pastoring can be very different from what was thought. We would like to help you cultivate a field which can be prepared for a new kind of harvest. To that end we invite you to be part of a new cohort in a non-degree program offered through the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership.

For three days over the next three years in the month of May in Charlotte, N.C., Gordon-Conwell ministry professor, Jim Singleton, along with Kevin Ford, Jim Osterhaus and Shane Roberson of TAG Consulting, will bring a combination of theological depth, proven field research, and practical know-how to help equip pastors to lead change.

The focus of Year One (May 21-23, 2018), A Season of Re-Framing, is on developing capacity within the pastor to identify the deep nature of calling; to learn to face the inevitable conflict that arises when leading change; and to become a well-differentiated leader who is a non-anxious presence in an anxious system. After Year One you should have a clear picture of your leadership role.

In Year Two (May 20-22, 2019), Refocusing the Leadership Core, we will turn to the question of how to lead your leaders. You will develop the process necessary to bring your leaders back into focus.

In Year Three (May 18-20, 2020), Re-Engaging the Congregation, our target will be on helping your leaders in re-engaging the congregation.

At each stage we will give you tools to assist you in understanding these levels of ministry. In between residencies you will have the opportunity to experiment with your leadership in reflective ways. You will be in a cohort of 20 people longing to learn and with whom you will find much in common.

Cost: $695 per year (travel and housing not included)

Click here for more details or to register. Space is limited.